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      AIDS made to kill blacks ; KENYA'S new Nobel Peace Prize winner believes

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      Maathai: AIDS made to kill blacks

      KENYA'S new Nobel Peace Prize winner believes the virus causing AIDS
      was a deliberately created biological agent unleashed on Africans.

      "Some say that AIDS came from the monkeys, and I doubt that because we
      have been living with monkeys (since) time immemorial, others say it
      was a curse from God, but I say it cannot be that," Wangari Maathai told
      a news conference a day after winning the prize.
      Ms Maathai, an ecologist and trained biologist, became the first
      African woman to win the prize on Friday for her work in human rights and
      reversing deforestation.

      "Us black people are dying more than any other people in this planet.

      "It's true there are some people who create agents to wipe out other
      people. If there were no such people, we could have not have invaded

      "We invaded Iraq because we believed that Saddam Hussein had made, or
      was in the process of creating agents of biological warfare," said Ms
      Maathai, also Kenyan deputy environment and natural resources minister,
      who has gained a reputation as a fearless speaker.

      "In fact it (the HIV virus) is created by a scientist for biological
      warfare," she added.

      "Why has there been so much secrecy about AIDS? When you ask where did
      the virus come from, it raises a lot of flags. That makes me

      Africa accounts for 25 million out of the estimated 38 million people
      across the world infected with HIV, and the vast majority of infected
      Africans are women, according to UNAIDS estimates.

      In August Kenya's daily Standard newspaper quoted Ms Maathai saying
      HIV/AIDS was created by scientists for the purpose of mass extermination.

      "We know that the developed nations are using biological warfare,
      leaving guns to the primitive people," the Standard quoted Ms Maathai as
      telling a public workshop in the central Kenyan town of Nyeri on August

      "AIDS (is) not a curse from God to Africans or the black people.

      "It is a tool to control them designed by some evil-minded scientists,
      but we may not know who particularly did".
      "If anybody can't live under AFRIKAN POWER show 'em where tha airport is, tha shipyard is or where the graveyard is" <> Dr. J. H. Clarke (Christopher Columbus Grand Theft Genocide)

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      Arrow Letter By President Mbeki (04/03/02)

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      The complete text of South African President Thabo Mbeki's letter to world leaders on AIDS in Africa.

      April 3, 2000

      I am honoured to convey to you the compliments of our government as well as my own, and to inform you about some work we are doing to respond to the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

      As you are aware, international organizations such as UNAIDS have been reporting that Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for two-thirds of the world incidence of HIV-AIDS. These reports indicate that our own country is among the worst affected.

      Responding to these reports, in 1998, our government decided radically to step up its own efforts to combat AIDS, this fight having, up to this point, been left largely to our Ministry and Department of Health.

      Among other things, we set up a Ministerial Task Force against HIV-AIDS chaired by the Deputy President of the Republic, which position I was privileged to occupy at the time.

      Our current Deputy President, the Hon. Jacob Zuma, now leads this Task Force.

      We also established Partnerships against AIDS, with many major sectors of our society including the youth, women, business, labour unions and the religious communities.

      We have now also established a National AIDS Council, again chaired by the Deputy President and bringing together the government and civil society.

      An important part of the campaign that we are conducting seeks to encourage safe sex and the use of condoms.

      At the same time, as an essential part of our campaign against HIV-AIDS, we are working to ensure that we focus properly and urgently on the elimination of poverty among the millions of our people.

      Similarly, we are doing everything we can, within our very limited possibilities, to provide the necessary medicaments and care to deal with what are described as 'opportunistic diseases' that attach to acquired immune deficiency.

      As a government and a people, we are trying to organize ourselves to ensure that we take care of the children affected and orphaned to AIDS.

      We work also to ensure that no section of our society, whether public or private discriminates against people suffering from HIV-AIDS.

      In our current budget, we have included a dedicated fund to finance our activities against HIV-AIDS. This is in addition to funds that the central government departments as well as the provincial and local administrations will spend on this campaign.

      We have also contributed to our Medical Research Council such funds as we can, for the development of an AIDS vaccine.

      Demands are being made within the country for the public health system to provide anti-retroviral drugs for various indications, including mother-to-child transmission.

      We are discussing this matter, among others with our statutory licensing authority for medicines and drugs, the Medicines Control Council (MCC).

      Toward the end of last year, speaking in our national parliament, I said that I had asked our Minister of Health to look into various controversies taking place among scientists on HIV-AIDS and the toxicity of a particular anti-retroviral drug.

      In response to this, among other things, the Minister is working to put together an international panel of scientists to discuss all these issues in as transparent a setting as possible.

      As you know, AIDS in the United States and other developed Western countries has remained largely confined to a section of the male homosexual population.

      For example, the cumulative heterosexual contact, US percentage for AIDS cases among adults/adolescents, through June 1999 is given as 10 percent. (HIV-AIDS Surveillance Report: Midyear edition. Vol 11, No 1, 1999. US Department of Health and Human Services).

      The cumulative absolute total for this age group is reported as being 702,748.

      US AIDS deaths for the period January 1996 to June 1997 were stated by the US CDC as amounting to 32,750. (Trends in the HIV and AIDS Epidemic: 1998. CDC).

      On May 13, 1999, a SAFA-AFP report datelined Paris stated that 1998 UNAIDS and WHO reports had said that AIDS was responsible for one death in five in Africa, or about two million people.

      It quoted a Dr. Awa Coll Seck of UNAIDS as saying that there are 23 million carriers in Africa of HIV.

      This SAFA-AFP report quotes Dr. Coll Seck as saying: 'In Southern Africa, the prevalence of the (HIV) infection has increased so much in five years that this region could, if the epidemic continues to spread at this rate, see its life expectancy decline to 47 by 2005.'

      (Interestingly, the five years to which Dr. Coll Seck refers coincide closely with the period since our liberation from apartheid, white minority rule in 1994).

      The report went on to say that almost 1,500 people are infected in South Africa every day and that, at that point, the equivalent of 3.8 million people in our country carried the virus.

      Again as you are aware, whereas in the West HIV-AIDS is said to be largely homosexually transmitted, it is reported that in Africa, including our country, it is transmitted heterosexually.

      Accordingly, as Africans, we have to deal with this uniquely African catastrophe that:

      contrary to the West, HIV-AIDS in Africa is heterosexually transmitted;
      contrary to the West, where relatively few people have died from AIDS, itself a matter of serious concern, millions are said to have died in Africa; and,
      contrary to the West, where AIDS deaths are declining, even greater numbers of Africans are destined to die.
      It is obvious that whatever lessons we have to and may draw from the West about the grave issue of HIV-AIDS, a simple superimposition of Western experience on African reality would be absurd and illogical.

      Such proceeding would constitute a criminal betrayal of our responsibility to our own people. It was for this reason that I spoke as I did in our parliament, in the manner in which I have indicated.

      I am convinced that our urgent task is to respond to the specific threat that faces us as Africans. We will not eschew this obligation in favour of the comfort of the recitation of a catechism that may very well be a correst response to the specific manifestation of AIDS in the West.

      We will not, ourselves, condemn our own people to death by giving up the search for specific and targeted responses to the specifically African incidence of HIV-AIDS.

      I make these comments because our search for these specific and targeted responses is being stridently condemned by some in our country and the rest of the world as constituting a criminal abandonment of the fight against HIV-AIDS.

      Some elements of this orchestrated campaign of condemnation worry me very deeply.

      It is suggested, for instance, that there are some scientists who are 'dangerous and discredited' with whom nobody, including ourselves, should communicate or interact.

      In an earlier period in human history, these would be heretics that would be burnt at the stake!

      Not long ago, in our own country, people were killed, tortured, imprisoned and prohibited from being quoted in private and in public because the established authority believed that their views were dangerous and discredited.

      We are now being asked to do precisely the same thing that the racist apartheid tyranny we opposed did, because, it is said, there exists a scientific view that is supported by the majority, against which dissent is prohibited.

      The scientists we are supposed to put into scientific quarantine include Nobel Prize Winners, Members of Academies of Science and Emeritus Professors of various disciplines of medicine!

      Scientists, in the name of science, are demanding that we should cooperate with them to freeze scientific discourse on HIV-AIDS at the specific point this discourse had reached in the West in 1984.

      People who otherwise would fight very hard to defend the critically important rights of freedom of thought and speech occupy, with regard to the HIV-AIDS issue, the frontline in the campaign of intellectual intimidation and terrorism which argues that the only freedom we have is to agree with what they decree to be established scientific truths.

      Some agitate for these extraordinary propositions with a religious fervour born by a degree of fanaticism, which is truly frightening.

      The day may not be far off when we will, once again, see books burnt and their authors immolated by fire by those who believe that they have a duty to conduct a holy crusade against the infidels.

      It is most strange that all of us seem ready to serve the cause of the fanatics by deciding to stand and wait.

