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The Hands Off Assata Campaign is a coming together of organizations and individuals who are outraged by the heightened attempts by the federal government, congress of the united states and the state of new jersey to illegally force thru kidnapping a return of Assata Shakur from Cuba to the plantation United States.

Banner Blitz
Put one of these banners on your site to let people know that you support Hands Off Assata!, unified action against poverty, political oppression, military aggression and unfair societal practices! Help us mobilize hundreds and thousands of people each month.

If you would like to submit a banner, please conform to the sizes listed below or refer to IAB industry standards only. Submissions are subject to review and approval.


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Why the Grassroots Call to Action?
Each month we will issue a "Call to Action" that addresses some problem that plagues the poor, disenfranchised, wrongfully imprisoned, undereducated, unemployed, culturally broken and politically destitute. If you believe in the spirit of ACTION and the power of PEOPLE, we ask you to join us.

Mobilize 2,000 monthly around critical quality of life issues.
Showcase the power of regular people.
Inspire people to get informed, get involved and stay busy.
Create the change in our communities that we wish to see.

Create local, regional, national and global activist networks.
Prove the power of solidarity.
Educate and politicize
Practice self reliance, rather than idealism and dependence.

Support Our Efforts
Get involved. Every month a new call to action is posted. We need you to actually commit to action, as well as convincing others to get involved. Your action is your true identity.

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