Why You Need This Form By Law?

In our litigious society you can be sued by anyone for anything at anytime. But, under state statute in 46 states you can protect your home equity from Judgments, Liens, Creditors, and even Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, by recording a HOMESTEAD DECLARATION.

This is NOT the same as Homestead Exemption and every homeowner should have this inexpensive, one-page legal document recorded to fully protect their most valuable asset - THEIR HOME EQUITY!

Like insurance, you hope you never need it, but you donít gamble with your home and be caught without it!

We have Homestead Declaration forms
available in 46 states
for couples or single homeowners.


Blackís Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition.

Please Note: States change their exemption amount from time to time and we try to stay up to date on our site, so the below information may or may not be current with your particular state. Even though 4 states have no homestead rights and others require no Homestead Declaration be recorded, most states do have Homestead Exemption statutes and we strongly recommend that every homeowner in every state have a Homestead Declaration recorded on their home to protect their rights.

Peace be upon you

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