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    Invite & Overview of "AfroAsiatic Perspectives"

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    by , 10-08-2010 at 08:12 PM (1374 Views)

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    AfroAsiatic Perspectives Invitation:

    I have started a series called, "AfroAsiatic Perspectives" that will be published every couple of weeks. These informative essays will report on a variety of current events, scientific breakthroughs and other interesting topics.
    The difference between AfroAsiatic Perspectives and other such periodicals on and off-line is the fact that this editorial will be exclusively written from an "AfroAsiatic" or, non-European perspective, for melanin-rich people.

    This is not any form of racist or bigoted propaganda created to poke fun or marginalize those of European descent.

    But, rather, this is an honest attempt to create more balance and to supplement the news and stories we hear and see in the mainstream media...which 95% (if not more) is from a European world-view.
    All are welcome to join in. But please remember this is a forum from a “melanin-rich” person's viewpoint. For mainstream views, please check out CNN, BBC, FOX, most other writer's sites, or just about anywhere else.
    Please invite others to join in the forum as this should not be just my opinion or research, but a congregation of sorts for all of Us to "push the envelope" on any / all discussions of race and special incidents or events that are especially relevant to the darker-skinned people on Earth.

    The AfroAsiatic Perspectives series is posted on my blog here on Assata Shakur Forums. To access the entire archives, please have a look at:

    Thank you for your time and, again, please let anyone who you think might be interested in this forum know about this recent development.

    Respect & HTP!,
    T. Amaru
    "AfroAsiatic crossin' Mind, Space & Time..."

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    1. edwins's Avatar

      great idea!

      peace be upon you

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    2. Mosi Ngozi's Avatar
      I like this keep up the good work

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