      It may be that these comments are extravagant. If they are, it is because in the very recent past, we had to fix our own eyes on the very face of tyranny.

      I am greatly encouraged that all of us, as Africans, can count on your unwavering support in the common fight to save our continent and its peoples from death from AIDS.

      Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurance of my response.


      "If anybody can't live under AFRIKAN POWER show 'em where tha airport is, tha shipyard is or where the graveyard is" <> Dr. J. H. Clarke (Christopher Columbus Grand Theft Genocide)

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      Exclamation Obvious Cures for AIDS are Ignored

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      Obvious Cures for AIDS are Ignored
      Separating Science from Wishful Thinking, Politics & Hidden Agendas.

      WASHINGTON, April 23 -- Federal researchers announced today that they found a virus that they believe is the cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS.... There was a sense of quiet triumph in the halls of the Atlanta centers last week, but the euphoria that might have been expected was tempered by the knowledge that months of research are still required to firmly ascertain whether ... [the] virus is the cause of AIDS...."

      - Lawrence K. Altman, "New U.S. Report Names Virus That May Cause AIDS" The New York Times, April 24, 1984.

      "Where is the research that says HIV is the cause of AIDS? There are 10,000 people in the world now who specialize in HIV. None has any interest in the possibility HIV doesn't cause AIDS because if it doesn't, their expertise is useless.

      " I can't find a single virologist who will give me references which show that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS. If you ask a virologist for that information, you don't get an answer, you get fury."

      - Kary Mullis, Ph.D.
      Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993 , for inventing the polymerase chain reaction [PCR], the most sensitive detection technique used to find HIV.
      "If you think a virus is the cause of AIDS, do a control without it. To do a control is the first thing you teach undergraduates. But it hasn't been done. The epi-demiology of AIDS is a pile of anecdotal stories, selected to fit the virus-AIDS hypothesis. People don't bother to check the details of popular dogma or consensus views."

      - Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D.
      Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology
      Member, National Academy of Sciences
      "Duesberg is absolutely correct in saying that no one has proven that AIDS is caused by the AIDS virus. And he is absolutely correct that the virus may...not be the cause of AIDS."

      - Walter Gilbert, Ph.D.
      Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1980
      "The ways in which the American people have been betrayed by the cancer establishment, the medical profession and the government are shocking. Everyone should know that the "War on Cancer" is largely a fraud, and that the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."

      - Linus Pauling, Ph.D.
      Presidential Medal for Merit, 1948
      Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1954
      Nobel Peace Prize, 1962
      National Medal of Science, 1975
      "The story of AIDS is deeply connected with the vicis-situdes of the theory that viruses cause cancer and the failure of the Cancer Research Programme. Michael Verney-Elliot put it most accurately when he said 'From the people who didn't bring you the virus which causes cancer, it's the virus that doesn't cause AIDS.'"

      - Jad Adams, AIDS: The HIV Myth
      "Sometimes we [virologists] have a virus in search of a disease."

      - Robert Gallo, M.D., Virologist
      Virus Hunting, page 282
      "It's too late to correct it." said the Red Queen. "When you've said a thing, that fixes it, and you must take the consequences."

      - Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass
      "The diagnostic criteria accepted by the AIDS surveil-lance case definition should not be interpreted as the standard of good medical practice."

      - Journal of the American Medical Association
      September 4, 1987, page 1149
      "In the summer of 1987, federal health officials made the fateful decision to bombard the public with a terrifying message: Anyone could get AIDS.

      "While the message was technically true, it was also highly misleading.... In the U.S., the disease was , and remains largely the scourge of gay men, intravenous drug users, their sexual partners and their new-born children. Nonetheless, a bold public-relations campaign promised to sound a general alarm about AIDS....

      "But nine years after the America Responds to AIDS campaign first hit the airwaves, many scientists and doctors are raising new questions. Increasingly, they worry that the everyone-gets- AIDS message - still trumpeted not only by government agencies but by celebrities and the media - is more than just dishonest: It is also having a perverse, potentially deadly effect on funding for AIDS prevention."

      - "AIDS Fight Skewed By Federal Campaign Exaggerating Risks" The Wall Street Journal, May 1, 1996
      "What will the reaction be when members of the generation now in its teens and twenties realize that they have been hoaxed? Will they blame the media? The vast resources of personnel, funding and media attention wasted on heterosexual AIDS have diverted from understaffed, underfunded and under publicized public health projects that really could help cure AIDS.... Seldom if ever have such fervent efforts been dedicated to delivering the wrong public health message to the wrong recipients."

      - Columbia Journalism Review
      March/April 1988
      "People passionately favored one theory over another. I believe the reasons for the preference for the single-virus theory is that it took away all responsibility from the vic-tim. You just happened to have had an unlucky fuck. It didn't have anything to do with the thousands of sexually transmitted diseases you had and all the drugs and staying up late and the abuse that you did to your body....

      "Suddenly it was international news: The cause of AIDS had been declared by fiat at a press conference. It was completely unheard of historically that a major scientific theory should be announced before peer review. To this day, there is no paper proving HIV...causes AIDS.

      "There is classical science - the way it's supposed to work And then there is science as religion. I regained my sanity when I realized that AIDS science was a religious dis-course. There was a pope and papal bulls. And you were not to argue with them. They were to be taken as fiat. The pope was Gallo and the popette was Fauci. They would just make these absolute statements with nothing to back them up. They once showed a hypothetical curve of infection and tried to pass it off as a documented mea-sured curve of infection. Fraud, fraud, fraud for days.

      "The one thing I will go to my grave not understanding is why a generation raised on Vietnam ant the aftermath of Vietnam was so quick to accept everything the govern-ment said as truth. Especially the central myth: 'The cause of AIDS is known.' What in the world made activists accept that - on the basis of a press conference, no less? My only theory is AIDS is a disease that requires the daily management of massive amounts of uncertainly, and people cling to any certainty they can find. Even if it's false."

      - Michael Callen, "The Finale",
      Genre Magazine, Feb/March 1994
      "Do doctors prescribe what's good for you or lucrative for them? The American public has no idea how politics and corporations secretly control the practice of medicine with the weight of their wallets.... Drug-driven American medi-cine is not interested in the many years' case document- ation of holistic protocols.... The goal is restraint of trade in order to maintain a monopoly with the support of government. At the root of all of these transgressions is undoubtedly a dogmatic pursuit of profit."

      - James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H.
      Racketeering in Medicine
      "As with most diseases today in the industrial world, AIDS appears not to be a contagious syndrome. The evidence for this exists in the scientific literature, but this evidence is widely neglected by researchers intent on viewing the data through the single lens of virology.

      "If biomedical science has erred, if AIDS is not caused by a virus, then the entire medical and public health approach to the syndrome is misdirected. People are not being warned about the true risks for developing AIDS, doctors are using ineffective and dangerous treatments, and public fear is being exploited."

      - Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D.
      Inventing the AIDS Virus
      "Choose your specialist, and you choose your disease."

      - Westminster Review, 1906
      " Most men...can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it obliges them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven thread by thread into the fabric of their lives."

      - Leo Tolstoy
      "Nothing is quite so corrosive of science as reports of fraud and misconduct by scientists. One expects cheating and thievery in business, where the object is to make money, but not in science, where the ultimate reward, ostensibly, is finding the truth.

      "But there have been so many allegations of scientific dishonesty lately that the British journal Nature observed that 'outsiders can be forgiven for believing that science is not the honourable profession it pretends to be, but a mafia in which gangs scheme to win the credit for intellectual innovation.'"

      - Los Angeles Times editorial, November 24, 1994
      "We hear 'newspeak' in every use of language to manipulate, decieve, to cover harsh realities with the soft snow of euphemism. And every time a political leader expects or demands that we believe the absurd, we experience that mental process George Orwell called 'doublethink'.

      "Orwell drew upon the technology (and perhaps some of the science fiction) of the day in drawing his picture of 1984. But it was not a work of science fiction he was writing. It was a novelistic essay on power, how it is acquired and maintained, how those who seek it tend to sacrifice anything and everything in its name.

      "1984 is an anguished lament and a warning that we may not be strong enough nor wise enough nor moral enough to cope with the kind of power we have learned to amass."

      - Walter Cronkite
      Preface to Orwell's 1984
      "They've go to hold onto HIV? Why? To hold onto their funding! This is perhaps the most morally destructive fraud perpetrated on young men and women of the western world."

      - Dr. Charles Thomas Jr., Molecular biologist,
      Founder, Group for the Reappraisal
      of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis

      more quotes from scientists, researchers & activists


      Obvious Cures for AIDS are Ignored

      The Construction of AIDS as a contagious disease caused by a virus has little to do with science or fact.

