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    Hiv/aids 2011

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    by , 04-11-2011 at 11:58 AM (3255 Views)

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    HIV remains one of the most formidable health challenges of all times. HIV has gone from epidemic to pandemic. This is because of this characteristic of the pandemic our free-will to find pleasure with sensation.
    HIV thrives in a cacoon like atmosphere of secrecy for one reason of a fear to open dialog. Several factors in our population only aid in promoting difficulties that have become barriers. The stigma is both real and feared for both the impaired and unimpaired public. Those same fears keep us all from access to information treatment and tools of prevention, while promoting social-political and economic ineqaulities that continue to drive the disease through our world population. HIV effects rich or poor woman and men and diverse sexual communities be it majority or minority populations, social change is needed to control HIV/AIDS & STI's. People are not born vulnerable but, are made vulnerable by the social ills of our societies heated breath which blow into myth like the wind into a sail.

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      Couldn't have put it any better, bruh.

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