African Liberation Day in Atlanta, Georgia

May 25th (Memorial Day Monday)

Omenala Griot Museum, 337 Dargan Place, Atlanta Georgia 30310

“Honor Kwame Nkrumah: The Global Crisis calls for Global Unity Build One Unified Socialist Africa”

“Pan-Africanism is the total (African) Liberation and Unification of Africa under Scientific Socialism”

-Kwame Nkrumah

Africans around the world let’s unite to end the exploitation of Africa and African people around the world. Together we can end poverty; end mis-education; end un-clean water supplies; end poor health. . . We must be scientific in our approach so not to waste time and resources. Africa is calling all the daughters and sons to build a better Africa. Through organizations we can work together collectively and resolve our problems. If you are not in an organization, join an organization working for our people. No matter where you were born or live, as long as you are Black, you are an African and Osegeyfo Kwame Nkrumah says, ‘we belong to the African nation‘.

-Oyah Menen - All African Women’s Revolutionary Union

We will show documentary videos inside the Omenala Griot Museum and later that afternoon we will continue with the Rally. Come hear live speeches about what is going on in places like the Caribbean and Africa and with the Native Americans struggles for unity, sovereignty, reparations, repatriation and building a better world. Drummers, singers, poets and other artists will be there to donate their time and energy.

Schedule of Events

11 A.M. Visit “My Sister’s Market” which is a group of vendors from the community. Available will

be products such as shea butter, African wood carvings, home-made soaps, fruits and vegetables, etc

Inside the Museum-Video of previous ALD’s; excerpts from Ghana’s Independence in 1957, etc

Play (15 min) About Haiti

3:00 P.M. The Rally on the outside Lawn will begin. Enjoy the Drumming; Performances from

Ras Kofi, Sister Yetunde (singer); Poetry, Spoken Word, Story Teller and much more

Most important come hear and meet speakers from organizations such as AIM, WADU,

AAPRP, N’COBRA, and other local activists.

Presentations from the Kwame Ture Black Star of Labor Award and the Mawina Kouyate Daughters of Africa Award

Bring the Entire Family!!! For Vendors and more information contact: 678-896-8275 or 404-394-0800

Organized by the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, the All African Women’s Revolutionary Union

World African Diaspora Union