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    Rally against neo-nazis in Riverside, Ca. 10/24/09

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    by , 10-17-2009 at 06:12 PM (5857 Views)

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    There will be a counter-rally against white-supremacist neo-nazis holding their rally in Riverside, Ca. this coming Saturday Oct.24, 2009.

    It will start at Madison Street and Indiana Ave. We will be on Madison, east of Indiana and Indiana north of Madison. The nazis will be on the other side. Then we will march east on Madison to Ygnacio Villegas, then north on Ygnacio Villegas to Villegas Park after the nazis leave. Be there starting at 10:00A.M.. For directions e-mail Kevin Akin at:

    or Benjamin at:

    The Riverside P.D. is reportedly going to be there to keep both rallies separated. But, being that this is the same RPD that murdered Tyisha Miller in 1998, it's a good bet they will be busier "protecting" the nazis from us than us from the white supremacists, which means keep a sharp eye on BOTH the nazis and the cops! It also means we need to keep it peaceful, and have as many people out there so we outnumber BOTH the cops and the nazis!(safety in numbers). So please spread the word far and wide!

    Let's keep it peaceful and keep it safe so we let the white supremacists know they need to take their racist shit somewhere else!

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    1. Aragorn's Avatar
      back from the protest-

      About two dozen nazis showed up and were greeted by over 400 counter-protesters. There were some nazis that got their butts kicked by Brown Berets at start and surprisingly the RPD didn't go berzerk on them-just one arrest(not of a nazi, of course). Another counter-protester arrested throwing limes at the nazis(real deadly, those limes). Otherwise, our resistance to the white supremacists was peaceful and still strong, with counter-protesters challenging the cops as well as the nazis, but using peaceful but effective tactics that didn't get anyone arrested.

      The nazis said they were there to disrupt day laborers gathering at the site they chose for their rally for work and they would be back again to keep disrupting immigrant day laborers. We'll have to keep disrupting the nazis, then! Thanks to all who came to oppose these racist scum and keep opposing them!

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    2. Aragorn's Avatar
      These nazis are really getting bold.

      It has come to my attention that these same Riverside neo-nazis have put out a national call to stage a white-supremacist rally RIGHT ON THE LAWN AT L.A. CITY HALL on Saturday, April 17. The city actually gave them a permit to do this(once again showing the government's true colors).

      We need to get everyone out there that we can to show our disgust with these barbarous white-supremacist thugs.

      Anti-Racist Action L.A. is organizing the counter-demo. E-mail them here for further information on what you can do and where and when to show up for counter-demo:

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    3. Aragorn's Avatar
      Next planning meeting for the counter-demo is this Saturday at 11:00 A.M. at 1137 E. Redondo, Inglewood.

      Please spread the word-let's get everyone to the counter-demo to send those white supremacist thugs OUT o' here with their tails between their legs!

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    4. Beatriz Aiffil's Avatar
      NO nazis in the world!!!
      A kiss for you, aragorn...

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    5. Aragorn's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Beatriz Aiffil
      NO nazis in the world!!!
      A kiss for you, aragorn...
      My thanks, Beatriz Aiffil, and I send a kiss to you in return! You are right-we must remove them worldwide-only an international, UNITED effort will eliminate white supremacy. And once again in salute to you and your wonderful and brave country in standing up to the U.S. empire and its (mostly)Anglo-Saxon billionaire elite-VIVA VENEZUELA!

      Next L.A. regional coordination meeting will be at the same location posted above, this Saturday at 11:00 A.M. For more info e-mail Anti Racist Action at:

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    6. Aragorn's Avatar
      i have been informed that the nazis are threatening to disrupt the up coming meeting (posted above) of the NO nazis in L.A.! coalition !

      Please e-mail Anti Racist Action(here)

      for details about this and how you can show your support for the NO nazis in L.A. coalition and help oppose the upcoming nazi rally on April 17.

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    7. Aragorn's Avatar
      Good news is-the nazis were a no-show at the No nazis in L.A.! Coalition meeting.

      Bad news-they are still calling and making threats including at least one from inside L.A. County jail by some Aryan Brotherhood-type thug.

      Next meeting will be at 519 S. Spring St., Sunday March 21(this evening) at 6:00P.M.

      Hope to see everyone there-let's show these white supremacist thugs they aren't scaring anyone!

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    8. Aragorn's Avatar
      Been trying to find some good independent sources that aren't parroting the pathetic "mainstream" corporate propaganda line about there being "only" 500 counter-protesters against the nazis. it was CLEARLY more like 1,000+, tho for a city L.S.'s size there should have been TENS OF THOUSANDS there. Anyway, I'll post this link because it takes such a good shot at FOX news which is the closest approximation of the nazi-style propaganda(which ALL corporate media pretty much is) now dominating the airwaves and also gives you a good look at the nazi-shit that got his ass kicked:

      Neo Nazi Rally in los angeles. Bashbrosreality's Blog

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    9. DarkManJah's Avatar
      Man, i applaud ya'll for keeping them neonazi in check! Only when they are NOT met with resistance, do their down-low white SYMPATHIZERS start getting that itch to oneday reveal their loyalties in places less open than the street (and where people of color can innocently be found (in the classroom, workplace, wallmart checkout line, etc.).

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