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    by , 01-28-2010 at 09:38 PM (481 Views)

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    In October 2009 I decided to leave the demonic state of Phoenix Az., I put my case in the hands of our Heavenly Creator, besides I have done all I could do and some, I recently posted a blog in 2009 attempting to understand spiritually what i'm going through,I live in Detroit I was born and raised, Iv'e tried to understand, I guess the best way to put it is gifted people go's through alot and espcially when you find your-self in time that has not happened yet, and then when certain things happen and I made the mistake of all ready telling some-one that it happened already, again I stand to look stung> then it never fails what I seen happens, now how can I explain why me, well my Brothers and Sists'a I'm glad to be back I still request help that I need spiritually it feels like I'm alone in this, I love my people deeply and most of all our creator and Father, well I will be back tommorow to catch up with what's going on and what needs to be going on.

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