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    The evolution of captivity

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    by , 05-29-2011 at 10:02 AM (1000 Views)

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    Incarceration, a remnent from the foreign intrusion.
    Render the black male as being no longer an asset to the community or family.
    This article only scratches the surface of the effects of criminal justice, incarceration and the imbalance of power. Unseen are the indirect results on communities and families by the criminal justice policies, which make incarceration a prosperous industry. While the United States congress aggressivly injected into the crimminal justice system(The War On Drugs.) The invisible powers behind invisibble punishement, the birth of harsher sentencing policies over the past 30years which deny ex-offenders applications to student loans, access public housing, illegal immigrants deported for decade -old convictions even when a sentence has been served, the reality is a man's conviction attaches to him like his own shadow.
    Punishment for original offenses not enough, a debt to society is never paid. A paralell from anothr era in time saw convicts sent to fare away lands known as (exile) or (the mark of cain.) The paradox of public support for punishment are new wave collateral consequences for those convicted>social exclusion, along with increased prosecutorial power even politically impulsed punishments. Our only defence limiting the reaches of invisible punishments.

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