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    Black Lfye

    Making the Right Choices

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    by , 07-10-2008 at 03:15 PM (968 Views)

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    Bless it family I greet you with love, peace, happiness, freedom, justice and equality of all things in existence. This morning I thought about what quote or thought I could send to you today. There are many of us in the world today whom are victims of our own choices. We are individually given choices and it is up to us to be self wise to the situations. Sometimes we get caught up in our own emotions and we do not do what we know we should. With that in mind we alter our destiny. Justice is a equal balance of polar energies. There is no such thing as what we believe the truth is, however there is a such thing as truth in its raw form. I am not a pro or a saint but I am striving to stay on task. It is challenging. We must be descrete and aware of all things that we deal with.

    In Yoruba tradition called Ifa there is an Orisa by the name of Ogun who represents justice. He stands for good character, law, order and a way opener. It is important when dealing with this diety to be upright and make proper choices. If we look at it spiritually, the truth sets you free. Lies can bind you to more lies and you create a prison of deception for yourself that stresses you mentally and physically. This can lead to ailments and many other negative things. Iwa Pele (good character) is the key to freedom, justice and equality. We must all help each other to stay on point and aligned on our path. Optimistic support is the effective tool to assist your brothers, sisters, children, family and community. We must first start with self. Inner discipline is the main focus; the reward from that is love, peace and happiness.

    "I pray that we are blessed to think clearly. I pray that the jealousy, envy, greed and hate that exist inside of each of us is tranquilized and in return replaced with the sweetness of Iwa Pele. Ashe!!"

    With much love and sincerity,

    Black Lfye...

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    1. La Bella Afrique's Avatar
      Wow this is on point, I have the same sentiments...
      I wrote something along the same lines in one of the forums...
      We must start with self, then we can spread our wings outwards to our children, family, community etc!

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