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    secret ssshh...

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    by , 08-25-2010 at 12:12 AM (554 Views)

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    I must say first that, I consider myself a black african not a african american.that was jus some lil inside to me.Alot of brothers and sisters want to go to the govt,and ask them to go back to africa as part of the big pay back.(still clinging to a broken promise)Then from there rebuild the muthaland.It sounds good.But as I sat and thought about it. That doesnt make sense to me.Your askinga colonial power, who is recolonizing africa through corps.A land, a continent, a nation, a people who must never be allowed to reintroduce themselfs(true children of the light).I guess the confidence come from having a black pres(manchurian candidate).I hate to bust the bubbles, but the world leaders, including the prez dont care about you or africa.If you are not hip to the illuminati(beholders of the light),then you better ask somebody(plenty, numerus videos of bush sr talking bout this future move of a satanic one world govt).Everything we do has to be through and for us.No govt involvement at all. How can banks whos been getting cash since the slave trade(even earlier) (old old old money)go broke ovr mrtg?they fund the drug game.How can 13 "colonies" fight a british empire? where the cash come frm? Naacp, urban league, congressional blk caucus,house niggas.. how can presdnts belong to secret groups?prescott bush&rockafella funded noticed how gay culture is merging wit hip hop?? hmm notice lebron putting up the pyramid then three 6's.beyonce & t.swift on stage both in red..kanye on mtn in red wit sun god hanging on his neck'power'.rick ross "bmf" god-gold,oil,drugs.I point these few things out to let you know bout house niggas who are boule.They dnt care about you either..hey pay attention to erykah badu window seat(blue blood).listen to michael jackson before he was killed.I kno ths blog is messy,but i leave you wit eph6:12.yupe...

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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Fuck the system!

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    2. edwins's Avatar

      you are saying alot in this blog, yo...!!! you are right on point- i agree that if we go back to africa we are the ones to do it all from start to stop... we should not be asking the gov't for anything at all... cause if they are involved, it's gonna be some sh-t...

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    3. blue blood's Avatar
      My latest discovery is that the first Europeans were North Africans. They were as Jane Austen (1775-1817) stated: 'light brown, brown, very brown and black.' The ones with classical African facial traits, she says 'peculiar traits,' we call Blacks today They numbered about 10% if you look only at the faces. The whole body tells a different story as there are 10 signs to distinguish Blacks. The European nobility considered the pure classical African type as 'pure of blood' which tells us how they considered themselves Blacks. Because all portraits are whitened since 1848 they seem to show whites, as North Africans often have more the idealized Greek profile, then one finds with today Greeks. The Greek and Roman elite were desendents of North Africans and classical statues show North African types. I would look for statue portraits in profile to see the back of the head jutting out, and the fierce African behind, that I notice daily on these beautifull people. I live part-time in Marrakech, and observe classical and noble behaviour among my Moroccan countrymen. Please all of you, look for my email to Obama: 'dear obama codfried, ' at Academia to full understand my discovery. All history is about Blacks, and history was purposely whitened starting in 1785, and portraits were whitened from 1848. The true history of Blacks is enshrined in all the most prestigious museums in the world. So we need to fight against a fraud that last already 166 years to finaly end racism. And we need to stop the infighting, which brought us were we are today. We need to get rid of fat cats, houseniggers, who sell us out. These European Blacks invented Black slavery by the way, no use in blaming poor whites who were their shoeleather till 1848.

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