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Dear Dr. XXX,

I want to first thank you for the wonderful care you continue to provide to the Veterans in our community. Trust me your labor is not in vain. I need your help to clear up two medical disabilities that I contracted and were aggravated by Naval service that have debilitated in nature:

a) Focal central disk protrusion at C3-4
b) Focal disk protrusion at C4-5
c) Spinal stenosis
c) Broad based disk bulge at C5-C6
d) C6-7 Focal disk protrusion
e) PTSD ( *I personally added this for SSDI and will submit for evidence for IU, GOD willing.)

Sir, I have what the VA considers “functional loss” in both hands, arms, feet, buttocks and legs as to preclude locomotion without an assistive device for more than a hundred feet (my assistive device is a walking cane); “more likely than not” due to service connected Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative disc disease. Making lifting, carrying, and activity’s without assistance in and outside my home continuously, if not, severely limited. I mentioned on our last visit that even sitting longer than 10 minutes causes limb paralysis; which is worse: upon waking in the mourning; where both of my arms or legs are usually numb to the fingers and toes; naps, or sitting; losing the entire left or right leg or both, to the stomach; causing me to lose balance and my bladder.

Respectfully requesting large four-wheel power scooter and adaptive equipment provided by The Orthopedic Department upon your request. I am unable to shop safely, without pain. I am in need of assistive mobility as to gain independence within our community.

As there is marked limitations, in your determination, please provide a medical statement for PTSD. I have attended PSTD outpatient with Dr. XXX and yourself, for over a year in our clinic;with the agreement that I am unable to maintain gainful employment.

The standard of proof a veteran must meet is very liberal. VHA Directive 2007-024 and 2008-07 identifies a process to assist VHA providers in honoring requests by veterans. That is, it must be a physician who determines that it is "more likely than not".

Please provide the etiology for your opinion. Feel free to add any additional information that you think might assist me. Thank you for your compassion and help in this matter.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at (pnone #) or service organization and # . Fax: attn: Veteran organization president.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mem: Veteran Agency

The "unofficial letter"

This letter, is for my Primary Dr. on my next visit. This is a unofficial letter on my own behest to aquire a medical statement (which he said he would write our last visit together), and for a mobile scooter. I read couple of threads that said your Physician has to put the scooter request in. This is a letter I wrote so when I show up, he knows exactly what I want; with no Ambiguity. I learned how to write this letter (wrote one similar for my last physician, and put it on record at Regional) using the VSO toolkit, and a large majority of post. I read about wheelchairs and special mobility aids and The Handbook 1173.01, Eligibility, Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.)1710 *(

I know I don't qualify for a wheelchair because my hands and arms go numb; documented and service connected.

Eligibility for automobile adaptive equipment
17.156 Eligibility for automobile adaptive equipment.

Automobile adaptive equipment may be authorized if the Under Secretary for Health or designee determines that such equipment is deemed necessary to insure that the eligible person will be able to operate the automobile or other conveyance in a manner consistent with such person's safety and so as to satisfy the applicable standards of licensure established by the State of such person's residency or other proper licensing authority.

(a) Persons eligible for adaptive equipment are:

(1) Veterans who are entitled to receive compensation for the loss or permanent loss of use of one or both feet; or the loss or permanent loss of use of one or both hands; or ankylosis of one or both knees, or one of both hips if the disability is the result of injury incurred "or" disease contracted in or aggravated by active military, naval or air service.

(2) Members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty who are suffering from "any disability" described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section incurred or contracted during "or" aggravated by active military service are eligible to receive automobile adaptive equipment.

Peace be upon you

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:

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VA Handbook 1173.1 governs eligibility :

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