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    What Will The Future Bring Under Obama? (3)

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    by , 10-09-2009 at 08:39 PM (1595 Views)

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    The Obama crackdown on the Jewish media may have already begun:

    “Editors and staff working for local Jewish papers that have run articles critical of Obama have been receiving hostile phone calls. While critical phone calls are not unusual when you're working on a newspaper, these phone calls are not from random readers, they are coming from lawyers and sometimes doctors who wield influence in the community and may often be advertisers, "[who unabashedly say the opponents of Obama have no right to have opinions against him.]

    Lawsuits against Obama will be dismissed. The judicial system will become as corrupt as Obama’s administration and the Democratic Senate. Judges will be either bribed or will be intimidated. The three branches of the government will be reduced to empty shells, filled with yes-men and sycophants. Obama’s minions will come to believe he is a gift from God, as many of them already do. His will be, the most corrupt administration in American history. He is the most corrupt man elected to this office. I am not guessing here. I am basing my opinion of him on all the lies I have heard from him.

    Failing to deliver in substance, Obama will intensify the propaganda. Propaganda works. It worked for the Nazis, it worked for the Bolshevists, it worked for Mao, for Castro and for the Iranian regime. It has so far worked for Obama. Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels said; “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Through propaganda, Obama’s popularity will soar. But ultimately there will be the rude awakening that this man is a fraud and none of his plans have worked. You can’t run a country with hypes alone. But a narcissist does not admit failure. Instead, he will spend millions more of your money on propaganda to persuade you that America has become a paradise and his detractors merely liars.

    Meanwhile, the crackdown on the opposition will increase and they will be blamed for spreading false rumors and poisoning people's minds. The opposition will retreat to the anonymous blogosphere, using servers stationed outside the U.S. and in a few countries where they maybe safe. The discontent will keep growing.

    In the mythology of Narcissus, this vain boy disdainfully rejects the love of Echo, but falls in love with his own image reflected on the calm water of a spring. He sits by the spring admiring his own reflection. Eventually he grows thirsty, and as he bends down to drink and his lips touch the water, his image is shattered. To protect that image he remains thirsty until he dies. The narcissus flower grew where he died.

    The narcissist is a psycho bereft of feelings and incapable of truly loving others. He is enthralled with his own reflection. He is protective of it and will not allow his image to be shattered, defiled or destroyed. As such, he is intolerant of those who would make ripples in the water. He cannot accept criticism. He will fiercely defend his precious and precarious image by attacking his critics, demonizing them, eliminating them.

    Likewise Obama’s Truth Squads will expand to all spheres. On November 13, 2008 Durham Police reported that they were on the hunt for someone who had written “derogatory remarks towards the President-elect,” over the Internet. Can you envision this ever happening in America? Has anyone ever been arrested for making derogatory remarks against the “evil” Bush?

    Obama’s Truth Squads will evolve into his Gestapo. It will comprise FBI staff, sheriffs, prosecutors and corrupt judges. The secret police will monitor everyone’s words and movement. The Obama youths, consisting mostly of blacks, Latinos and other minorities, will take to the streets to ensure that the beloved leader is not maligned. For the narcissist, image is everything. If you destroy his image, you have destroyed both the man and his cult. The narcissist and his worshippers will do everything in their power to protect that image. Remember how Muslims reacted when the image of their prophet was derided? Compare that to the angry reaction of Obamaists when you criticize their beloved leader.

    The propaganda machine will brainwash some to the extent that they believe white is black and vice versa. This is what the Obama camp did during the elections. Aided by the media, people were kept in total darkness about this man’s past and his plans for the future.

    There will also be an army of cyber thugs to spread misinformation, confuse the public, muddy the waters, and drown any voice of dissent. This army is already in place and has been active since Obama started running for president.

    This situation cannot last forever. Obama worshippers will continue hailing him as their god and his detractors will see him as the devil. Passions will soar and anger will overcome patience. The far right elements that are marginalized today will receive unprecedented support.

    Do you recall that KKK supported Obama, saying that "anything is better than Hillary. Vote Obama? "

    But don't count on that love to last long. KKK endorsed Obama for the same reason that Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Cuban communists, black supremacists, Bill Ayers, and other American haters endorsed him. They all want America's demise. Obama is the man that in their estimation will make that dream come true. It is here that you can grasp what Obama meant when he wrote; "I am a blank screen, on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

    When you read my articles you can never be confused as what I say because I say it loud and clear, without mincing my words. I state my opinion (backed by facts) even if it makes me more enemies than friends. Can the same be said about Barack Obama? Does anyone know where this man stands on anything? He tells you something and turns around and tells the opposite to someone else. His words change as do his audience. This is what narcissists do best. They have done this since childhood. They have mastered the art of deception. This is a clear sign of narcissism.

