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    Unchaining AT

    Unchaining AT

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    by , 12-30-2010 at 01:07 PM (729 Views)

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    If anyone recalls, back in 2006 i got a phone call from the city jail from a young brother who as trying to reach someone whose number i apparently have now. After much hesitation, and upon recalling that, since the millionmannarch's call for us to befriend an incarcertained sistah or brotha, i accepted the call and "AT's" hesistant request to call me the next week, if it wasn't a problem. Anyway, e corresponded by mail and phone from june 2006 till november 2009, so imagine the collectcall $ i had to put on the phone for someone who suddenly enjoys the art of endless conversation, lol!

    Anyway, AT was released november 2009, and went to stay with his momma and her new husband, who was not fond of AT, to say the least, often accussing him of smoking weed in the bedroom to probably stealing cars again. He was thrown out, and for 3 weeks he apparently as crashing here and there, meaning over friends houses. During one visit, i asked him hat as in that ever present book bag he carries and he replied his clothing. i was stunned, and was like, "AT, you homeless?" He responded yes with the saddest face ever. i admonished him for not telling me this 3 weeks ago, to hich he responded that he was embarassed and uncertain that i as really down wen i assured him months and months ago that should he need a place to stay, that he could stay here as a LAST RESORT. Anyway, i asked him, do you need a place to stay, to hich he responded yes, then i said simply, "You shall stay here." Thus began a long adventure into mutual discovery...

    Now, because this is a webby devoted to Truth, i will HONESTLY blog my experience having a young (he's 25 now), blunt-smoking, child-having, uncertain-about-the-utility-of-consciousness-in-saving-his-life Afrikan brother living in my sanctuary with all its rules and traditions, many of which clashed with his personal reality... If you can't embrace Truth completely, don't read the blog. If you can, catch my future entries and be prepared for a backseat view of a journey that is both smooth and not...

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    1. dieu donne's Avatar
      wow that was a good deed.

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