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    The celebrity garden

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    by , 12-01-2012 at 06:18 PM (2343 Views)

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    I am a rose of sharon like a lily among the thorns is my darling among the maidens.

    Sherry had finally cleaned a spot in her backyard for a rose garden-her dream for many years.
    As magnitude of her choices. Just like a Christmas wish list, she thought. Which ones should I pick?
    A white John F. Kennedy, a large,Pink Peggy Lee, a red Mr. Lincoln>the delicate Queen Elizabeth rose?
    Sherry closed her eyes as if in deep thought.
    Suddenly, she had an idea, I'll plant my own celebrity garden.

    The next day Sherry hurried to her local Nursery and bought a dozen roses- all colors and sizes.
    She worked hard that week, carefully planting each rose. Finally her task was done and she decided to throw a party and invite all her friends to help her celebrate her celebrity rose garden.

    Imagine their surprise when her friends watched Sherry unveil the celebrity names she had placed on each rose.
    One by one, they read their own names beside the flowers. The celebrities in Sherry's garden were none other than her friends. But in the middle of the fragrant bouquet, one rose still remained a mystery.

    She unveiled the label which read, "Rose of Sharon." "This One is the love of my life, and everything else centers around Him."

    A thousand "celebrities" cry out for our time and attention, Relationships,like a healthy garden need ample doses of love and affirmation. When Christ is at the center of our affection, all other loves will fall in place.

    In the garden of your life, who are your celebrities?

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    1. SekemetKali's Avatar
      A Beautiful Goddess always praises her Rose Garden. My celebritIes are, OGUN, SEKEMET, KALI!!!

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