    However, once Obama is in power, each group will go its own way and the struggle between them will begin. The love born out of the hatred of a common foe is never lasting. Obama's associates and friends were all black supremacists. He never identified himself with his white side, no more than Hitler, a grandson of a Jew, identified himself with Jews. Both these men harbored resentment towards one side of their own roots, which they thought had not accepted them unconditionally. The pain of rejection, felt in childhood is too intense to overcome.

    Obama speaks of this feeling of not being loved in his autobiography My Father's Dream. "Ann’s mother, who went by the nickname Tut, did not want a black son-in-law, and Obama Snr’s father ‘didn’t want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman’.:

    With a black president, harboring a hidden resentment towards whites, the KKK will find its raison d'être and will be back with a vengeance. Obama youth brigades will be confronted by equally vicious and determined white supremacists. Blood will run in the streets. Racial tension will grow to levels never before seen.

    With America in crisis, Obama will seek the support of Muslims. Muslims backed Obama's cousin, Odinga, the dictator of Kenya, and they were behind his own candidacy. Obama has not disclosed the sources of his 3/4 of billion dollar campaign fund. No one can find out how much of that money came from Islamic countries. That is part of Obama's secrecy. There must be a reason for him to keep that a secret. A weakened and beleaguered America will then become an easy prey to the "Religion of Peace," which will promise order, the end of chaos, and bring morality to the tired masses under the banner of Islam. The same people that were duped into voting for Obama, will be duped to embrace Islam. Propaganda works. Millions of dollars will be spent on da'wa, Islamic propaganda, while the voices of opposition to Islam and to Obama will be silenced. Freedom fighters like this author will be found, jailed or assassinated. People in authority with access to sensitive information about citizens will identify the enemies of the leader and will report them. An example is Helen Jones-Kelley, the director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. She used state computers to search for information on "Joe the Plumber." Likewise. the detractors of the new order will simply vanish in thin air.

    Under Obama's watch Islam will rapidly spread in America. New mosques will be built, more Muslims will be let into the country and the legality of Sharia law will be recognized. Islam will be declared a protected religion, and its criticism outlawed. Obama knows who his real supporters are. America will collapse. The objective of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy America from within will be fulfilled.

    No, this is not just fiction. This is all in the realm of possibility. How much of this will actually happen? It depends on how much is allowed to happen. There is no limit to a narcissist’s insanity. Narcissists are like a racing car with no brakes. It is the society that must stop them. The only people who could stop Hitler were the Germans. If a society is enthralled by a narcissist’s charm and charisma and hoodwinked by his bogus promises of Nirvana, then his insanity will be bequeathed to his followers and it can grow exponentially.

    Like the Nazis, the Obama camp relies heavily on propaganda, misinformation, and the suppression of truth. They spent ¾ of billion dollars on propaganda to dupe the voters. And the media lied. They portrayed a wolf as a shepherd. Some were bought, but most simply lied because of ideology. People swallowed all their lies uncritically. It became vogue to make fun of Governor Palin when in reality the only joker in this race was the media's naked emperor. Is the fact that Palin has not travelled the world funnier than the fact that Obama travelled to all the 57 states of America? By the way, there are 57 Islamic states, in case you wondered where that number came from.

    The above are nine of the world's most famous narcissists (Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Joseph Kony, Mao Ze Dong, Barak Hussein Obama, David Koresh, Adoph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.) All these men were adored by those who fell under their spell and believed in them. Obama is still an incognito. The rest were demented. Their power came from their believers. The devastation was caused by their believers. Their dark souls were hidden behind their charismatic masks. They raised hopes, but brought death. The one in the center has the potential to cause more harm than all of them combined, because he would be the most powerful man on Earth with access to the deadliest weapons ever invented and because the number of people who believe in him exceed the votaries of the rest. Today, Obama is the most popular man on the planet. His followers lie, cheat and break the law for him. Good people will do evil things under the spell of narcissists with clear conscience. That is the surreal power that narcissists have - the power to deceive.

    Not all is lost.

    Obama has not yet shown his real birth certificate. He may not be a natural born American. He admits he was Kenyan until he was 21. Almost certainly he was/is Indonesian. The American Constitution disqualifies a person with dual citizenship from becoming president. Maybe God is watching over America!

    It is now time to apply the law and uphold the Constitution. Let not an alien deride you and step on your Constitution. That document is sacred. It is what made America what it is. Obama lied about America falling apart. America is still number one. Don't let this man destroy it.

