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      Arrow Books On Ancient Egypt

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      Ben-Jochannan, Yosef A.A. Black Man of the Nile and
      His Family. Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1989.

      Ben-Jochannan, Yosef A.A. African Origins of the
      Major Western Religions. Baltimore: Black Classic
      Press, 1991.

      Ben-Jochannan, Yosef A.A. African Origins of the
      Major Western Religions. Baltimore: Black Classic
      Press, 1991.

      Ben Jochannan, Yosef A.A., and John Henrik Clarke.
      New Dimensions in African History: The London Lectures
      of Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan and Dr. John Henrik Clarke.
      Edited with an Introduction by John Henrik Clarke.
      Trenton. Africa World Press, 1991.

      BernaI, Martin. Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of
      Classical Civilization. Vol. 2: The Archaeological
      and Documentary Evidence. New Brunswick: Rutgers
      University Press, 1991.

      Browder, Anthony Y. Nile Valley Contributions to
      Civilizations: Exploding the Myths, Volume 1.
      Introduction by John Henrik Clarke: Washington, DC:
      Institute of Karmic Guidance, 1992.

      Carruthers, Jacob H., and Leon Harris, eds. African
      World History Project: The Preliminary Project.
      Chicago: Kemetic Institute, 1996.

      Chandler, Wayne B. Ancient Future: The Teachings
      and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of
      Ancient Egypt. Introduction by Ivan Van Sertima.
      Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1999.

      Diop, Cheikh Anta. African Origin of Civilization:
      Myth or Reality. Edited and translated by Mercer
      Cook. Westport: Lawrence Hill, 1974.

      Diop, Cheikh Anta. The Cultural Unity of Black
      Africa.: The Domains of Patriarchy and Matriarchy in
      Classical Antiquity. Introduction by John Henrik
      Clarke. Afterword by James G. Spady. Chicago: Third
      World Press, 1978.

      Diop, Cheikh Anta. Civilization or Barbarism: An
      Authentic Anthropology. Translated from the French
      by Yaa-Lengi Meema Ngemi. Edited by Harold J. Salemson
      and Marjolijn de Jager. Foreword by John Henrik
      Clarke. Westport: Lawrence Hill, 1991.

      Drake, St. Clair. Black Folk Here and There: An
      Essay in History and Anthropology, Volume 1. Los
      Angeles: Center for Afro-American Studies, UCLA,

      Finch III, Charles S. Echoes of the Old Darkland:
      Themes from the African Eden. Decatur: Khenti, 1991.

      Finch III, Charles S. The Star of Deep of
      Beginnings: The Genesis of African Science of
      Technology. Decatur: Khenti, 1998.

      Grantham, Charles A. The Battle for Kemet. Foreword
      by Jacob H. Carruthers. Chicago: Kemetic Institute,

      Herodotus. The Histories. Translated by Aubrey de
      Selincourt. Rev. ed. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1972.

      Hilliard III, Asa G. SBA: The Reawakening of the
      African Mind. Foreword by Wade W. Nobles.
      Gainesville: Makare, 1997

      Houston, Drusilla Dunjee. Wonderful Ethiopians of
      the Ancient Cushite Empire. 1926; rpt. Introduction
      by W. Paul Coates. Afterword by Asa G. Hilliard III.
      Commentary by James G. Spady. Baltimore: Black
      Classic Press, 1985.

      Jackson, John G. Ages of Gold and Silver and Other
      Short Sketches of Human History. Foreword by Madalyn
      O'Hair. Austin: American Atheist Press, 1990.

      Jackson, John G. Introduction to African
      Civilizations. Foreword by Runoko Rashidi.
      Introduction by John Henrik Clarke. New York:
      Citadel, 2001.

      James, George G.M. Stolen Legacy: The Greeks Were
      not the Authors of Greek Philosophy, but the People
      of North Africa Commonly Called the Egyptians. 1954;
      rpt. Introduction by Asa G. Hilliard III. San
      Francisco: Julian Richardson, 1988.

      Kendall, Timothy, and Susan R. Doll. Kush: Lost
      Kingdom of the Nile. Brockton:Brockton Art Museum,

      Manetho. Translated by W.G. Waddell. Cambridge:
      Harvard University Press, 1940.

      Oakes, Lorna and Lucia Gahlin. Ancient Egypt: An
      Illustrated Reference to the Myths, Religions,
      Pyramids and Temples of the Land of the Pharaohs. New
      York: Barnes & Noble Books, 2003.

      Obenga, Theophile. Ancient Egypt and Black Africa: A
      Student's Handbook for the Study of Ancient Egypt in
      Philosophy, Linguistics and Gender Relations. Edited
      by Amon Saba Saakana. London: Karnak House, 1992.

      Rice, Michael. Egypt's Making. London: Routledge,

      Van Sertima, Ivan, ed. Black Women in Antiquity. New
      Brunswick: Transaction Press, 1988.

      Van Sertima, Ivan, ed. Egypt Revisited. New
      Brunswick: Transaction Press, 1989.

      Van Sertima, Ivan, ed. Egypt: Child of Africa. New
      Brunswick: Transaction Press, 1994.

      Van Sertima, Ivan, and Larry Obadele Williams, eds.
      Great African Thinkers, Volume 1: Cheikh Anta Diop.
      New Brunswick: Transaction Press, 1986.

      Williams, Chancellor. The Destruction of Black
      Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to
      2000 A.D. Chicago: Third World Press, 1976.

      Zivie-Coche, Christiane. Sphinx: History of a
      Monument. Translated from the French by David Lorton.
      Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002.

      *This is not intended to represent a full or even
      comprehensive book list and scores of works could be
      added. New books come out all the time and old ones
      slip my mind. Nevertheless, these are some of the
      essential books and belong in all of our libraries.
      Thirty eight years ago on 12/04/2009 the united snakes murdered Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, this date also marks the 6 year anniversary of the launching of this site in solidarity of these martyrs.

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      Thank you for the compilation. I will add on in time. Peace.

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