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    Thread: Memorial Day

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      Memorial Day

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      Memorial day reminds me how grateful I am as a veteran. I'm honored to share, in 2005, I was an enlisted participant in the H1N1 Flumist trials administered at 32nd Street Naval Station San Diego.

      This trail vaccine via Medimmune (un patented) would be needed "four years" later as the pandemic "Swineflu outbreak" struck in 2009" and sickened thousands.

      As the war rages in Africa, I am proud to be a war veteran serving my ancestors who paved a way for me to be accountable to there legacy of resistance.

      Peace be upon you

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      Today means absolutely nothing to ME accept I'M reminded that two years ago today, Barack Obama laid a wreath at the foot of the confederate states of amerikkka war memorial.

      In their psychotic stupor, I can see how white amerikkka could find 'honor' in such an act. But for Black Folk in this desert, still not a single protest?

      Well, here's MINES again cause he ain't MY president.
      No Nation is any Greater than it's Leaders

      ďAfrica must build relationships with the rest of the world independently. It should never receive friends or foes from Europe and America"....President Robert Mugabe

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