    “How can anyone have the audacity to run for president without being an American?” you ask. That is a fair question. But remember that Obama is not an ordinary man. In all likelihood he is a narcissist and will do things that others don’t dream of doing. Narcissists have no grasp of reality and of their own limitations. They lie audaciously. They can say lies so big that most people think no one would dare say them and therefore they must be true. They are like drunkards who audaciously take risks that sober people won't. They do not have a grasp of reality. Their thinking is impaired. Hitler audaciously invaded several countries all at the same time -- something no sane person would have done. His gamble might have paid off if it weren’t for another insane man in Soviet Union (Stalin) who resisted him with dogged determination. In Iraq, Saddam, audaciously defied the might of the American coalition forces. He rejected the offer of asylum made to him by Russia. Narcissists are insanely audacious. Sometimes their gambles pay off, sometimes they don’t.

    Only a narcissist can have the nerve to bamboozle an entire country with sheer lies. By doing so, Obama had nothing to lose and everything to gain. As of now, there are 17 lawsuits filed against him demanding that he prove he is a natural born American. Obama's people have called these suits "garbage." The narcissist divides the world in two camps. Those who are his minions and therefore the best people, and the others who are "garbage." Obama petitioned court to not produce his birth certificate until after the elections.

    Obama is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and is hiring an army of lawyers, (including the lawyers of the pro-terrorist Islamic group CAIR) to fight these lawsuits. But he is not showing his birth certificate. You figure why!

    There is reason to believe that Judge Barkley Surrick, who dismissed the case brought by Attorney Phillip Berg to verify Barack Obama’s eligibility for presidency, might have been instructed on how to rule on the case.

    It seems that Obama is adamant in not showing his birth certificate. Maybe he is hoping to bribe/bully every judge so they throw all these cases out of court? And for the same reasons that the Republican Colin Powell sided with Obama, the Republican governor of Hawaii has fought tooth and nail the release of Obama’s vault copy birth certificate. Hawaii's Gov. Linda Lingle has placed the candidate's birth certificate under seal and instructed the state's Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances.

    Why? What is there on his certificate that Obama does not want you to see?

    Meanwhile, the Kenyan police have banned Obama’s grandmother from giving interviews. There is fear that a slip of a tongue may occur that may reveal the identity and birthplace of her grandson. Earlier she told a reporter that Barack Obama was born in her village.

    Unfortunately, Obama’s Hawaiian grandmother died. We can no longer hear the truth from her. But the truth is out there. It is in Obama's original birth certificate, which is registered in Hawaii. Does it say that he was born in Hawaii or is Kenya specified as his birthplace?

    This is America’s last chance. Don’t remain silent. Demand that Obama abide by the Constitution and prove his legitimacy. If the man is capable of defrauding an entire country about so many things, what else he is capable of? You don’t want this man in the White House. Obama has come this far by lying. It’s time to stop him.

    Those who claim he is a good man should demand that he show his real birth certificate and end this brawl. It is pointless to attack those who want to know the truth. This is not the way to heal the nation. This is a sure way to divide it.

    If there had been enough opposition to Hitler, he could not have become a dictator and millions of lives would have not been lost. It would be a grave mistake to be united under a psychopathic narcissist who has usurped the presidency through fraud and demagogy. Don’t let history repeat itself. Don’t think it can’t happen again or can't happen here. The rise of Obama and the rise of Hitler have many similarities, and the end result may not be so different.

    Obama accused Bush of failing to respect the Constitution, "I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution," he said. Article II of the U.S. constitution is crystal clear. The Commander-in-chief must be ‘natural born’ and without past or present foreign allegiances. If it’s discovered that Obama is not eligible, he will not be a legitimate President. His victory in election, based on fraud will be invalid. America would be in crisis because technically none of the treaties or legislative bills signed by Obama would be binding. They will be challenged if he is exposed. The mere threat of exposure makes Obama vulnerable. There are reports that Raila Odinga’s bloody genocidal government (Kenya) traded favors with Obama in exchange for protecting Obama’s Kenyan ‘documents’ (a birth certificate, or Kenyan passport? What else could there be, since Obama has never lived in Kenya?)

    Barack Obama campaigned for his cousin Raila Odinga, the dictator of Kenya who lost the election but came to power through thuggery resulting in the death of 1,000 Kikuyu tribesman, displacement of another 350,000 Kikuyu tribesmen and the destruction of 800 churches. No mosque was harmed. Peace was restored with Obama's intervention that made Odinga Prime minister.
    We are in the midst of a developing crisis. Obama can easily end this crisis. All he has to do is to show his real birth certificate. His reticence proves that he does not care about the country. All he cares about is power. This is another sign that he is a narcissist. This is not the man you want as commander-in-chief.

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    1. sacred waters's Avatar
      All presidents are installed to keep the empire expanding and flourishing unfortunately the Western empires are falling into decadence. It is built on fallacy and numerous contradictions. OBAMA HAS ASSUMED A ROLE ONLY. He is only a man. I voted for him for historical purposes. The lesser of two evils. Because nothing he have done or will do will improve my quality of life. America is no Eqypt. It's just a matter time...

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