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    Old folks

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    by , 01-19-2011 at 06:02 PM (994 Views)

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    I was born in South{ kkk} Carolina amoungest the arrogrance of satan, the pride of the south. My parents when I was five where sharecroppers, this in the early 60's, it wasn't nothing to see a cross burning in the black of the night from a far off distance, cotton fields as far as the eye could see in day light.
    We lived in a old wooden tin roof sack, out house and all, within the old Dobson plantation, other famly members stayed close with land to crop of their own. Now during harvest time all the families came together to feast. The men took the swine and hung them from trees above the black cooking pots for the women and girls to gut and finish the meats along with other offerings they had to prepare. While they where doing this the men and boys sat around a large bond fire, smoke gently swimming toward the star filled night of an early late fall carolina sky. Now the men would have tin cups sipping their corn home brew telling tales of our past but none could tell a tale like my grandpa's brother uncle Oxy. Now uncle oxy they say could pull a plow when the mule couldn't go any farther! He was the biggest man I ever saw at the time, black as coal, white hair,blood red eyes and the most perfect teeth. His word was final. When he stood up to talk all ears fell upon him. These are his words that till this day ring true within my soul and upon the beat of my living heart..... Now when I"s was a little boy old folks had told me when theys was little chillin that theys had heard from old folk inturn when theys was chillin and so on thats......Sum slaves had a lot of sense........ Thats sum slaves was smart as a King.......Queen........or a prince! That too sum slaves had keep them old ways........yea. Sums had the powers to case evil spirits aways. Old folk say too that some slaves knows about slave days befor slave days ...........old folks say thats what the great, great, great ancestors prophesy say.....old folk say too that the giant was only sleep, wait'n for enough light to seek.......old folks say that the day was comming fast....that the many different peices of us gonna be a thang of the past... Now sum slaves in the field done seen the Most High...... thats right, seen him.... on the one clouds, on the one clouds....on the one clouds...Then he would go around the fire placing one hand into another while all chanted..... the one clouds.....He would raise his hands to the sky, then silence. Then he in a voice unlike any would say ...... THE ONE CLOUD...ONE!..... everybody say thats comming!...... Now thats what old folk told me that they heard when theys was chillins from old folks that said when theys was chillins and so on....Then he would walk over to where us boys were sitting and say......Now yall ever hear old folks "LIE"...HUH BOY......then gently.......say?!!!!

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    1. edwins's Avatar

      this is quite profound- i have been reading your blogs and i am quite impressed... i especially like the one about 666. you might find your way over to the open forum section where you are sure to get more exposure.

      peace be upon you

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    2. DarkManJah's Avatar
      Luved reading about Uncle Oxy, the griot... Do u recall any of your own inrteractions with him, and if so, would you care to blog a bit about them?


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