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Support Self-Education!
Title: Support Nubian School of Trinidad & Tobago

Time Frame: 1 Months

Plan of Action: Contribute financial support towards continuing the educational and cultural aims of  Nubian School.

Purpose of Action: Help to advance the goal of independence among Afrikan people by promoting self-education.

Situated in a valley in the Morvant district in Trinidad and Tobago, the Nubian School is an example of what can be done by ordinary people committed to improving their own social situation. This School was first established by Mrs. Susan Edwards and later on supported by Self Empowerment Learning Fraternity. At present, the school does not receive government assistance and we have not appealed for such aid. Parents and other community members contri-bute time and money towards the development of the school.  While the school is based in a building in the community, much of the tutoring takes place in different community environments to heighten the experiences of the students and to keep the learning process exciting. The school incorporates all available world expressions and experiences into the social program. The Internet helps bring views and ideas not readily available in schoolbooks into the classroom.

Agriculture, historical awareness and social development are the foundation pillars for all other forms of academic tuition.

Adults in the community are encouraged to use the facilities available in the school to increase their own awareness. Past pupils regularly return for assistance as the school intends to remain a nucleus for development for all age groups. Historical and other social awareness books and lectures are available for both adults and children.


What You Should Do Now:

1.Make a financial donation. You can mail a money order or check to the address below. (No amount is too small or large.)

Make an non-monetary donation: School Supplies, Office Equipment, Computers, Printers and Fax machines, Books: Pan-Africanism, History, Agriculture, Sociology and the like.

POB # 285
Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

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Distribute Widely
Support Nubian School!
 None at this Time

Goals & Outcomes

Increase Public Awareness about the need for our own education. 
 Support Afrikan children of Trinidad & Tobago
 Groom volunteers and supporters of Action for Africa and the Diaspora.
 Encourage and inspire Self-Determination.

Educated children with sense of Self, Community and Duty.
 Support for educational in Afrikan Nations with limited resources.
 Development of Pan-Afrikan initiatives.
 Built bridges between Afrikan Diasporans.


Please take a few moments and provide us with important feedback about this Action Alert. Your opinions are important!

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I like action alerts involving Afrikans outside of the western world

Yes. We need to support the Diaspora
Kinda. I wish I had more info though.
No. I'd like to but, we need to support our own.
No. Its too expensive to send anything outside the States

What would you like more of?

Feedback from recipients about what support they received.
Letters from recipients (kids, teachers etc.)
Nothing. So long as we know it got there, they owe us nothing.

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