      Nobody dies from AIDS

      AIDS is not a disease; it is a syndrome: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a list of 29 0ld diseases in the presence of antibodies to HIV. It's these 29 diseases, not "AIDS", that are causing illnesses and deaths. (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Centers for Disease Control, December 18, 1992, Vol 41/No. RR-17)

      By renaming dozens of mostly unrelated diseases as part of the same syndrome, virologists at the CDC created the false impression and the profitable illusion that everyone who gets AIDS has the same disease: thus a single large epidemic is threatening everyone.

      Lumping the diseases all together serves a political and financial, not a medical purpose. It helps to further stigmatize minorities, and it serves to fund a generation of biomedical researchers and their accomplices in the pharmaceutical industry, who would otherwise see taxpayers money go elsewhere.

      Renaming 29 different diseases as AIDS also hides from the press and the public which of these diseases a person with AIDS has. Covering up this knowledge prevents us from seeing obvious patterns that would expose the faulty logic and hidden agenda of the HIV "hypothesis".

      For example, the fact that people in the different risk groups get risk-group-specific diseases is an obvious clue that there are different causes for these different diseases. Different risks and different diseases are classical argu-ments for different causes.

      Instead, CDC reporting and statistics are presented in such a way as to make it appear that all AIDS diseases are caused by HIV. If you have Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) or tuberculosis (TB) which are two of the 29 AIDS-indicator diseases, and if you also have antibodies against HIV, your KS or TB will be called AIDS. If you have the same KS or TB and no HIV antibodies, then your disease will be called KS or TB. But KS and TB don't change into something else just because a person who has KS or TB is also HIV-positive. It only prevents their diagnosis as KS or TB. This is why many trusting physicians and researchers see a "perfect" correlation" between HIV and AIDS.

      "As applied, the HIV theory is unfalsifiable, and therefore useless as a medical hypothesis. I've never seen anything like this.... It is in the detail of the history that you see the utter madness of it."

      - Kary Mullis, Ph.D., Nobel laureate.
      HIV is harmless and does not cause AIDS

      HIV infection exists without AIDS, and AIDS diseases exist without HIV. There are thousands of perfectly healthy people who have been HIV-positive for over a decade, and there are thousands of cases of people in high risk groups with AIDS diseases who are HIV negative. [Duesberg, P.H., Pharmac. Ther., Vol 55, pp 201-277, 1992; Duesberg,P.H., The HIV Gap in National AIDS Statistics, Bio/Technology, II, pp 955-6, 1993]. If you can get the disease without the agent, and the agent without the disease, the agent can't be the cause of the disease.

      If HIV causes AIDS, people in the different risk groups would be expected to get similar distributions of the 29 AIDS-indicator diseases. If HIV causes AIDS, then why do gay men get 99% of the cases of Kaposi's sarcoma?

      People are dying from the 29 real diseases

      All AIDS -indicator diseases existed before the1980's and all have medically recognized causes and cures unrelated to HIV and toxic antiviral therapies like AZT and its analogs. (Robert Root- Bernstein, Rethinking AIDS: The Tragic Cost of Premature Consensus)

      If you are diagnosed with HIV, avoid toxic anti-viral drugs

      "HIV infection per se seems to entail little danger unless it is addressed with anti-viral therapy."

      - Tim Hand Ph. D.
      Professor of Behavioral Pharmacology
      AZT = AIDS by Prescription

      "WARNING: Retrovir (AZT) may be associated with hematologic toxicity (blood poisoning) including granulocytopenia [immune cell depletion] and severe anemia.... Prolonged use of Retrovir has been associated with symptomatic myopathy [muscle wasting] similar to that produced by human immunodeficiency virus...."

      - Glaxo-Welcome, manufacturer of AZT
      If you are diagnosed with AIDS, understand that the "co-factors," not HIV, are the cause of immune suppression and AIDS diseases.

      "AIDS does not inevitably lead to death, especially if you suppress the co-factors that support the disease. It is very important to tell this to people who are infected.... I think we should put the same weight now on the co-factors as we have on HIV."

      - Luc Montagnier, discoverer of HIV
      Virologists blamed "co-factors" to explain away the inconsistencies, contradictions and paradoxes of the HIV "hypothesis". Legitimate scientific evidence supports Peter Duesberg's Drug/Toxin Hypothesis, which proposes that the co-factors of the failed HIV hypothesis are in reality the cause of the different AIDS diseases:

      "All AIDS diseases in America and Europe that exceed their long-established, normal backgrounds are caused by the long-term consumption of [immunosuppressive and carcinogenic] recreational drugs, and by AZT and its analogs. [The type of drug use that leads to AIDS is unique to gay men and I.V. drug users, as it is these two risk groups that still comprise 94% of all the people with AIDS. After more than 15 years, 97% of all Americans AIDS cases are still confined to the original risk groups. AIDS has not spread out of the initial risk groups despite constant hype from the media and the virus establish-ment]. Hemophilia-AIDS, transfusion-AIDS, and the extremely rare AIDS cases of the general population reflect the normal incidence of AIDS- defining diseases in these groups plus the AZT-induced incidence of these diseases. African AIDS is the result of protein mal-nutrition, poor sanitation and subsequent parasitic infections."

      - Peter Duesberg, Inventing the AIDS Virus
      -- Peter Duesberg's Web Site: --

      The Drug/Toxin Hypothesis correctly predicts drug-or-toxin-specific AIDS diseases in distinct risk groups due to distinct drugs or toxins. Generally speaking, gay men are the ones who get Kaposi's sarcoma, and they are almost the only ones who use the highly carcinogenic nitrite inhalant aphrodisiacs, often called "poppers". Heroin and cocaine addicts get pneumonia, tuberculosis and weight loss, because intravenous drugs cause those symptoms. Anemia and lymphocytopenia are observed in users of AZT, which kills new immune cells in the bone marrow. Hemophiliacs get pneumonias and candidas almost exclusively, because the long-term transfusion of foreign proteins is immunosuppressive. And Africans get slim disease, fever and diarrhea because of malnutrition and all the local infections.

      So, all of these groups are at risk, not because of HIV but because of the damage done to their bodies, directly or indirectly, by specific drugs or toxins and malnutrition.

      The small percentage of AIDS deaths not covered by the above conditions can be attributed to the terrifying psychological effects of being told by an authority figure that you have a deadly virus for which their is no cure:

      "Psychological factors are critical in supporting immune function. If you suppress this psychological support by telling someone he's condemned to die, your words alone will have condemned him."

      - Luc Montagnier, discoverer of HIV
      The Drug/Toxin Hypothesis explains why AIDS remains exclusively restricted to the major risk groups and is not rampant in the general population, as an infectious disease would be. This hypothesis resolves all the paradoxes of the HIV-AIDS "Hypothesis". It is epidemiologically and experimentally testable, and provides a rational basis for AIDS prevention and control. According to the Drug/ Toxin Hypothesis, AIDS is an entirely preventable and curable condition.

      Eliminate the real causes of AIDS by stopping immunosuppressive activities

      AIDS diseases can be cured and prevented by terminating the use of immunosuppressive and carcinogenic drugs and toxins. The Drug/Toxin Hypothesis predicts that term-ination of drug and toxin use stabilizes or cures AIDS diseases, except for those who have reached a critical threshold of no return.

      Healthy, thriving people diagnosed with AIDS emphasize the use of nutritional and vitamin therapy, and other forms of natural, holistic and non-toxic treatments that replenish and fortify their immune systems.

      Healthy humans are made of healthy human cells. Without proper nutrition, the cells of the body are less able to repair and prevent cellular damage. This has resulted in a massive increase in chronic, degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, adult-onset diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and AIDS Diseases [Michael Colgan, The New Nutrition]. Accelerate curing AIDS and other degenerative diseases by eating whole-some foods, avoiding junk food and processed foods, and regularly using a balanced program of supplemental vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We are standing on the threshold of a new era in health care. [Griffin, World Without Cancer; Chatow, A World Without AIDS].

      Cures for AIDS are already here. Those with AIDS can and do recover their immunity without toxic drug therapies. Those diagnosed HIV positive can and do live in health without toxic drug therapies. Careful reading of the scientific literature shows that "non-progressors" (people who test HIV positive and continue to enjoy good health) share one essential characteristic: by choice or by circumstance, they do not take anti-virals or use antibiotics on a continuous daily basis.

      People who test HIV positive and remain healthy, and those who are alive and well years after a diagnosis of AIDS are routinely omitted from studies and are ignored by HIV researchers.

      - New England journal of Medicine, 332:209 (1995); Journal of Infectious Diseases, 173:60 (1996); Michael Callen, Surviving AIDS; Robert Root-Bernstein, Rethinking AIDS; Time Magazine, March 22, 1993.


