Calling all: Garveyites, Moabites, Nation of Islam, Int’l Business Association, Hebrew Israelites, Rastafarians, and Grass Root Communities….

Senghor Baye has invited you to the event 'UNIA-ACL Giving Race First Thanks for 21st Century Self Determination' on Harambee Radio and Television Network!

Tune in and tell a friend, this is going to be a our-storical broadcast, with lots of information. HARAMBEE and Giving Thanks in 2009!

Time: Sunday, November 29, 2009 from 3pm to 9pm

Broad cast Live: 3pm-9pm U-NIA ACL Division #421

132 Fairfield Place, Suite 204

Atlanta , Georgia 30314

Detroit Division #407 will be joining

Atlanta Division #421 in Live Broadcast!

Event Description:
Programs will feature UNIA-ACL government officials from the Parent Body, Presidents of local divisions and special guest. Topics will range from the Legal Defense Committee, Department of Education, Black Cross Nurses, African Redemption Fund, Membership and local programs and projects. Plus tune in and learn about 21st Century Self Determination.

Contact 1-866-851-5279

Kweku or Indi Ya Bey or Ras Marvin for more information:

313-828-8871 or 313-820-6549 or 404-447-5299

UNIA ACL CONVENTION TOUR & Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421

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