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    UK woman coughs out a lung

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    by , 02-10-2012 at 02:43 AM (817 Views)

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    A 40-year-old woman in Birmingham, West Midlands, U.K., is the subject of a troubling new report in the New England Journal of Medicine. MSNBC reports that during a brutal coughing fit, the female came as close as possible to coughing up a lung. The official diagnosis was herniated lung. Article source: Woman coughs up a lung.

    Two days of pain

    After two days of acute onset pleuritic pain on her right side, the British woman went to Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham for relief. An asthma sufferer, the woman had been coughing hard for two weeks and had been taking antibiotics for a lower respiratory tract infection.

    Doctors did x-rays of the woman after listening to popping and cracking sounds coming from her right mid-axillary line. They found that her lung had been herniated and popped through her ribs because of her coughing. Even though she had experienced osteoporosis, depression and hypertension in the past, she had never experienced trauma signs, as reported by NEJM.

    Not a normal thing

    This can be a rare case that happened, which is why you need to not jump to conclusions, as reported by “Do not Cross Your Eyes … They will Get Stuck That Way!” co-author Dr. Rachel Vreeman.

    she did not technically cough up her lung, she coughed out her lung, through her ribs,” said Vreeman. “It is so unusual to have this happen that it would merit this case report - unusual, but possible, apparently.”

    The woman faced pain as a lung went up between her ribs. A female was documented recently to have a breast implant pop through her ribs. It went to the pleural cavity while she was doing Pilates. This case was also documented by NEJM.

    According to Vreeman, this sort of problem only happens when a patient is more vulnerable due to a defect.

    “It really must have been some intense coughing,” said the doctor. “There are reports - it is incredibly rare - of people who have had their spleens ruptured because of coughing. There also are occasional reports of people who are more prone to having their eyeballs coming out of their sockets.”


    Daily Mail
    “Do not Cross Your Eyes… They will Get Stuck That Way!”: New England Journal of Medicine:

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    1. Anayansi's Avatar
      How awful! That must have been so painful and life threatening.

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    2. Kohn-Ma's Avatar
      I know I would've panicked.

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