February is it; really. Big Saturday was really "BIG" and we got to eat too; WOW! It's snowing in California. Are mountain peaks look like Arizona; dead set in the middle of June. Me and Taylor held it down at Market Creek for an hour at the Rock climb, which she climbed for an hour determined; freezing in the rain. Then she was like "What about the book fair?" By now I'm grateful she even wanted to spend time with me, so I surrendered, again, (subconsciously for a break?). Friends of Malcolm X Library held it down with a wide selection of African-centered books, and snacks. The San Diego People Of Color Quilt Guild, mostly women, where present, with a full quilt exhibit, storytelling, sale, & workshop. Yesterday's experience was topped off with The Kuumba fest which was off the chain! We got there 5 minutes before the Talent show, and stayed until after ôLive at the Lyceum"; and we jammed that whole thang!

Taylor said, "Mike, I didn't climb all the way up." And I told her, "but you made a work-out of it Taylor. You P-90xed that thang!" People we P-90xed Black History Month. Thank you for all the hard work. I am grateful to be apart of your experience. Because in the end I am responsible for the joy that comes with having my own experience, GOD willing.

Peace be upon you