GOD gives us grace; also known as mercy. Mercy allows us to surrender to a variety of suggestions; good or bad; or both.

Grace offers compassion for error, to correct mistakes, thru our experiences and expectations. This process conditions our behaviors and how we "act out" on them. Which helps us to become responsible for our part in reality.

This process is the "Contract of Integrity".

Like a contract it outlines that we are only entitled to live and die, and that everything else is benefit if we are grateful, GOD willing.

So I hold my friends to this same contract. If they know I don't drink, then don't show up at my house with no alcohol. If you know I don't smoke weed, then don't offer me no bud! This is a breach of integrity. If you are my guest, then respect what time I lock my house down, cause I don't do the in and out thing, period!

Because humility ain't charming.