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    We Must Unite!!

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    by , 04-22-2009 at 11:39 AM (1499 Views)

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    Hey family,

    I was reading that is Department of Homeland Security has added the Moors to the terrorist list to make it seem as if they are bad people. We all know that they are not, it is just they are under the treaty of peace and friendship laws and not under the codes of the corporation of the United States of America and this scares the government because if we unite and this information gets out to all of our sisters and brothers many can be released from prison, and the laws of white supremacy will be null and void. Please get this information out to all that you know because I will and will be educating my family on the history of the Moors before they wipe it out with the rest of the history they are trying to hide from us.


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    Tags: justice, moors

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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      We'll all be on the terrorist list before it's over.

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