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Support Our Kenyan Family!
Title: Demonstrate your compassion and solidarity for Hurricane Katrina Artists for Life!

Time Frame: 1 Months

Plan of Action: ARTISTS FOR LIFE presents art/work: a Hurricane Katrina Memorial Celebration.

Purpose of Action: After nearly a year, many of the Hurricane Katrina survivors who were evacuated to New York still need housing, employment, and support services in order to re-construct their lives with dignity. Even while dealing with the trauma of “the storm” and while dealing with the personal upheaval of being displaced, many of the artists here have been contributing to and enriching the cultural landscape of NYC - doing shows, teaching youth workshops, and much more - often for free. Promises of support have been made, and more than you can imagine, many promises have been broken!

Through the non-profit organization Artists For Life, AKILA WORKSONGS, Inc. is doing what it does best: connecting arts and activism on practical terms. Since 1993, AKILA WORKSONGS has provided professional services to the arts community, produced socially relevant programs, and donated hundreds of hours of free services to independent artists. We have stood up for what’s right in the world, and we do it through the arts!



What You Should Do Now:

1.Attend this Event: Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts
Long Island University • Brooklyn campus

Make an non-monetary donation: Direct your contributions to our fiscal sponsor, the Twenty-First Century Foundation. Our fiscal sponsor is a 501(c) 3 public foundation-- the oldest endowed Black foundation with a mission to advance charitable giving in the Black community. All gifts made to Artists For Life are tax-deductible.

Checks may be mailed to:
Twenty-First Century Foundation
271 W. 125th Street - Suite 303
New York, NY 10027-4424

Make online donations at: www.21cf.org/Donate.html
Be sure to select "ARTISTS FOR LIFE" or your monies will be directed elsewhere.

3.Write: Let our brothers and sisters know they have our support!
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Distribute Widely
None at this Time
 None at this Time

Goals & Outcomes

The black community supports one another in times of need
 Support African Women
 Black Art meets Black Activism
 Awareness is raised by Hurricane FEMA-Bush victims

Hurricane Katrina Memorial Celebration is properly funded
 Raised public awareness about continued suffering of Katrina victims
 Exposure for artists that are activists
 Advance Pan-Afrikanism principle of collective problem-solving


Please take a few moments and provide us with important feedback about this Action Alert. Your opinions are important!

The Poll Will be Up soon.Thank you for being patient. Please come back and share the results of your participation. This is critical to measuring our Success!


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