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    Capitulation Of A People

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    by , 07-08-2012 at 12:47 AM (5265 Views)

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    When we all get together,What day of victory it will be? When we all see Jesus we'll sing and shout victory.

    Different ship, same boat we didn't all come over on the same ship, but we're all in the same boat.(Whitney M. Young)

    First: If we can agree that the Africans were a victim of kidnapping, destruction of his home and family. Aided by other foreigners who in turn said join and believe in my religion or die.

    Secondly: murdered millions of Africans in there homeland over long periods of time.

    Thirdly: The African against his will was force illegally to serve and work for their captures for 246 years without pay.

    Fourthly: made it a crime for the African captures to speak about his beautiful homeland and was forced to change his name to that of his now master.

    Fifthly: the captures continued to lynch thousands maybe tens of thousands of kidnapped victims and his relatives because they protested the brutality.

    In slavery, Black males had been systematically emasculated.
    They had no say over their children or their women, often they were beaten and the woman was raped a grate many would resist the thrust of their captures and die on the spot for doing so.
    After being so called emancipated and freed deemed that all men were created equal, now they were suddenly the head of their house holds.
    Black American women, who were not accustomed to taking orders from black males had a hard time submitting to male Authority with some women proud independent head strong drove their men away?

    Welfare:at a time in history that blacks were allotted, was a sack of potatoes usually rotten, from a federal program.

    If racism is immoral and illegal, in this nation that practice, preached in a double meaning Fraze that all men were created equal.

    Adult supervision at a time was considered a community responsibility or was it just part of our own adaptable gift called extended family relationship.

    History tells this story from cover to cover painful but truthful reality no matter who or how they write it. It is obvious, even to this day weather Republican or Democrat show it self as totalitarian which in government like that rich or poor> Black or white no one is safe every Presidential administration has made choices on who would take the hardest hit over the head.
    Poverty and frustration in Black American ghettos has always been our social dynamite a time elapsed time bomb of sorts, set to blow at various intervals over the human life time Politicians have used it to persuade the public into voting their way, hood winked> bamboozled Lol.

    Something has always been wrong at the top. Since the boat trip forced and loaded on ships, shackled together mere inches apart though in humane and illegal.

    Abraham Lincoln: "I support this amendment to the constitution which will forever deny congress the right to abolish slavery in the states".

    "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exist, I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so".

    To demonstrate his attitude even more dramatically three days later, he supported an amendment to the constitution:
    Black Codes:laws that greatly limited the freedom of African Americans.
    Each state had a set of black codes, which were usually designed to help white southerners
    Black Codes forced African Americans to work on farms or as servants and required them to sign labor contracts that re-created conditions similar to those under slavery.
    Black Codes prevented African Americans from owning guns, holding public meetings, or renting property in cities.

    A Civil Rights era Where black who have fought in every war of the United States

    Why does the United States need a special virus program? Though coincidence (1962-1978) the same year I was born?

    During the 80's America's African American community was hit by two epidemics HIV/AIDS and Crack cocaine, connect them to poverty on any level it only equals epidemic.

    No one looks at the impact crack has had on the Black community in reference to diseases like HIV/AIDS and STI's, an induced destruction of the family unit.

    Though HIV/AIDS was once labeled a gay disease, now the epidemic has change it's course African American and Latino population has become largely infect with the virus.
    As a person infected I still say human history tells this story on the ills of a human people who just must use a little Empathy it is a part of everyone's character that we all poses but so few us use it. So why surrender to a disease that comes with shame,like an intruder in some ones house you as a human people have a right, so fight!

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