      Scientists for Legitimacy in Science,
      PO Box 24252, Los Angeles, CA, USA 90024.
      A full color poster with this text can be ordered for $15 (add $3 outside USA)

      tel/fax416) 778-4207
      "If anybody can't live under AFRIKAN POWER show 'em where tha airport is, tha shipyard is or where the graveyard is" <> Dr. J. H. Clarke (Christopher Columbus Grand Theft Genocide)

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      Information War

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      This is Very informative....Little95....
      Here is an article from a Kenyan newspaper:

      I have heard these explanations before, if One were to compare the demand for the AIDS/HIV medications with the rate at which they are being sold, it would appear as if the syndrome/virus were made in a lab...coporations will do anything to make a $$$$. The advertisements are ALL throughout the paper.

      Also looking at the "classified section" of the online newspaper, it would appear as if AIDS/HIV had developed its own franchise to assist its "growing community"...i.e....web sites like, I knew it was SERIOUS...but....I didn't know the extent to which it had become a part of the culture...Very disturbin'.

      Many Blessings.

      "We prefer Self-Government...with danger--- to servitude in tranquility.
      -Kwame Nkrumah

      LIFE is for the LIVING.

      -EOTO (Each One Teach One)

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      Angry First, Tuskegee (Experiment); Now Foster Children

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      First, Tuskegee; Now Foster Children – And They Wonder Why Blacks Mistrust Medical Studies?

      By Deborah Mathis,

      Higher participation in clinical trials is said to be one path to curing the persistent health problems that plague black America –- killers like hypertension, diabetes and HIV-AIDS.

      On the whole, we don’t sign up for such controlled medical experiments because, one, we often don’t know about them and, two, even when we do, we tend not to trust them.

      After all, the old ghost of intentional malpractice still stalks the black community. Many of us still quake with disgust and rage over the Tuskegee Study, that 40-year experiment that began in 1932 when the U.S. Health Service offered free treatment for men with “bad blood.”

      Unbeknownst to them, black men with syphilis didn’t get real help. The government faked it, offering placebos and other inappropriate therapies because researchers wanted to study the disease, not cure it.

      Then there were those cases of forced sterilization, whereby young, poor and uneducated black women were deemed unfit for parenthood and robbed of their reproductive rights either against their will or without having even been asked.

      Many folks are still convinced that HIV-AIDS was a racist concoction, cooked up in some government laboratory as a means of ridding the society of its despised few -– namely gays and blacks.

      Even those who seriously doubt the probability of that scenario can not dismiss its possibility. Again, that ghost leaves a big impression.

      Now, the Associated Press is reporting that over the last decade, “mostly poor or minority” foster children with HIV were subjected to medical trials, treated with drugs “that were known to have serious side effects in adults and for which the safety for children was unknown.”

      According to the AP, most of the research occurred in the 1990s, covering seven states, and tapping infants to teenagers. Even though the treatment was said to be top-notch, the children were largely at the mercy of clinicians. Reportedly, some of them did not have advocates –- someone to look out for them during the term of the trial, which is, by definition, risky.

      Tuskegee, alone, did significant damage to the reputation and prospects for clinical research in the black community. To have another experiment of dubious clarity come along in these latter days does nothing to help repair the heavy damage, particularly when, once again, black folks -- in this case, children -- are at the wrong end of the needle.

      Whether presented as hatred, neglect or indifference, racism is a substantial disease in its own right. It makes its carriers calloused and deceitful. It leaves its victims suspicious and insecure.

      Yet, earnest physicians and scientists are begging us to cooperate. Because there are some biological markers linked to ethnicity, certain drugs and treatments have, or could have, effects on the average black patient that are different from those on the average white, Asian or Latino. The disproportionate occurrence of certain diseases and conditions in one race versus the others also begs investigation. Clinical trials are useful in figuring out such things.

      Our own well-being behooves us to get involved; stamping down the incidence of diabetes and asthma, for example, would be a red-letter day for the black community.

      But who wants to offer himself or herself up as a guinea pig when there are known instances of deception or less than full disclosure by the very people who propose to help us?
      "We prefer Self-Government...with danger--- to servitude in tranquility.
      -Kwame Nkrumah

      LIFE is for the LIVING.

      -EOTO (Each One Teach One)

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      THere isn't 1,000+ replies, so yall obviously missed this. Bump.
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      And there's actually a cure for it, notice how all these disease's are in poor over populated country's, like the SAR'S scare over in china you didnt hear anymore about that after while, and how aids is devastating afrika and india too! Aids come from monkeys in Afrika.............thats bullshit!! Whitey manufacturing all this shit to wipe us out period

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      W. H .O. Murdered Africa

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      W. H .O. Murdered Africa
      by William Campbell Douglass, M.D.
      (September 1987 National Health Federation Monrovia, California)

      The object of the World Planners is control -- absolute control. Although the desire to rule the world is not a new ambition, the control sought by this generation of World Planners is more than government, wealth and resources. They control these already. What the World Planners want in order to complete their plan is control of population.

      Their control of population is in their ability to control the thoughts and behaviour of the masses. The method which the World Planners are using to achieve their aim of absolute control is mind-boggling when one attempts to unravel it. It is truly a "tangled web of deception".

      Before the World Planners can achieve their goal of "absolute control" of the world's population, they must first reduce the existing numbers to an optimum controllable level. The World Planners estimate that planet earth can only sustain a 2.5-billion population by the year 2000, but "Spaceship Earth", according to the United Nations' figures, already has in excess of 4.5-billion people. This hypothesis makes it essential for the world planners not only to bring population growth to a stand still, but it also becomes necessary for a "roll back" in population (the world is to be depopulated); hence zero population programs.

      In the New World Order, man will become a "throw away". You will be allowed to exist until you become "surplus to requirements".

      "The world has a cancer and the cancer is man", observed one World Planner in the book, Mankind at a Turning Point.

      Having set the optimum population number for planet earth, the World Planners have also set a date by which to achieve their optimum population number. And that date is the year 2000. The organisation formed to implement their plan is called GLOBAL 2000.

      The following article, "WHO Murdered Africa" is evidence of this plan in action.

      The world planners are convinced that what they are doing is for he eventual salvation of mankind and the planet earth. The greatest strength they possess is that the general public does not even know hat they exist.

      Trust in the Lord with all shine heart; and lean not unto shine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 KJV.

      There is no question mark after the title of this article because the title is not a question. It's a declarative statement.

      WHO, the World Health Organisation, murdered Africa with the AIDS virus. That's a provocative statement isn't it?

      The answer to this little mystery, Murder on the WHO express, will be quite clear to you by the end of my report. You will also understand why the other suspects, the homosexuals, the green monkey and the Haitians, were only pawns in this virocidal attack on the non-Communist world.

      If you believe the government propaganda that AIDS is hard to catch then you are going to die even sooner than the rest of us. The common cold is a virus. Have you ever had a cold? How did you catch it? You don't really know, do you? If the cold virus were fatal how many people would there be left in the world?

      Yellow fever is a virus. You catch it from mosquito bites. Malaria is a parasite also carried by mosquitoes. It is many times larger than the AIDS virus (like comparing a pinhead to a moose head), yet the mosquito easily carries this large organism to man.

      The tuberculosis germ, also much larger than the AIDS virus, can be transmitted by fomites (inanimate objects such as towels). The AIDS virus can live as long as ten days on a dry plate. So, are you worried about your salad in a restaurant that employs homosexuals? You'd better be.

      You can't understand this murder mystery and you wouldn't believe my conclusions unless you learn a little virology. I'll make it as painless as possible.

      Many viruses grow in animals and many grow in humans but most of the viruses that affect animals don't affect humans. There are exceptions, of course, such as yellow fever and small pox.

      There are some viruses in animals that cause very lethal cancer in those animals, but do not affect man or other animals. The bovine leukaemia virus (BLV), for example, is lethal to cows but not humans. There is another virus that occurs in sheep called sheep visna virus which is also non-reactive in man. These deadly viruses are "retro viruses" meaning that they can change the genetic composition of cells that they enter.

      The World Health Organisation in published articles, called for scientists to work with these deadly agents and attempt to make a hybrid virus that would be deadly to humans. In the bulletin of the World Health Organisation WHO), Volume 47, p.259, 1972, they said, "An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the vims itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus."

      That's AIDS. What the WHO is saying in plain English is "Let's cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T-cell system of man, an acquired immune deficiency."

      Why would anyone want to do this? If you destroy the T-cell system of man you destroy man. Is it even remotely possible that the World Health Organisation would want to develop a virus that would wipe out the human race?

      If their new viruses creation worked, the WHO stated, then many terrible and fatal infectious viruses could be made even more terrible and more malignant. Does this strike you as being a peculiar goal for a health organisation? The thought occurred to me.

      Sometimes I believe in conspiracies and sometimes I don't. It depends on the subject. (Was there a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy? If you don't think so, then you must be a dumb liberal.) My attitude toward some alleged conspiracies, the Federal Reserve for instance, depends on what I had for breakfast.

      But it doesn't take a bad breakfast to see an amazing concatenation of events involving Russian and Chinese communist nationals, the World Health Organisation, the National Cancer Institute and the AIDS pandemic.

