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    The Black Nationalist Party (BNP)

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    by , 09-14-2011 at 06:21 PM (6509 Views)

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    The Black Nationalist Party (BNP) is a federalist political party that believes in Black nationalism, resource based economics, republicanism, and supporters of the African Union (AU).

    If you are a Black Nationalist/Pan-African this party is for you. Lets build the future together!

    May the Almighty bless the Mother Land..

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    1. D-MITCH777's Avatar
      Have you got any more details on the Party???

      Website, article,etc....

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    2. BNP's Avatar
      The Black National Party BNP

      Are you Black enough?

      Blackness is . . .
      1. The place you came from.
      2. The way you look.
      3. The way you think.

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    3. whiteboi's Avatar
      by worm almost 3 years ago
      In South Africa, the blacks outnumbered the whites nearly 20 to 1. Yet they were kept in virtual slavery . The outside world proved it was not going to try to force a change. The white Masters were very successful. It was a wonderful life in South Africa, IF you were white. They were so successful that their methods became the basis of the New America. The Black race had been brought to America by force. Blacks were treated as animals. Work drudges. Just remember what it was actually like in America in the 18th and early 19th century. Slaves were sold on the open market just like cattle. Black family’s were of no concern to the white Master. Children were sold away from their mothers. Wives were separated from their husbands. Black women and children were regularly raped by not only the Master, but the foreman and other whites with impunity. There were a few laws in some states that wouldn’t allow the killing of a slave, but no one actually took it seriously.
      Whippings (like the pic here) were constant. The house of Representatives is chosen by population so the Slave Owners wanted the slaves counted. The Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that slave could be counted, but NOT as real persons. The were officially designated as 3/5th s of a person!! 3/5ths!! That is the reality of life as a slave in America!
      Have things changed? of course they have. BUT, make no mistake, white America was dragged into the 20th century and hidden deep in most white persons psyche, is the slave Master intellect. Are MOST Blacks that much better off than they were as slaves? Well, somewhat. But whatever progress the Black Race has made here in America is the result of Black Action, not white.
      In short, The white race is the enemy of all Blacks!
      So, where does it go from here? There can be slow, agonizing bit by bit advances, but in truth, white America has given up about as much as it is willing to do. Just look at the current house of Representatives. Every. And I mean Every, government program that will help bring about a better life for the Black man and woman, is under attack. Hundreds of Millions of dollars given to the rich whites. Nothing to the needy. Statements like, “get a job. Nothing but druggies and pimps, welfare baby’s. and on and on are shouted over the airwaves every day.
      NO, there will be on help coming from white America.
      So, what is the answer?
      Simple: BLACK RULE! Total control. Complete Power. Not possible? Wrong. South Africa proved that a well armed and intelligent minority can control huge majorities. Following is one white mans view of what should be the New America.
      First, it should be noted that the white race is deathly afraid of the Black Race. The white male knows he cannot compete sexually with the black man. So does the white female. Hidden deep inside the white female is the desire to be used by Black Men. Size does matter. Watch what happens when a white man or woman is walking down a dark street and sees a Black Man coming toward her. Her senses are on alert, she looks for avenues of escape. Crosses the street perhaps. Until the terrible Black man passes her, bent on whatever he has doing. No threat. But a perceived threat in the mind of the white person. This fear, this admiration, this envy can be used to subdue the white race. Whites will fall inline soon after they realize struggling is useless. A submissive white America is very Possible!
      In my future world, the revolution has succeeded. I can write another time how that occurred, how the sticks and stones of the war was won. But for here, I will endeavor to show what life will be like.
      First. Society must be destroyed. Whites will have to be disarmed. The military will consist of Black Officers, and non Caucasian troops. The police forces will be totally Black.
      Next, whites will be required to forfeit all their possessions. Cars, homes, bank accounts. Even their clothes. A naked white population is easier to control. Training camps will be set up all over the country. The males will be separated from the females and sent to different camps. Children will be sent to special “education” centers.
      Since running an economy the size of the U.S. A., takes a lot of expertise, there will be a white work force that will work with their Black Replacements to insure a smooth transition. Bank clerks will remain white, but Bank Presidents and boards will be Black. The same goes for all the menial jobs that were all that was available to the Blacks prior to the changeover. Gardeners, trash collectors, car washers, road crews, construction laborers and so one. These will be jobs done by whites. In order to keep the workforce in the right mind, all these jobs will be performed naked wherever weather permits. Weapons will be carried by Blacks but forbidden to whites.
      White children will go to special education centers until they are ready to perform the tasks that are chosen for them. Advanced education for whites will be non existent. Colleges will be run by Black Administrators and where necessary white slave teachers.
      Every white person of adult age must belong to a Black person. Wages earned by the white slave will go to the owner.
      There will be no sexual contact between white men and women.
      Certain women, chosen for attributes that will be of value to Blacks, will be placed in a baby plant. These women will be artificially inseminated with white sperm and give birth to white children in order to keep the workforce at manageable levels.
      White male children will be taught how to sexually satisfy their black owners Masturbation will not be allowed. As soon as a white child exhibit’s the ability to get an erection and produce sperm he will have a chastity device placed on him. Each week he will report to a sperm bank for milking. When the child has reached the age of 17 he will be nullified. Complete removal of testicles and penis.
      There will be houses of “service” where both white males and white females, chosen for their beauty and talent in sexual gratification will be available for the pleasure of Black men and Women.
      In order to preserve the superiority of the Black Race, any pregnancy resulting from the service house will be aborted.
      Law. The only crime that can be committed on a white slave is one of trespassing. Meaning that unless its owner objects, a white slave can be used/abused and even killed by a Black person for any reason what so ever.
      Since there will be no such thing as “family” for whites, it will be at the pleasure of the owner whether the slave lives, and how it lives. Sale and trade of white slaves will be monitored by the government but shall not be denied.
      With proper training, the white Americans can produce a healthy and rich and prosperous nation.

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