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    The Chronology Of It All...

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    by , 06-29-2010 at 01:05 PM (1381 Views)

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    1480 b.c--Abram and Sara made their way to egypt from Canaan..Tuthmosis 3rd married Sara(cuz abram was a punk). Sara got prenant. Pharaoh sent them back to Canaan, where she had Isaac,Pharaohs Son..
    1413 b.c--Joseph the Patriarch(Yuya) Grandson of Isaac & son of Jacob--was sold into slavery by his brothers(during last days of Amenhotep 2nd reign..1436-1413 b.c).
    He was appointed minister to Tuthmosis 4th & his son Amenhotep 3rd(solomon)(1405-1367 b.c)
    1405 b.c--Amenhotep 3rd (m) infant sister,Sitamun,to inherit the throne.(Egyptian custom)He also (m) Tiye Joseph's daughter(Great Royol Wife aka Queen)..Joseph was given permmission to bring father Jacob & rest of family down from canaan(this is after the hyskos were drivin out of egypt..remember what joseph told them not to say?????) They settled in Goshen--Eastern delta..
    1394 b.c--akhenaten/moses was born in Zarw(fortress frontier city) Mixed Egyptian/Semitic..Son of Amenhotep 3rd & Queen Tiye Josephs daughter..He posed a threat to the 18th dynasty..His father orders the midwives to kill the infant if it was a boy..Tiye sent her son to safe guardianship with Israelite relations at nearby Goshen(connected by water way)
    1382 b.c--Akhenaten/moses makes first appearance at twelve/thirteen in the capital city of Thebes(upper egypt)
    1379 b.c--Akhenaten/moses become co-regent with his father..To secure further right to throne,Tiye has him (m) Nefertiti,the daughter of Sitamun(The real heiress)
    1375 b.c--The building of temples to Akhenatens monotheistic God..The Aten, at Karnak & Luxor aroused hostility, so Queen Tiye told him to build a new capital..(Tell el-Amarna)
    1367 b.c--His father died, so Akhenaten/moses became sole ruler & shut down the temples of the ancient gods of egypt.
    This provoked such increased hostility that, in 1363 b.c he was forced to proclaim his brother Semenkhkare,as co-regent..
    1361 b.c--Warned by his uncle, Aye (Ephraim and Joseph of Arimathaea), that his life was in danger.Akhenaten abdicated and fled to Sinai with a handful of followers, among them Panehesy(Phinehas,Pinhas), one of the priests of the Aten at Armana. Semenkhkare survived this abdication at most a few months..So Akhenaten was succeeded by his son Tutankhamun..
    1361 b.c--Tutankhamun(jesus), age ten,came to the throne as Tutankhaten..He attempted to create a compromise between the Aten & the ancient gods of egypt, and in yr 4 changed his name to Tutankhamun.
    1352 b.c--Tutankhamun made his way to the sinai to try to persuade Akhenatens followers that they could return to egypt and live in peace if they accepted that diff people had diff perceptions of God. He was Tortured and hanged by Panehesy, on the eve of the passover in april, for betrayel of religious beliefs.
    Aye, the second son of Joseph and most powerful man in egypt at the time, claimed the body and buried his remains in Valley of the Kings..
    1352 b.c--Aye ruled for four years before disappearing mysteriously..
    1348 b.c--Aye was succeeded by Horemheb, "the biblical pharaoh of oppression", who was an army general and obtained his right to the throne by marring Q Nefertitis sister, Mutnedjemet..
    1335 b.c--The death of Horemheb saw the start of a new dynasty..Nineteenth..when he was succeeded by his elderly vizier, Ramses 1st, the king "who knew not Joseph"..On hearing the News, Akhenaten returned to egypt from Sinai to try to reclaim his throne but failed because of Ramses 1st control of the army..He led the exodus..
    1333 b.c--On coming to the throne in succession to his father,Seti 1st set out in pursuit of the Israelites and their bedouin allies,the shasu..Through authority or Force Akhenaten had tried to obtain water/supplies from Egypts guarded settlements in the Sinai..Akhentaten was part of those slaughtered..

