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    Chandra ChaVi

    The Internal Conflict

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    by , 12-02-2010 at 10:19 PM (3702 Views)

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    Mind meets circumstances...

    There is an internal conflict between those who embrace, express, and attest to Knowledge, Wisdom and Innerstanding and those who embrace, express, and attest westernized uncivilization. But then there are also those who attain Knowledge yet still fall victim to the pollutants that encompass their environment. I'll address those frustrated and confused beings. My reason being, they have succeeded in frustrating me.

    I've crossed paths with so many brothas and sistas of impressive intellect that my heart flutters with appease. That is until I discover that they live a life of contradiction. How can one who knows of our origin, contributions, power, and beauty speak of them so highly yet still fall victim to the lies, temptations and traps of the west? Do they not know better? Doesn't one know truth from lies, right from wrong, and the force our hymns as opposed to modern contaminated songs? It's like they welcome becoming another statistic and I honestly don't get it.

    Thus I speak of this internal conflict amongst our kin folk and ask what are we to do about it? Can they be guided, because they are indeed cognizant of our foundation. They simply choose to stray and allow themselves to be lured into the madness. Is it a matter of being consumed by weakness? And have they reached a point beyond return, meaning that they cannot be saved?

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    1. RaShu's Avatar
      I feel where you are coming from. And I have had a hard time coming to grips that not everyone will chose to be free. And It is our divine right as Africans. I look at the world and see all other ethinic groups practicing our culture and it makes me angry. I grew up all this time not knowing the truth of who I am, because my elders did not know who they were, and when I tried to share the knowledge, it was just a slap in my face. I feel your battlecry to break the mindsets of our oppressors.

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    2. Chandra ChaVi's Avatar
      Do they not know or are they afraid of our truth? That's yet yet another ongoing battle. Why we hesitate or neglect to embrace our truth is beyond me. I know far too many who choose to ignore our identity. But they do it and I, in turn, ignore them. Why not peace them if they peace us...

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    3. edwins's Avatar

      there are many contradictions among us. many of us are not as enlightened as we may think- even those who call ourselves 'conscience'. i myself struggle with my 'issues'. we are not perfect but we should strive for perfection. i have not given up on my people and it is my sincere hope that my people do not give up on me. in the meantime, i will love you and the rest of our people to the best of my ability.

      peace be upon you

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    4. Chandra ChaVi's Avatar

      The love for us is eternal, brotha. Please allow me to clarify my thought of which you spoke. I have not, and will not, give up on our people. What was meant by my idea is that I choose not to focus on those who don't embrace us as I do those who identify with our struggle, movement, and revolution. There was once a time when I attempted to envelop my temple and compassion around all those with an identical reflection. However, throughout my growth and development, it is quite clear that all cannot, will not, and some lack the desire to, be saved. Thus, I attempt to live, love, and breathe amongst those in our villages who reciprocate energy of the same content.

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    5. edwins's Avatar
      greetings, once again-

      i agree that energy is better spent in a reciprocal relationship-
      on the other hand, what are we to do about so many of our people who do not share our views...??? many of these are our immediate family members- lost to the world of so many brainwashed 'negroes'... what do we do with them...??? i would love to see us agree on one thing- that we will continue to hope that we all come to a greater appreciation for our brothers and sisters both in and out of this struggle that we have freely chosen for ourselves. i myself have not always been of the mind that i am now- and i thank the creator for leaving so much information on the trail that led me to this struggle for the liberation of our people. i hope that the brothers and sisters caught up in that gay and lesbian mess will see the error of their ways- i hope that the brothas who are out in the street gangbanging will stop killing our people etc... etc... i am not arguing with you my sistah, i whole heartedly agree with your position- i do think we should leave a little room for those among us who have not come to the realization of consciousness, yet...

      peace be upon you, my sistah

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    6. Nfant_De_Mileu's Avatar
      Goddess Black Womb-man, I see this often and still have no answer or antidote to this dilemma. I try to take from the Malcolm X movie, where the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) tells Malcolm X that he has to let people choose. The scene in the movie,Show people a glass of dirty water and clean water and let them choose. If all some people know is dirty water you can not expect them to turn away from it. Although, it is difficult when our people turn a blind eye towards the truth.

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    7. DarkManJah's Avatar
      i am certain folks have questioned my own committment to the label conscious brother, given my sexual orientation. Outside of that personal reality, though, you are quite rite about a few conscious folks living contradictory lives by driving gas guzzlers, not recycling, not paying homage to the Ancestors through ritual, eating poorly too many times, and, my favorite pet peeve, voting (each vote perpetuates the society we strive to end). Why does contradiction exist among the enlightened? Simply. You can't live outside culture. Look, no mattert how much we all profess enlightenment, e still have residual westernization-connected habits of being and thinking that cannot simply be exterminated or completely push aside. Some sh** will linger. The thing to do is this: when i feel that something i said or did reflects the mindset from which i am trying to escape, i self-correct...immediately. i am NOT alays conscious of my own contradictions, but i am awares i have them. This is why there is a thread on here somehere that asks something like: What are your secret contradictions you'd like to share with the Warriors. One warrior responded that she still likes to listen to a pairie home companion on npr radio. Hell, i do too!! Does that mean i am not committed to liberation? Nope. It means i can't live outside culture. If the show were cancelled, would i send protest-email for it to return. Nope. Life and living in "unwesternization" is complicated, my Sistah. Recall, however, that we are New World Afrikans, and embrace what it implies hile at the same time continue the struggle to eliminate all vestiges, which is rarely done, i think.

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