      But what about the green monkey? Some of the best virologists in the world and many of those directly involved in AIDS research, such as Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, have said that the green monkey may be the culprit. You know the story: A green monkey bit a native on the ass and, bam -- AIDS all over central Africa.

      There is a fatal flaw here. It is very strange. Because Gallo, Montagnier and those other virologists know that the AIDS virus doesn't occur naturally in monkeys. In fact it doesn't occur naturally in any animal.

      AIDS started practically simultaneously in the United States, Haiti, Brazil and Central Africa. (Was the green monkey a jet pilot?) Examination of the gene structure of the green monkey cells proves that it is not genetically possible to transfer the AIDS virus from monkeys to man by natural means.

      Because of the artificial nature of the AIDS virus it will not easily transfer from man to man until it has become very concentrated in the body fluids through repeated injections from person to person, such as drug addicts, and through high multiple partner sexuality such as takes place in Africa, among homosexuals and among native American Indians. After repeated transfer it can become a "natural" infection for man, which it has.

      Dr. Theodore Strecker's research of the literature indicates that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in collaboration with the World Health Organisation made the AIDS virus in their laboratories at Fort Detrick (now NCI). They combined the deadly retroviruses, bovine leukaemia virus and sheep visna virus, and injected them into human tissue cultures. The result was the AIDS virus, the first human retrovirus known to man and now believed to be 100 percent fatal to those infected.

      The momentous plague that we now face was anticipated by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), in 1974 when they recommended that "Scientists throughout the world join the members of this committee in voluntarily deferring experiments (linking) animal viruses."

      What the NAS is saying in carefully guarded English is: "For God's sake stop this madness!" Man went over the edge when he started playing God and started growing human tissue in the laboratory.

      We've let the green monkey off the hook. How about the communists! In my original monograph on AIDS, before Dr. Strecker alerted me to the scientific absurdities being put on the American people, I said: "After the holocaust has run its course, and we've buried 10 or 20 million young people, who will protect us? If we are faced with an invasion from a Communist Mexico, aided by Communist Nicaragua and Cuba, who will defend the Rio Grande? Wouldn't it be ironic if the godless Russians and other communist countries, because of their Victorian attitude toward sex and their severe repression of homosexuality, escaped most of the ravages of the AIDS epidemic and took us over by simply walking across the Mexican border?"

      I wouldn't change a word of that. But it was based on my natural paranoia toward the Communists, having observed the way they operate for 40 years. Besides, they are saying that AIDS is a "capitalist plot." That really got me suspicious because, as any student of the communist conspiracy knows they always blame others for what they are in the process of doing.

      And what they are in the process of doing is conducting germ warfare from Fort Detrick, Maryland against the free world, especially in the United States, even using foreign communist agents with the United States Army's germ warfare unit euphemistically called the Army Infectious Disease Unit.


      Can you imagine that? A UN-WHO communist Trojan horse in our biological warfare centre with the full blessings of the Jimmy Carters of this world?

      I can assure you that the creation of the AIDS virus by the WHO was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. So successful in fact that most of central Africa may be wiped out, 75,000,000 dead within 3-5 years.

      It was not an accident. It was deliberate. In the Federation Proceedings of the United States in 1972, WHO said: "In relation to the immune response a number of experimental approaches can be visualised". They suggested that a neat way to do this would be to put their new killer virus (AIDS) into a vaccination program, sit back and observe the results. "This would be particularly informative in sibships," they said. That is, give the AIDS virus to brothers and sisters and see if they die, who dies first and of what, just like using rats in a laboratory.

      They used small pox vaccine for their vehicle and the geographical sites chosen in 1972 were Uganda and other African states, Haiti, Brazil and Japan. The present or recent past of AIDS epidemiology coincides with these geographical areas.

      Dr. Strecker points out that even if the African green monkey could transmit AIDS to humans, the present known amount of infection in Africa makes it statistically impossible for a single episode, such as a monkey biting someone on the butt, to have brought this epidemic to this point. The doubling time of the number of people infected, about every 14 months, when correlated with the first known case and the present known number of cases, prove beyond a doubt that a large number of people had to have been infected at the same time. Starting in 1972 with the first case from our mythical monkey and doubling the number infected from the single source you get only a few thousand cases. From 1972 to 1987 is 15 years or 180 months. If it takes 14 months to double the number of cases then there would have been 13 doublings, one then 2, then 4, then 8, etc. In 15 years, from a single source of infection there would be about 8,000 cases in Africa, not 75 million. We are approaching World War II mortality statistics here -- without a shot being fired.

      Dr. Theodore A. Strecker is the courageous doctor who unraveled this conundrum, the greatest murder mystery of all time. He should get the Nobel prize but he'll be lucky not to get "suicided". ("Prominent California doctor ties his hands behind his back and, hangs himself, and jumps from the 20th floor. There was no evidence of foul play.")

      Strecker was employed as a consultant to work on a health proposal for Security Pacific Bank. He was to estimate the cost of the health care for the future. Should they form a health maintenance organisation? (HMO) was a major issue. After investigating the current medical market he advised against the HMO because he found that the AIDS epidemic will in all probability bankrupt the nation's medical system.

      He became fascinated with all the peculiar scientific anomalies concerning AIDS that kept cropping up. Why did the "experts keep talking about green monkeys and homosexuals being the culprits when it was obvious that the AIDS virus was a man-made virus? Why did they say that it was a homosexual and drug-user disease when in Africa it was obviously a heterosexual disease? If the green monkey did it, then why did AIDS explode practically simultaneously in Africa, Haiti, Brazil, the United States and southern Japan?

      Why, when it was proposed to the National Institute of Health that the AIDS virus was a combination of two bovine or sheep viruses cultures in human cells in a laboratory, did they say it was "bad science" when that's exactly what occurred?

      As early as 1970 the World Health Organisation was growing these deadly animal viruses in human tissue cultures. Cedric Mims, in 1981, said in a published article that there was a bovine virus contaminating the culture media of the WHO. Was this an accident or a "non-accident"? If it was an accident why did WHO continue to use the vaccine?

      This viral and genetic death bomb, AIDS, was finally produced in 1974. It was given to monkeys and they died of pneumocystis cami, which is typical of AIDS.

      Dr. R.J. Biggar said in Lancet: "... The AIDS agent... could not have originated de novo." That means in plain English that it didn't come out of thin air, AIDS was engineered in a laboratory by urologists. It couldn't engineer itself. As Doctor Strecker so colourfully puts it: "If a person has no arms or legs and shows up at a party in a tuxedo, how did he get dressed? Somebody dressed him."

      There are 9,000 to the fourth power possible AIDS viruses. (There are 9,000 base pairs on the genome.) So the fun has just begun. Some will cause brain rot similar to the sheep virus, some leukaemia-like diseases from the cow virus and some that won't do anything. So the virus will be constantly changing and trying out new esoteric diseases on hapless man. We're only at the beginning.

      Because of the trillions of possible genetic combinations, there will never be a vaccine. Even if they could develop a vaccine they would undoubtedly give us something equally bad as they did with the polio vaccine (cancer of the brain), the swine flu vaccine (a polio-like disease), the smallpox vaccine (AIDS), and the hepatitis vaccine (AIDS).

      There are precedents. This is not the first time the virologists have brought us disaster. SO-40 virus from monkey cell cultures contaminated polio cultures. Most people in their 40s are now carrying this virus through contaminated polio inoculations given in the early 60s. It is known to cause brain cancer which explains the increase in this disease that we have seen in the past ten years.

      This is the origin of the green monkey theory. The polio vaccine was grown on green monkey kidney cells and the geniuses who brought us polio vaccine said: "We got away with it once so let's use it again." But they didn't get away with it and in spite of the fact that polio was rapidly disappearing without any medical intervention, 64 million Americans were vaccinated with SV-40 contaminated vaccine in the 60s. An increase in cancer of the brain, possibly multiple sclerosis and God only knows what else is the tragic result. The delay between vaccination and the onset of cancer with this virus is as long as 20-30 years. 1965 plus 20 equals 1985. Get the picture?

      The SV-40 virus gave rise to two more viruses which are very active in AIDS patients. Most young children and young adults have received the SV-40 inoculation from polio vaccination. Primary multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), brain rot, has been added to the burden of homosexuals who certainly had enough to bear having been given AIDS through hepatitis B vaccine.

      The final piece of the puzzle is how AIDS devastated the homosexual population in the United States. It wasn't from smallpox vaccination as in Africa because we don't do that any more. There is no smallpox in the United States and so vaccination was discontinued.

      Although some AIDS has been brought to the United States from Haiti by homosexuals, (it used to be one of their favourite "play-grounds"), it would not be enough to explain the explosion of AIDS that occurred simultaneously with the African and Haitian epidemics.