    Isaiah 7:14 " the Lord himself shall give you a sign...His name shall be called Immanuel..Immanuel transliterated back into Egyptian reads Amun-u-el meaning "his(u)god(el)is Amun."

    The word messiah is also egyptian..from the ritual anointing of a pharaoh..

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    1. edwins's Avatar

      i am intrigued by some of the african names and dates you have presented in this chronology- however, i must respectfully disagree with the correlation to the greek given names; abram, sarah, joseph, jesus etc...

      my research and study indicate that none of the bible stories ever actually occurred... there never was an exodus. there is no physical evidence to suggest that a mass exodus from khemet ever really happened... those people who propagate these events are simply trying to write themselves into history. their true origin is very unflattering to them and to all of western asia (europe). most of the people who are quoted from the period of about 332 b.c.e until about 332 a.c.e are in fact inventions by the same people who claim they were ever in khemet (egypt).

      a brief synopsis goes something like this-

      the old testament was taken from "the book of the coming forth by day and by night" (the book of the dead). it was written by moses maimon aka mamonides...actually mamonides only wrote the first five books of the old testament. the new testament was written by desiderius erasmus in the early 16th century. he penned; 1 and 2 peter, 1 and 2 corinthians, galatians and the epistles to the romans... his first writings were mathew, mark and luke for a total of nine books of the new testament. these two authors never did meet but there works were joined under the cover of "the holy bible" in 1527.

      so, my dear brother, the bible is not historically valid and the truth found therein is, in truth, taken from africa and her people. only those who have no history claim that they were the authors of it.

      peace be unto you

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    2. Azali-Falsafa's Avatar
      i feel yeah...but in my 32yrs of life and 16yrs free of dogma or religion(I dont follow a 12 hermetic law man myself)..Ive learned that there is truth in everything and all truths are but partial truths..Im the last to think that the bible is absolute not even close( even thought most of the stories are not of israelite origin)...but in it, is truth, a core truth and it evolves around egypt..rather one believes in the exudas or not or the Jews(not Hebrews)or jesus.. one cannot dissmiss the existance of those named in this post..Akhenaten...King Tut..tuthmosis 3rd or Amenhotep 3rd and their story.( like i posted stolen atributes given to false kings) or (yuya) a semitic mummy buried in the valley of the kings whose tomb has the same titles ascribed to Joseph...we know that the book of jushua is a large work of fiction jus like the new testament...we know the jews are full of shit..etc
      Even the Buddha,T'zao,Zoastrian.. found their wisdom in says cheikh anta diop...I do understand that to destroy african people they had to destroy the egyptian mystery system and fill in their soooo aware of israelie occupation and the creation of that nation...

      you have to give something people can wrap their mind around..saying something is a hoax in a religious world..shuts them down,, but if you can give them something they can grasp like the theory in the post (which helps connect us to egypt, and makes people look at our own story..cuz like im sure you know,our story puts all other historys in check.) it makes the truth more visible...knowledge comes instages and everyone cant jump on the same stage...

      p.s thanks for the new author..

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    3. edwins's Avatar
      i agree with all that you write herein... i feel the need to connect with khemet and all those who truly dwelt in that land for they are our ancestors-

      i take the position that we as a people are left with a grand and glorious history that is little known; whenever we assert our history we are attacked for doing so by those who have most benefited from its' lack of discovery-

      if we were to go back to the not so distant past and uncover some of the lies that have been heaped upon us we would discover some very interesting facts: abraham lincolns' real name was "abraham sprinsteen". this arm of the jewish community is referred to as 'morranos' or secret jews. i am sure that you are familiar with the ashkenazim and the sephardim... these groups of jews, who, by the way, hate one another as much if not more than they hate you and me, are most responsible for the slave trade. (rum was produced in newport, rhode island and transported to western africa where it was used to addict the african village heads. once this was done, the rum was then diluted as much as possible and sold to the africans in exchange for prisoners of war, then their children and finally, their wives. when there were no more easily had people to off, certain villages were given guns on consignment to make war on neighboring villages to secure more human cargo. the captured africans were then transported back to port cities controlled by jews, including: newport, new york, philly, richmond, charleston and savhanna- new orleans was also wholly owned and operated by jews but that is another topic- continuing: the africans were then put to forced labor under penalty of rape, torture and death, to produce cotton, tobacco, sugar, and rice primarily. the cotton was transported to england where the english peasants were paid shillings (pennies) to turn the raw cotton into textiles. this product was shipped to india where the natives of that land were forced to grow opium and the exchange was made between textiles and opium. the opium was then taken to china where it was forced on the chinese people at gunpoint- this entire process from rum to opium, from newport to shanghai was called "free trade"). i write all this to point out that we must go back into history step by step- i do not think it good to jump 5,000 to 400,000 back in time and miss all that has occurred in between- for it is in this period, i believe, that we can learn the most about who we are and what happened to us.

