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    BlackMic Radio

    The Real People's Station Schedule

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    by , 01-25-2008 at 02:07 AM (1516 Views)

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    BlackMic© Radio is here to give a voice to the countless Sisters and Brothers that are "Too Black", "Too Real" for mainstream media. In addition, we play the Conscious, Revolutionary, and Soul stirring work of Poets and Scribes from around the world. If you would like your Poetry or Music to be featured here on BlackMic© Radio, Visit our live voice chat or visit our many sites or drop us a e-mail and let us hear what you've got! BlackMic.Com is all about THE SOUNDS OF US! SUPPORT INDEPENDENT AFRIKAN MEDIA.

    We feature over 2000 tracks, using the cutting edge technology of mp3Pro 64k which delivers crystal clear CD Quality recordings, tune into BlackMic Radio, to experience the thumping "SOUNDS OF US"!!
    Some of The Gifted Artists We Broadcast Are: 2Pac, Eddie Hazel,Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Roy Ayers, Nadir, A-ALIKES, Brothas Keepa, Phu 'Cha, Powah The Poet, Division X, Dawn Silva, Naima Jamaal, POETREE, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Paris, Public Enemy, Remo Conscious, Fuck The Police, The Coup, Outlawz, Umi & Scribe, Tahir, Daniel Hoch, Sister Asia, Kam, Zapp/Roger, M1, Parlet, Amon Rashidi, Saigon, United Front, Mutulu Shakur, Hurricane G, MC Ren, MsIllaneous, DJ RBG, Digable Planets, BKNY, Nadir, Tripli, Akir, Akbar, C.H.A.D., David Banner, Utopia State, Daddy O, Yazeed, Stahhr The Femcee, Conscious Daughters, Total Chaos, Casandra Wilson, Chubb Rock, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, Reepz, Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, George Clinton, Santana, Gil Scott-Heron, X-Klan, Professor Griff, Bad News, Sherman Austin, Baby Elephant,MC Lyte, Sista Souljah, Welfare Poets, Common, Talib Kweli, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kam, Conscious Daughters, Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Les Nubians, Jill Scott, V.I. Khudjo Goodie, The Coup, Assata Shakur, Brick, Mandrill, Kev G, Black Uhuru, Sade, Fela, Bob Marley, Bernie Worrell, Peter Tosh, Ngoma, BlackNotes, Unity, Queendom Come, Afrykah, Fertile Ground, Wanlov, Moonshyne Brown, Sergio Leon, Ambassador Junior Lion, Fou Malade, I.G.T., Lady Mac and many more...

    Our Broadcasting Schedule EST.

    12:00 AM
    4:00 AM
    PanAfricanist Show
    All Afrikan Music From Where Ever We May Be Located, We Are Afrikan Period! Hosted By BlackMic

    4:00 AM
    6:00 AM
    Hard Truth Soldier Show
    Conscious Hip Hop At Its Finest, Featuring Above And Underground Hip Hop.... Hosted By: DJ RBG

    6:00 AM
    7:00 AM
    In The Mix
    BlackMic Radio Selector's Full Selection..Unedited

    Recurring Event
    7:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    Jazz On BlackMic Radio
    Miles Davis, John Coltrane, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Maceo Parker, Bernie Worrell and Many Others Hosted By NutNNice

    9:00 AM
    12:00 AM
    The Direct Connect, Plainfield's Undisputed King Of Funk, Slip Dipping , Ego Tripping, And Body Snatching ..Wooing On The 1, Are You Up For The Down Stroke? C.C. Hosted By: DJ P-Funk

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    1. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      dont forget, you broadcast gifted artist Me! hahaha
      i tried to listen to the radio some weeks ago but it broke up a lot. I will try again today or tomorrow.

      Big Ups!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. BlackMic Radio's Avatar
      Will never forget, that singing jingo you hear "Radio Blackmic, The Real People's Station" is our very own gifted singer extraordinaire Elisa Keisha

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