      The AIDS virus didn't exist in the United States before 1978. You can check back in any hospital and no stored blood samples were found anywhere that exhibit the AIDS virus before that date.

      What happened in 1978 and beyond to cause AIDS to burst upon the scene and devastate the homosexual segment of our population? It was the introduction of the hepatitis-B vaccine which exhibits the exact epidemiology of AIDS.

      A Doctor W. Schmugner, born in Poland and educated in Russia, came to this country in 1969. His immigration to the U.S. was probably the most fateful immigration in our history. He, by unexplained process, became head of the New York City blood bank. (How does a Russian trained doctor become head of one of the largest blood banks in the world? Doesn't that strike you as peculiar?) -- He set up the rules for the hepatitis vaccine studies. Only males between the ages of 20 and 40, who were not monogamous, would be allowed to participate in this study. Can you think of any reason, other than the desire to spread something among the population, for insisting that all experimentees be promiscuous? Maybe you don't believe in the communist conspiracy theory but give me some other logical explanation. Schmugner is now dead and his diabolical secret went with him.

      The hepatitis vaccine, unlike the AIDS vaccine, was not grown from human tissue culture. So accidental contamination didn't occur. The AIDS virus was probably put in the vaccine deliberately. It was no mistake. The Centre for Disease Control reported in 1981 that four percent of those receiving the hepatitis-vaccine were AIDS-infected. In 1984 they admitted to 60 percent. Now they refuse to give out figures at all because they don't want to admit that 100 percent of hepatitis vaccine receivers are infected with AIDS.

      Where is the data on the hepatitis vaccine studies? FDA? CDC? No, the U.S. Department of Justice has it buried where you will never see it.

      I have always said, and our forefathers told us this, that the greatest threat to the people is always government. Not foreign governments, but our own government. What has the government told us about AIDS?

      * It is a homosexual disease -- homosexuals certainly spread it but the primary responsibility wasn't theirs.
      * It's related to anal intercourse only -- wrong.
      * Only a small percentage of those testing positive for AIDS would get the disease -- wrong.
      * It came from the African green monkey -- wrong.
      * It came from the cytomegalovirus -- wrong.
      * It was due to popping amyl nitrate with sex -- wrong.
      * It was started 400 years ago by the Portuguese -- wrong. (It started 1n 1972).
      * You can't get it from mosquitos -- wrong
      * The virus can't live outside the body -- wrong.

      The head of the Human Leukaemia Research Group at Harvard is a veterinarian. Dr. Judd, International Agency for Research on Cancer, the agency that requested the production of the virus in the first place, is also a veterinarian. The leukaemia research he is conducting is being done under the auspices of a school of veterinary medicine.

      Now there is nothing wrong with being a vet but, as we have pointed out, the AIDS virus is a human virus. You can't test these viruses in animals and you can't test leukaemia in them either. It doesn't work. So why would your government give Judd, a veterinarian, eight and one-half million dollars to study leukaemia in a veterinarian college? As long as we are being used as experimental animals maybe it's appropriate.

      The London Times should be congratulated for uncovering the smallpox/AIDS connection. But their expose was very misleading. The article states that the African AIDS epidemic was caused by the smallpox vaccine "triggering" AIDS in those vaccinated.

      Dr. Robert Gallo, who has been mixed up in some very strange scientific snafus, supports this theory. Whether the infection of 75 million Africans was deliberate or accidental can be debated but there is no room for debate about whether the smallpox shots "awakened the unsuspected virus infection". There is absolutely no scientific evidence that this laboratory engineered virus was present in Africa when they descended upon these hapless people in 1977 with their deadly AIDS-laced vaccine. The AIDS virus didn't come from Africa. It came from Fort Detrik Maryland, U.S.A.

      The situation is extremely desperate and the medical profession is too frightened and cowed (as usual) to take any action. Dr. Strecker attempted to mobilise the doctors through some of the most respected medical journals in the world. The prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine said that his material "appears to be entirely concerned with matters of virology" and so try some other publication.

      In his letter to this medical publication Strecker said, "If correct human experimental procedures had been followed we would not find half of the world stumbling off on the wrong path to the cure for AIDS with the other half of the world covering up the origination of the damned disease. It appears to me that your Annals of Internal medicine is participating in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated."

      I guess they didn't like that so Strecker submitted his sensational and mind-boggling letter with all of the proper documentation to the British journal Lancet.

      Their reply: "Thank you for that interesting letter on AIDS. I am sorry to have to report that we will not be able to publish it. We have no criticism" but their letter section was "overcrowded with submissions." They're too crowded to announce the end of western civilisation and possibly all mankind? I don't think that's reasonable.
      What can we do?

      The first thing that should be done is close down all laboratories in this country that are dealing with these deadly retro-viruses.

      Then we must sort out the insane, irresponsible and traitorous scientists involved in these experiments and try them for murder. Then maybe, just maybe, we can re-staff the laboratories with loyal Americans who will work to save a remnant of people to re-populate and re-civilize the world.


      Thank you for requesting this information. We have a story to tell you, a very strange story, one that affects you, me, and every of the human being on earth. A story that must be taken seriously by the governments of every nation in the world because there may not be many humans left to govern by the turn of the century, or shortly thereafter. A story so bizarre, and so sinister that, if it were not for the fact that it is all true, it would make a great science fiction thriller. (Interestingly enough, Lorimar Pictures of Hollywood has purchased the rights to Dr. Strecker's life story.)

      The story begins in 1983 with Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Strecker practises internal medicine and gastroenterology in Los Angeles. He is a trained pathologist and also holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. Dr. Strecker and his brother, Ted, an attorney, were preparing a proposal for a health maintenance organisation (HMO) for Security Pacific Bank of California. They needed to know the long-term financial effects of insuring and treating AIDS patients. In as much as this information was not readily available in 1983, both brothers began researching the medical literature to learn what they could about this relatively new disease. The information they uncovered right from the beginning was so startling to them, so hard to believe, that it would dramatically alter both their lives and lead them on a five year quest culminating with the creation of "The Strecker Memorandum," the most controversial video tape of our time, and a remarkable set of documents called "The Bioattack Alert."

      Right there in the medical literature for anyone to read for themselves was, basically, proof that the AIDS virus and pandemic was actually PREDICTED years ago by a world famous virologist, among others. They found that top scientists writing in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (WHO) were actually REQUESTING that AIDS -- like viruses be created to study the effects on humans. In fact, the Streckers unearthed thousands of documents all supporting the man-made origin of AIDS. Meanwhile, the government was telling everyone that a green monkey in Africa bit some native and started AIDS. As their research continued, it became obvious from the documentation that the virus itself was not only created as requested, but actually DEPLOYED, and now threatens the existence of mankind because it does what it was designed to do: cause cancer in humans via a contagious virus. Eventually the Streckers came to realize everything the government, the so-called AIDS experts and media were telling the public was not only misleading, but out and out lies. The truth of the matter is: AIDS is a man-made disease; AIDS is not a homosexual disease; AIDS is not a venereal disease; AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes; Condoms will not prevent AIDS; There are a least six different AIDS viruses loose in the world; There will never be a vaccine cure; And on and on, but...

      The most dreaded fear that all Oncologists (cancer doctors), Virologists, and Immunologists live with is that some day CANCER, in one form or another, will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another. AIDS has now made fear a reality. If you think you are safe because you are not gay or promiscuous, or because you are not sexually active, then you must watch "The Strecker very carefully.

      The most common misconception being foisted upon us right now concerns sexually active Americans. We are told that if a man uses a condom the transference of the deadly virus is virtually eliminated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of the body fluids that the AIDS virus is found in, semen is the least. As a matter of fact, in every single study ever published on the subject, no one has found a significant amount in anyone's semen. It just isn't there in huge numbers. There is usually only about one virus per millilitre, a statistically irrelevant amount. One copious ejaculation might produce only one or two viruses. This is substantiated in the medical literature. But, just for argument's sake, let's say all the medical studies are wrong. Let's pretend that there are countless millions of AIDS viruses in the ejaculation. Are you aware that condoms are riddled with microscopic or larger holes? Studies show that even the smallest holes found in condoms are two to ten times larger than the AIDS virus. It's like shooting a golf ball through a basketball hoop. Condoms have not, will not, and cannot prevent AIDS.

      Fifty thousand Americans have already died because they didn't know the truth about AIDS. Between twelve and fifteen million Americans have already been infected. One in 60 babies born in New York City is infected; one in 300 college students in America is infected; one in 20 aliens applying for amnesty is infected, including men, women and children. These are just some of the facts you are not likely to hear about from the media.

