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Support Our Kenyan Family!
Title: Support African American-Kenyan Women’s Interconnect (AAKEWO)

Time Frame: 2 Months

Plan of Action: Contribute financial support and supplies towards AAKEWO. Basic needs such as water wells and school supplies make it a challenge for many communities in Kenya. Through their resilient work and pooling together of resources, several Kenyan women’s groups are working to improve inadequate economic and educational conditions. However, they need support from brothers and sisters abroad to continue and maintain these projects. They have called upon us to help them create self-sufficient, sustainable communities.

Purpose of Action: Support Africa's right to self-determination by helping Kenyan Women create jobs, build institutions, and educate their children.

Existing since 2000, AAKEWO is an African women-led organization based in Washington that has developed a network with several women’s economic and educational development groups in Kenya. AAKEWO has been dedicated to projects that involve the sustainability of African communities, education and/or caring for African children, enhancing economic development for people of African descent, promotion of positive images of Africa and Africans, empowering people of African descent, and providing an opportunity for further ongoing cultural reconnections between Africa and the African Diaspora.
Our mission is to empower African communities by supporting the various women’s organizations and institutions linked with AAKEWO; such as the Ombogo Girls Secondary Academy in Kochia, South Nyanza; the Alta Brim Children’s Orphanage in Kisumu; the Kanyamfwa Secondary School, the Duong’a Women’s Group in Kanyamfwa, South Nyanza, and many more.

By supporting AAKEWO we can help empower African communities in their effort towards improved education, health, and economically sustainable initiatives, so that they can create life-long, self-sufficient communities.

For more information and documentation: http://www.aakewo.com



What You Should Do Now:

1.Make a financial donation. You can mail a money order or check to the address below. (No amount is too small or large.)

Make an non-monetary donation: School Supplies, Clothing, Office Equipment, Computers, Printers, and Fax machines, Handsets, Books on Pan-Africanism, etc.

AAKEWO-Alta Brim Projects Fund
P. O. Box 4233
Renton, WA 98057-4233

Let our brothers and sisters know they have our support!

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Goals & Outcomes

Increase Public Awareness about social and economic conditions in Kenya
 Support African Women
 Groom volunteers and supporters of Action for Africa.
 Encourage and inspire Self-Determination Efforts in Africa.

African Self-Determination Project will have necessary social and economic support.
 Forward Movement to Pan-Africanism.
 Making The Third Chimurenga a reality.
 Built bridges between Africa and its Diaspora.


Please take a few moments and provide us with important feedback about this Action Alert. Your opinions are important!

The Poll Will be Up on July 8th by 8AM. Thank you for being patient. Please come back and share the results of your participation. This is critical to measuring our Success!


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