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Mukasa Dada
Title: Support the Huntersview Mothers Environmental Health and Justice Committee.

Time Frame: 1 Month

Plan of Action: Contribute financial support, and supplies to organizers and write/call/fax elected officials that can and should protect the rights of mothers that are working to improve the quality of housing and environmental conditions of residents in the Bayview Area.

Purpose of Action: Provide resources that will enable the Bayview Huntersview Mothers Environmental Health and Justice Committee to continue it's work as well as notify political figures to not retaliate against this organization.

PURPOSE OF ACTION: In a public meeting held at Milton Meyers Auditorium in Hunters Point, Mothers Committee members unveiled a year-long effort entitled "Pollution, Health, Environmental Racism and Injustice: A Toxic Inventory of Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco." The 40-page report exposed the dirty truth about the sources of water and air pollution in BVHP and provides detailed accounts of toxic waste sites in the community and the health problems that the residents are suffering. The full report can be read or downloaded at here. Despite these findings the City intends to expand the presence of environmentally hazardous plants in the community.

For all of their courageous and tireless efforts, the Mothers Committee find themselves under constant attack by the City. In retaliation the Housing Authority is attempting to evict them from public housing and bar these MOTHERS from the community!

At present, these dynamic Sistas are providing services to their community wherever they see the need, (with little or no financial help) which includes an after school program; parenting skills for young mothers, food assistance. They have also begun to seeking training so they can provide certified supportive services to young drug-addicts.

These women activists need our help!

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What You Should Do Now:

1. CONTACT THE SAN FRANCISCO HOUSING AUTHORITY ASAP. Ask the Director to please stop trying to evict Organizer Tessie Ester from her public housing.

Executive Director Gregg Fortner
San Francisco Housing Authority
440 Turk Street - San Francisco, CA 94102

Director of Public Housing Operations Anthony Ihejeto
San Francisco Housing Authority
440 Turk Street - San Francisco, CA 94102

Complete SFHA Contact Info at http://www.sfha.org/contact/index.htm

Checks and Money Orders to:
Huntersview Mother's Committee
Attn: Marie Harrison & Tessie Ester
20 West Point
San Francisco, CA 94124.
3. DONATE SUPPLIES. The Huntersview Mother's Committee needs two (2) new or reasonably used computers, a printer/fax, xerox machine and office supplies. The youth program requires paper, pencils, snacks, as well as donations of food and clothing for all those community residents so desperately in need.
4. CONTACT THE ORGANIZERS. Interview Sis. Marie Harrison and keep these issues on the front burner! We must stay in touch with these wonderful women and keep abreast of how best we can continue to support them. Contact her by phone at (415) 720-3139 or by e-mail at marie@greenaction.org.
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Mail to Elected Officials
Letter of Support (includes instructions)

Goals & Outcomes

Convince Housing Authority to stop trying to evict Sis. Tessie Ester
Increase public exposure of the Huntersview Mother's Committee
Increase supplies and financial donations to the Huntersview Mother's Committee

Huntersview Mother's Committee organizers can continue work without harassment.
Increase awareness of housing & environmental hazards in low-income communities.
Inspire community activism in low-income areas around world.
Huntersview Mother's Committee will have resources to provide services.


Please take a few moments and provide us with important feedback about this Action Alert. Your opinions are important!

My Ballot Box
What Action did you take.

Contacted the Housing Authority and asked them to not evict or harass Huntersview Mother's Committee.
I sent a financial donation.
I made an equipment donation.
I did all 3 actions.
I did not agree/support this Action Alert.

Were you aware that the poorer a community is, the more likely it is impacted by environmental dumping?

Still don't believe it.

Are you active in any ongoing efforts to protect the rights of low-income public housing residents?

Don't Want to get involved.

Should we highlight women activists that lead efforts for social justice?

Yes. We need to see a balance - people need to know women are leaders too.
Not really. Not any more than we need to highlight mens' efforts.

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