      One of the first things the Streckers did was to try and tell their medical and legal colleagues what they were finding in literature. Some were interested; most were not. Certainly no one was prepared to risk their professional standing by making waves within the establishment. Ted Strecker compiled some of the most damaging documents into a report he called "The Bioalert Attack" and sent it to every Governor of every state, the President, the VICE-PRESIDENT (now President), the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and selected members of Congress. He got a grand total of three replies from three governors; nothing from the government. Both he and Dr. Strecker were laughed at and ridiculed at every turn. As an example, Dr. Strecker told the government in 1985 that virtually every person testing positive for AIDS would die prematurely and painfully. The government said that was nonsense. Their figures showed that maybe ten percent at most would die from the disease. In 1986, the government said maybe 50 percept of those infected would die, in 1987 they said maybe 75 percent, in 1988 they finally agreed with Dr. Strecker that AIDS is virtually 100 percent fatal. We could go on with facts Dr. Strecker unearthed that the "experts" said were wrong and now accepted as the truth. Dr. Strecker, like a good scientist, submitted paper after paper with his findings to all the prestigious medical journals in America. They were refused. He then tried having his findings published in Europe. Again, closed doors. What to do? Dr. Strecker did not feel he could take the time from his practice and his research to write a book. On the other hand, everyone has a TV and now most households have a video cassette recorder (VCR). The time involved to make a video is nothing compared to writing a book, and so the video "The Strecker Memorandum" was created. It is 96 minutes of the most startling, controversial, and information packed video you will ever see. It disputes virtually everything the American public is being told by the government, the so-called AIDS experts and the media. In fact, after seeing it YOU will know more about AIDS than 99 percent of all doctors in America.

      With the video made, it seemed a simple matter to advertise it and the world would now become aware of what it was facing, right? WRONG! The fact that you are even reading about "The Strecker Memorandum" now is a minor miracle by itself, in as much as TV stations have refused to advertise it. TV and radio time brokers that sell blocks of commercial time have refused to sell us time. TV station managers have refused to even air programs containing interviews with Dr. Strecker. A national radio network did an interview with a famous talk show host and Dr. Strecker and then refused to run it. Virtually every big name network television magazine show and all the syndicated TV interviewers and talk show hosts have said NO to Dr. Strecker. Big city newspapers will not take any print ads telling about it, and so it goes...WHY? What is in "The Strecker Memorandum" that sends a cold chill down the spine of most media executives?

      The excuse that we hear over and over is that it is too controversial. TOO CONTROVERSIAL? They say that this information, if widely disseminated, will cause the public to panic. If someone had poisoned your water supply and you and your family could die, wouldn't you want to know about it? Would you panic? Or would you more likely be outraged and try to find out who did it and punish them? We feel the only persons who might panic are those scientists who willingly or otherwise created AIDS and are now promoting misinformation by covering it up. After all, if you made AIDS would you tell anyone about it?

      The number of AIDS infected people is doubling approximately every 14 months, and in some areas even sooner. With twelve to fifteen million Americans carrying the virus, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how long we have here in the U.S. Africa has, conservatively, 75 million infected; some estimates double that. Brazil as a country is in serious jeopardy because all through the 1970's they were buying their blood supply from Africa. On top of that, the World Health Organisation (WHO) conducted a large scale small pox vaccination program there in the 1970's (for the full implications of that see "The Strecker Memorandum"). Southern Japan has about 30 percent infected with HTLV I, the leukaemia causing virus (although you will never hear about that on TV). Russia is now reporting AIDS as a problem and no one can enter Russia permanently without a current negative blood test for AIDS. Cuba has already set up concentration camps for AIDS infected and they are full (you won't see that on TV either). Haiti of course is ravaged by AIDS; more than 15 percent of the people infected and getting worse every day. And so it goes. Virtually every nation on earth with few exceptions (Iran is one) is reporting a growing problem. It's on every continent, every subcontinent, and every island chain, Atlantic and Pacific. So why won't the media or government tell you these things? Is it too controversial for you to handle? Are you going to panic?

      Yes and no. NO, if you are waiting for the government to create a magic bullet. As you will see in "The Strecker Memorandum," part of the problem is that all the various AIDS viruses are "recombinant retroviruses." Very simply, that means they have the ability to recombine with the genes of any cell they enter and the offspring or new viruses they form are different from the parent viruses. HTLV III alone (that's the most common American AIDS virus) has the mathematical ability to change itself 9,000x9,000x9,000x9000 times (which is 9,000 to the fourth power). The common cold recombines much less frequently and we haven't found a cure for it after a hundred years. Besides, does it make much sense to entrust the cure for AIDS to the same people that may have created it? YES, there is hope if Dr. Strecker and a growing number of realistic scientists are correct in looking at alternative, nonallopathic, non drug modalities based on Raman spectroscopy. In fact many experiments are going on now that offer great promise. Unfortunately, our government takes a dim view of any type of treatment for any type of disease let alone AIDS that does not conform to its rigid rules for acceptance, registration, and legalisation. of course the FDA would definitely like to see an allopathic drug treatment or cure presented by an ethical drug company or university. Well, we don't think that's going to happen. Because of this attitude, much experimentation in America must go underground, underfunded, or out of the country entirely. Again, this is explained further in "The Strecker Memorandum."

      An ominous personal aspect of this story has been the sudden and unexpected deaths of two of the key players. First, Dr. Strecker's brother, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide, on August 11, 1988. Was Ted Strecker suicidal?

      Perhaps. In the past he suffered from depression and monumental frustration at the relative lack of interest in his findings. Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death. Ted was cheerful, in good spirits, and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress. The next day he was found dead, his 22 calibre rifle next to him. No note, no message, no goodbyes to anyone. Very untypical of him. officially a suicide. Next, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home, dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin, on September 22, 1988. Representative Huff did everything in his power to make the Illinois State Legislature and the people of Chicago aware of Dr. Strecker's work. He was very vocal, gave many press interviews, was constantly on television and radio urging people to wake up to the cover-up concerning AIDS. Did Representative Huff use drugs? Perhaps yes, but only occasionally and recreationally. Was he an addict? No. Would he have known how dangerous a massive overdose off cocaine and heroin was? Yes, of course. Cause of death: officially a stroke. Dr. Strecker has serious doubts that his brother killed himself. Representative Huff's associates doubt he died accidentally, and yet they are gone. Who's next?

      We all know it is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth. Well, we are spreading the truth about AIDS. Unfortunately, it isn't pretty. But the fact is you are not being told the truth by the government or the so-called AIDS experts. The media, for reasons of their own, will not present information contradicting the official propaganda. So you can choose to go along with the same people who gave us brain cancer (SV-40 virus) as a result of their contaminated polio vaccines in the early 1960's; a polio like disease from their contaminated Swine Flu vaccine in the 1970's; and AIDS from their smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines; or, you can at least make yourself a ware of the clear and present dangers that we all face by watching "The Strecker Memorandum." The cost of the tape is nominal, but we submit that remaining ignorant can cost infinitely more.

      Thank you, THE STRECKER GROUP
      STOP PRESS: At an International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on HIV, medical experts were told that women were now being infected with HIV at the world-wide rate of two a minute as the AIDS epidemic gathers pace. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Director said, "AIDS was still in its early stages. By the year 2000 they expected that more than 13 million women will have been infected of which a third, by then, would have died". (Source: Sydney Daily Telegraph Mirror, 8/9/93.)

      HAVE A GOOD DAY.who.htm


      * Dr. Kary Mullis, Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Dr. Kary Mullis

      "If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document." (Sunday Times (London) 28 nov. 1993)

      * Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sänger, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max-Planck-Institutes for Biochemy, München. Robert Koch Award 1978:

      "Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology." (Letter to Süddeutsche Zeitung 2000)

      * Dr. Serge Lang, Professor of Mathematics, Yale University:

      "I do not regard the causal relationship between HIV and any disease as settled. I have seen considerable evidence that highly improper statistics concerning HIV and AIDS have been passed off as science, and that top members of the scientific establishment have carelessly, if not irresponsible, joined the media in spreading misinformation about the nature of AIDS." (Yale Scientific, Fall 1994)

      * Dr. Harry Rubin, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley: Prof. Harry Rubin

      "It is not proven that AIDS is caused by HIV infection, nor is it proven that it plays no role whatever in the syndrome." (Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994)

      * Dr. Richard Strohman, Emeritus Professor of Cell Biology at the University of California at Berkeley:

      "In the old days it was required that a scientist address the possibilities of proving his hypothesis wrong as well as right. Now there's none of that in standard HIV-AIDS program with all its billions of dollars." (Penthouse April 1994)

      * Dr. Harvey Bialy, Molecular Biologist, former editor of Bio/Technology and Nature Biotechnology: Harvey Bialy

      "HIV is an ordinary retrovirus. There is nothing about this virus that is unique. Everything that is discovered about HIV has an analogue in other retroviruses that don't cause AIDS. HIV only contains a very small piece of genetic information. There's no way it can do all these elaborate things they say it does." (Spin June 1992)

      * Dr. Roger Cunningham, Immunologist, Microbiologist and Director of the Centre for Immunology at the State University of New York at Buffalo:

