The courage this family has exemplified by releasing a picture of
Tramaine in the hospital with his face swollen from the bullet still
lodged in it, is the same courage Emmett Till’s mother exemplified when
she opened his casket for the world to see what happened to her son’s
body when he was murdered,” said Candlelight Vigil Organizer, Pastor
Derrick Rice, of Sankofa United Church of Christ.

When: 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 12, 2009,

Where: City View Apartments at 259 Richardson Street in Atlanta,

On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, this father, son, brother, and devoted nephew
was shot in the face by a Atlanta Police Officer at the City View
Apartments located at 259 Richardson Street. Mr. Tramaine Miller was
called by his paralyzed aunt, a resident of City View Apartments, to
help her with her medication.

After helping his aunt he walked to his car to return home when the
“Courtesy Officer”, an off-duty Atlanta police officer, drew his weapon,
demanding that he stop his vehicle. Suddenly, without warning, the
Officer then shattered the glass to the driver’s side window. Once the
glass was shattered, the Officer fired a shot at point blank range into
Tramaine’s face.

Tramaine was unarmed and had complied with every request the officer
made. Independent witnesses, who gave statements to APD the night of
the incident, say that the apartment residents had to call 911 due to
the Officer’s lack of response.

Thus, after being shot, Tramaine remained in his car without any
assistance for over 30 minutes. As of May 11th, Tramaine remains in
Grady Hospital in serious condition with the bullet still lodged in his

We are calling for the residents of City View, all concerned citizens of
Atlanta, and community activists, to come out for a candlelight vigil
for Tramaine Miller and subsequent rally to end the unjust shootings in
the our communities.

For more information regarding the Prayer Vigil contact Pastor Derrick
Rice (678) 842-0508. Any witnesses or legal questions contact the Davis
Bozeman Law Firm at (404) 244-2004.

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