My family will gather at my home for Thanksgiving. They also should know where I stand, principally.

To term Thanksgiving as-a "National Day of Reflection;"
we can better serve our humanity with:
honor, appreciation and gratitude for all collective purposes.

I will read the above and the following prayer to my family to remind them of there past, without denigrating there yearly observation. The prayer, below, was written and will be included by Jacqueline Amos. Thank you Ms. Amos; God is the Greatest.

By: Jacqueline Amos

I come to you Allah, I ask you Allah to help us, to feed us with wisdom, to bless the mind and give us knowledge, to guide us to the light, to bring forth the prophets, the warriors of your house, that we Allah can reclaim the Golden Creation of Your love, Bless my brothers and sisters Allah, let us become strong in love, and humble to understand the message that stands before us, ask and it shall be done said the lord.

Allah bless the Universe, Sometimes God we become selfish, Allah we forget the blessings and creations of Your love, I come Allah in the glory, Merciful, Creator, I rise *before you, I glorify your name, for we are nothing without you Allah, teach us Allah to love one another, teach us Allah that there is only one God. Religion cannot divide us, Propaganda cannot destroy your name, , teach us Allah, without love for our nation, is abomination against your laws, Allah bless the meek, the sick, the elders, the homeless, the dangerous wars, for Allah you said ask, and it shall be done, I am nothing without you Allah, thank you for teaching me how to love, to teach me how to unite, to teach me how to feel the pain of my brothers and sisters, and to be there to comfort there heart, Touch every heart and every body on this Universe, Allah protect them from all evil, protect them Allah and grant them the serenity to endure the things that they cant change, and the light that they can

I pray for the Universe that we as a nation come together in your name, there is only one God, one man, One Woman, One Universe, one word, for the righteous and the meek shall inherit the earth, I thank you Allah, I glorify you Allah, Together we stand divided we fall.

Peace be upon you