      "Unfortunately, an AIDS 'establishment' seems to have formed that intends to discourage challenges to the dogma on one side and often insists on following discredited ideas on the other." (Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994)

      * Dr. Gordon Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow: Prof. Gordon Stwart

      "AIDS is a behavioural disease. It is multifactorial, brought on by several simultaneous strains on the immune system - drugs, pharmaceutical and recreational, sexually transmitted diseases, multiple viral infections." (Spin June 1992)

      * Dr. Alfred Hässig, (1921-1999), former Professor of Immunology at the University of Bern, and former director Swiss Red Cross blood banks:Prof. Alfred Hassig

      "The sentence of death accompanying the medical diagnosis of AIDS should be abolished." (Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994)

      * Dr. Charles Thomas, former Professor of Biochemistry, Harvard and John Hopkins Universities:

      "The HIV-causes-AIDS dogma represents the grandest and perhaps the most morally destructive fraud that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of the Western world." (Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994)

      * Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, New York Physician, founder of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR):Joe Sonnabend

      "The marketing of HIV, through press releases and statements, as a killer virus causing AIDS without the need for any other factors, has so distorted research and treatment that it may have caused thousands of people to suffer and die." (Sunday times (London) 17 May 1992)

      * Dr. Andrew Herxheimer, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, UK Cochrane Centre, Oxford:

      "I think zidovudine [AZT] was never really evaluated properly and that its efficacy has never been proved, but it's toxicity certainly is important. And I think it has killed a lot of people. Especially at the high doses. I personally think it not worth using alone or in combination at all." (Continuum Oct. 2000)

      * Dr. Etienne de Harven, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, at the University of Toronto: Dr. Etienne de Harven

      "Dominated by the media, by special pressure groups and by the interests of several pharmaceutical companies, the AIDS establishment efforts to control the disease lost contact with open-minded, peer-reviewed medical science since the unproven HIV/AIDS hypothesis received 100% of the research funds while all other hypotheses were ignored." (Reappraising AIDS Nov./Dec. 1998)

      * Dr. Bernard Forscher, former editor of the U.S. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences:

      "The HIV hypothesis ranks with the 'bad air' theory for malaria and the 'bacterial infection' theory of beriberi and pellagra [caused by nutritional deficiencies]. It is a hoax that became a scam." (Sunday Times (London) 3 April 1994)
      "Humpty Dumpty was PUSHED"

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      AIDS/HIV/AZT Controversy

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      "Humpty Dumpty was PUSHED"

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      Malaria is the scientifically proven single biggest killer on the African continent. Why, after the failures of the past decade in AIDS research and forecast, UNAIDS still wants the world to concentrate billions of dollars on HIV/AIDS - a "disease" that is yet to be scientifically proven - at the expense of malaria, the already proven "biggest killer" of Africans, should worry us all.

      Joan Shenton,author of the book 'Positively false' writes: "The story of HIV and the panic over AIDS has led to over 100,000 published papers on HIV and AIDS. Some $40 billion of the US taxpayers money and ú2 billion in the UK has been spent on AIDS since 1984... Yet, in all this time, no cure for AIDS has been found...

      "Why? Because the AIDS edifice is built upon the false hypothesis that the retrovirus HIV is the cause of AIDS and that AIDS is an infectious disease. In fact, the AIDS syndrome has not behaved like an infectious disease would. It has remained restricted to certain high risk groups; groups that are already prone to severe immune suppression."

      She continues: "What I have learned over these years is that the scientific community is no longer free. Today science can be bought, and the individual dissenting voice is able to be silenced and dismissed because of the enormous sums of money involved in protecting a prevailing hypothesis, however flawed it may be.

      "Politics, power and money dominate the scientific research field to such an extent that it is now no longer possible to put a hypothesis that has become dogma to the test.

      "Scientific trials sponspored by pharmaceutical companies often involve many different university faculties at one time and consequently tie up most of the expert voices. The dogma is written up in tablets of stone in medical textbooks and young science students swallow it without question. Those that are already in well paid jobs find it easier not to rock the boat. What would be the point? They would simply lose their jobs."

      Joan Shenton laments the fact that the AIDS debate has been driven by money, money, money. "The sale of HIV test kits [have] become a source of immense revenue," she writes. "Each time a drop of blood [is] tested, it [means] 43 pence for the company producing the kit. Many scientists researching into the AIDS virus themselves [have] companies selling test kits and [own] millions of dollars in company shares. AIDS for these individuals [is] a very profitable business."

      She continues: "The story of AIDS is also special because it is the first time in the history of medicine that so much money has been thrown into one particular disease.

      "With $40bn spent in 14 years in the US alone, it is the biggest industry next to the defence department. The money was fuelled by the plague terror tactics used by well-established organisations like the US Centers for Diesease Control and its offshoot, the Epidemic Intelligence Service [also known as the medical CIA] whose members are strategically placed in positions of power and influence in the media.

      An infectious disease, believe it or not, has a criteria to it; how it happens, when it happens. For example, if you get infected by a bug or by a virus, within weeks or months after contact or after that infection, you will have symptoms of a disease.

      "In HIV and AIDS, however, we are told you get sick 10 years later, 10 years after infection! That is not how viruses or bacteria work. They work faster or never. They are a very simple mechanism like a little clock that can do only one thing - go around the dial once, and that takes 24 to 48 hours with a virus.

      "There is no way that a virus could possibly slow down or wait a week or wait 10 years. That is totally absurd.

      Let's open our eyes black people.

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      Thanx for all this is outstanding knowledge. keep information, Afrikans!


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      1. AIDS is a disease -- it is a deficiency syndrome deficiencies are not contagious and a syndrome is a collection of symptoms and, as I am sure your research has shown, the symptoms of "AIDS disease" vary widely from patient to patient and from nation to nation (in America alone the CDC defines 29 different manifestations of AIDS).

      2. The notion that such immunity deficiency syndromes didn't exist 25 years ago would be easily dismissed should you wish to consult the Merck Pharmaceutical Manuals of the past 50 years. Note the following excerpt from T.C. Fry's THE GREAT AIDS HOAX:

      "Is AIDS A New Disease? What is now called AIDS is an aggregate of many diseases that have actually existed in medical literature for several decades. ¶ The Merck Manual, literally a physician's bible, and Dorland's Medical Dictionary were used in compiling this list of diseases known as "immunodeficiency diseases." The editions used were published before AIDS was devised and foisted upon our population. acronyms for AIDS were as follows: CID (Combined Immunodeficiency Disease), CIDS (Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome), IDS (Immunodeficiency Syndrome) and SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency."

      3. Africa's population is not being devastated, just as Haiti was spared the devastation forecast by the racist propaganda machine of the US medical pharmaceutical complex during the late 1980s:

      A. THE AFRICAN AIDS EPIDEMIC: NEW AND CONTAGIOUS - OR - OLD UNDER A NEW NAME? From Peter Duesberg to the AIDS panel, 6/22/00: "However, it is evident from the WHO data that the African AIDS epidemic is not following the bell-shaped curve of an exponential rise and subsequent sharp drop with immunity, that are typical of infectious epidemics. Instead it drags on like a nutritionally or environmentally caused disease (Seligmann et al., 1984), that steadily affects, what appears to be only a very small percentage of the African population."

      B. From the CIA World Factbook 2001, we have comparative annual population growth rates for selected countries:

      Dem. Rep. of Congo -- 3.1% (2001 est.)

      Zambia -- 1.93%

      Nigeria -- 2.61%

      Namibia -- 1.38%

      Haiti -- 1.4%

      United Kingdom -- 0.23%

      Germany -- 0.27%

      Italy -- 0.07%

      United States -- 0.9%

      C. Note that the CIA World Factbook annual population growth rates for Sub-Saharan Africa are lower than those published by the World Bank but are considered more current:

      I'll close my challenge with a quote from the British medical journal, The Lancet:

      Before the days of AIDS in Ghana there was a death a day (more in the rainy and harmattan seasons) on my ward alone of thirty-four beds… They died from one or other of the following: cerebrovascular accident from malignant hypertension [stroke], hepatoma, ruptured amoebic abscess, haematemesis, chronic renal failure, sickle-cell crisis, septicaemia, perforated typhoid gut, hepatic coma, haemoptysis from tuberculosis, brain tumour, Hodgkin’s disease, cardiac tamponade from endomyocardial-fibrosis-related pericardial effusion, acute myeloblastic leukaemia, status asthmaticus, pyogenic meningitis, left ventricular heart failure, and misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. Today, because of AIDS, it seems that Africans are not allowed to die from these conditions any longer. If tens of thousands are dying from AIDS (and Africans do not cremate their dead) where are the graves? -- AIDS IN AFRICA: MISINFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION, Felix I.D. Konotey-Ahulu, The Lancet, July 25, 1987, pg. 207

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