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    Why We are Always Tired!!!

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    by , 04-15-2009 at 12:11 PM (932 Views)

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    Hi folks,
    Many of my friends and family members work everyday and the only things on their minds is sleeping in on Saturday morning to get just a few hours of extra sleep. We all know that as soon as Saturday comes around they won’t really rest, it will be just like another work day trying to get everything done before Monday and this is really taking a toll on the body. This week while reading a medical journal I came upon this syndrome that may be the culprit of everyone’s problems, it was extreme fatigue of course. The symptoms that cause this condition are lack of oxygen, hydrogen, iron,iodine,calcium, and energy. This deficit comes from carbohydrates not being properly metabolized by the pancreas and liver. Processed foods are the main contributor to this condition such as white sugar, bleached white flour, and salt they weaken the pancreas and liver resulting in loss of energy. Also these processed foods dehydrate your cells, tissues, organs, and bones making a reserve of waste in the bloodstream that reduces your energy output. A insufficient diet, drugs, synthetic chemicals, and excessive hormones from the food we intake can throw off the digestion rate too fast or slow resulting in inadequate metabolism and lack of energy. In the end the lifeless cells and organisms make their way to the veins, arteries, bones, and nerves that can cause arthritis, and electrolyte imbalances. So we should pay attention to our body and give it the vitamins and minerals it needs to be a thriving force. Here are some of the supplements that I take.
    Zinc -50mg daily
    Vitamin B complex 100mg, 3 times daily
    Calcium 1500mg daily

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