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    Work for Yourself

    Love & The Revolution

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    by , 03-19-2008 at 07:41 AM (1427 Views)

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    Love & The Revolution

    I found a love within the Revolution
    A conscious soul ,pure from pollution
    From the devil
    Who only wants to see us in hell

    His mind is free from corruption
    He knows that Pan-Africanism
    Is our only solution

    When he is not in motion
    He comes home to his Queen
    On his body & locks,I apply
    Shea butter oil & lotion

    He opens to me ,tells me what heís seen
    He sees so many souls that need freeiní
    His love touches my being
    Everything he says ,Iím believing

    We close our eyes and sleep through the night
    Another day to find freedom ,another day to fight

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