In this Circle - Discover Relaxing, Soothing, Healing,

Inspiring & Transforming Energy

In this Circle - “Center”, “Ground”, “Release”& “Reveal”

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Beloved Sisters-Friends,

The time to culturally reclaim our medicine is here. This is a personal invitation to join the African Medicine Woman Healing Circle, an intimate setting, where personal conversation and healing takes place. In this Circle, you will be inspired to live your life with more balance, more love and to be the Healer Woman in your everyday life that you were born to be - for yourselves, your families and your community.

DATE: Saturday, November 12, 2005

TIME: 3pm – 7pm
LOCATION: 255 Sheridan Road, Oakland, CA
DONATION: *$50.00

African Medicine Woman, Asara Tsehai, will facilitate the sharing of “the cultural medicine”, which is the aspect of what keeps us “sane”. She is the founder of A Touch of Life a Radiant Health and Wellness Institute, and the Philosophy of The African Medicine Woman. Author of “The Ancient Principles of Radiant Health” and a wholistic health educator for over twenty-five years, Ms. Tsehai has been featured in Sister-to-Sister, Essence and Heart & Soul magazines. She has worked with thousands of women supporting them in achieving radiant health and becoming Healer Women in their everyday lives. She has held this conversation nationally, and now she brings it to you.

To reserve your space in the circle- please contact:

F. Olivia Shakir at 510-652-1592

Reservation deadline is Saturday, November 8, 2005
* This modest donation is to cover the cost to facilitate the Circle and support the work.

In this year for inner reflections, high aspirations and loving exchanges, rise up, step up, and speak up! Walk your truth lovingly as you honor all life and seek the good in all situations! Learn to know thyself and choose to show compassion. The peace piece begins as an inward journey.

Blessings & Good Health,
Treasure Your Health Institute
R. Dafina Kuficha, L.Ac.
400 29th Street, Suite 518
Oakland, CA 94609