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    I am back!

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    , 01-17-2012 at 01:47 PM (929 Views)

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    What's good every1! I am sooooo so if I wasn't active last on the website because I was having problem recovering my password, soooo busy of paying off my bills, working very hard on my 1st novel, education, and 2 the pawn shop buying a laptop.

    Well, it a brand new year I'm very excited that I'm getting marry next month, I'm ready 2 re-establish my small business after the collapse of the ecomony that this time it will be in correct order by focusing on my artwork, hertiage stickers & buttons, my 1st upcoming novel that I would like to self-publish nationwide and hopely around the globe to my people only selling it to Black own bookstores, Black owned business & Black organzitions, and my trying to get the funds to work on web series and yes I will promote it only on Pro-Black websites such, not Youtube cause they are teribble when it comes 2 their policy issues or the mainstreaming sites. I'M KEEPING IT REAL!

    I will keep every1 updated!!!

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    Tags: business

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