This notice came in the mail after my last service-connected disability. After a new service connection was granted, The VA offers an additional 10,000 life insurance.

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance is life insurance for veterans who have received a service-connected disability rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The basic S-DVI program, commonly referred to as "RH Insurance", insures eligible veterans for up to $10,000 of coverage. Veterans who have the basic S-DVI coverage and are totally disabled are eligible to have their premiums waived. If a waiver is granted, totally disabled veterans may apply for additional coverage of up to $20,000 under the Supplemental S-DVI program. Premiums for Supplemental S-DVI coverage, however, cannot be waived.

Who Is Eligible?
You are eligible for S-DVI if:
you were released from service under other than dishonorable conditions on or after April 25, 1951 and
VA has notified you that you have a service-connected disability and
you are healthy except for your service-related disability and
you apply within two years of being notified of your service-connected disability.

You are eligible for Supplemental S-DVI if:
you have an S-DVI policy and
The premiums on your basic coverage are being waived due to total disability and
you apply within one year of being notified of the waiver and
you are under 65 years of age.

REMINDER: Waiver of Premiums - you may be eligible for a waiver if you become totally disabled before your 65th birthday and remain disabled for at least six consecutive months. (Premiums for Supplemental S-DVI can't be waived.)

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost varies depending upon age, type of plan (term or permanent), and the amount of coverage.

How Can You Apply?
You can apply by using the following forms:
VA Form 29-4364 to apply for basic S-DVI
VA Form 29-0189 to apply for Supplemental S-DVI (or you may submit a letter, over your signature, requesting Supplemental S-DVI)
VA Form 29-357 to apply for a total disability waiver of S-DVI premiums

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