      i am fond of saying, "we must identify the enemy"... how shall we move ourselves forward...??? without first engaging in the process of discovery...??? shall we dismiss the recent past as 'too unpleasant' for our minds to grasp or shall we dig it up in an effort to find our true selves, true history and true enemies...???

      the jews camouflage their involvement in nearly everything they do- they have hidden their true identity behind titles such as british, spanish (christobol cologn aka christopher columbus) and german among others... at times i think we just don't want to know the truth: read "the secret relationship between blacks and jews" and you will see that what i write is factual...

      i am not against the grandeur of our history- far from it; it is however to our benefit to know who opposes us and how they execute their opposition to us. for we are not what we are reputed to be- we never would have built those pyramids (the blueprints of which are written in the mitochondria of our dna).

      keep up the good work my brother- you are an inspiration... i am a fan...

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    4. Azali-Falsafa's Avatar
      SOOOOOO TRUE.....Hey we do have a serious problem wit the whole friend or foe thing...

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    5. edwins's Avatar

      i think we make the mistake of categorically denouncing all "white people" as the enemy- this is simply not the case. most white folks will, in private, express their distaste for people of color but this can hardly be called hate or racism. most white folks are less fortunate than many of us and don't have the power to influence our lives... it is those who hold that power who have opposed us- look at slavery and its' aftermath- jewish slavers were only 5% of the overall u.s. population but were nearly 75% of the slave holders... this should tell us something- and not only that, but they did not have an equal number of abolitionists calling for an end to human trafficking (not unlike what is going on today i might add). then there is the "reconstruction" period following the civil war; the landowners were jews, the store owners were jews and the sharecroppers were me and you. that also, should tell us something. who owns the news programms that parade us in handcuffs across the tv screen...??? not the gentiles who 'read' the news but the jews behind the news who make the decisions... we are sometimes blinded by illusions of goodwill- goodwill that masks their true intentions- benjamin hooks was the first african to head the naacp in 1974. imagine that. 1974. the naacp began in 1908 and it took 66 years for an african to run it. and not only that, but the founder of the naacp was a jew by the name of jacob schiff- the same jacob schiff who was the founder of the federal reserve bank- and i hope we all know the history of the fed. if we do, i don't have to go into the cavities of corruption that permeate its' innards.

      i don't wish to sound like i am jew bashing... i am simply telling the history of a people whom we have had the misfortune of meeting, the misfortune of inviting a wolf in sheeps clothing into our homes for dinner- and now that wolf has turned on us. an old saying: when you dine with wolves it is moot wheather you are guest or entre'...

      peace be upon you, my brother

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    6. sozaboy's Avatar
      interesting dialogue
      thanks for putting out that info
      what edwin said in his last post maybe explains this...
      Quote Originally Posted by rebelAfrika View Post
      If you are looking for an organization to join that is anti-Arab, you might want to consider the NAACP. They are the ONLY organization I know of that is confrontational towards Arabs...but it is usually in the form of siding with israel against "the Palestinian terrorists."

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    7. edwins's Avatar
      very interesting an appropriate comeback... i did not know that the policy of the naacp is anti-arab. given the history of the naacp it makes perfect sense. incidentally, the naacp was created at a time when marcus garvey was handling his business and the jews became frightened at the prospect of black folk standing as one. so, the naacp was setup to 'counter act' the unita movement.

      i just posted "the law vs. black folk"... i would be interested in your comments

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