3rd Black Left Unity Network ( BLUN) National Dialog Call on the OWS

January 12, 2012 at 3pm EST

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has drawn major attention to the rule by the capitalist 1% over the 99%. However for many, especially within the working class, the role and impact of Wall Street as a center for finance capital had little, if any, direct meaning for them in their daily lives. Yet the early OWS protests and encampments were important media attractions showing a growing alienation and resistance by mainly white middle class forces whose social privileges are now under attack by the 1%. They helped to point out the scale and scope of the economic crisis, while not necessarily the depth. These protests also did not reflect the real power within the 99% to directly challenge the main economic base of the capitalist 1%, the points of production and service.

The OWS movement is at a crossroads. After intense internal struggles that are still ongoing, the entry of labor and social movement activists, especially from working class Black and oppressed nationality communities help to bring clarity to the role of Wall Street in the deteriorating conditions impacting the working class and oppressed communities and the OWS in various cities began to take on targets, demands and tactics that were more informed by the working class and its most marginalized sectors. However, continuing internal struggles, State repression and attempts to co-op the movement by agents of the Democratic Party are only a few of the challenges facing OWS. For Black activists and People of Color, it is important that we map out for ourselves how to navigate through these conditions and forge principle unity based on common interests while supporting all progressive efforts, including OWS, that helps to build popular, progressive movements in this country.

Join the Black Unity Network’s National Dialog on the OWS as we grapple with the issues and attempt to map out a direction.

To register for call: https://www.accuconference.com/customer/Registration/index.aspx?pkRegQG=91fbb2b4-bfe8-494d-bed8-3399cd231a56

For more information contact: Rose Brewer, brewe001@umn.edu or Ajamu Baraka, ajamubaraka2@gmail.com