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    Daddy by Default?

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    by , 08-08-2009 at 05:01 PM (917 Views)

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    I am starting to notice a big number of Black brothers in child support trouble or in jail on child support violations. I have been doing some research and have found that nearly 1/3 of all child support paternity cases turn out that the alleged father in fact, is not the father. Interviews with many men have revealed that women tell them that they are not the father of said child and then turn around and put them up for child support. I hasten to say that this is getting out of hand.
    Now even though we all like to say that we are created equal and as long as a man can do it a woman can too, but the problem is a woman MUST KNOW who the father of her child is. It is not good enough to sit around and wait for the child to be born and then go for the guy with the best job or the most stability. Something has to be done. Parenting is no joke. Look at the condition of our people in 2009 most of us still have the same slave/negro mentality as 400 years ago. This is why the value of our women and men is low and is getting worse. As long as we let the media portray us a certain way and as long as we let our families watch countless hours of self hate t.v. I don't believe it will end. We have a church on every corner but our women and men still are making baby after baby through fornication and adultery. No one seems to be able to tell the woman anything these days. I tend to wonder if women were punished for misleading involved parties in child support cases will women be so quick to put an alleged fathers name down on the dotted line. Maybe with new statutes and laws will come some kind of resolve. I have yet to see how a man that has no relation to a child, can be forced to pay child support just for not making it to court. Court dates that are set up and sent to last known addresses hardly ever reach men because they move around so much. Say you happened to move or for some reason you don't know about the courtdate an alleged custodial parent has requested from a judge, you become "DADDY BY DEFAULT" and child support enforcement will then set the stage to make your life a living hell. What should be done. This is not fair to anyone involved. We seem to try and turn our head to the fact that women are not holy(well i don't know any holy ones)and the men are not all lies and cheats. A woman is soley responsible for who she sleeps with, and has to be SURE who the childs father is or await proper punishments such as, child cruelty, putting a child in emotional harm, reckless parenting, etc...No child deserves a mother who doesn't even know who their father is and no child deserves a father that refuses to see them because of paternity doubts. We have to make this clear so our children will not present themselves in the same fashion in the future.....
    (to be cont.)

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      Black men and women gotta stop all this hoin'

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