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    aids vs. black folk

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    by , 07-27-2010 at 09:09 AM (1409 Views)

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    as i ponder some of the issues facing our people, it occurs to me that we our being attacked on all fronts- and from behind; literally...

    warfare is an all out assault on your enemy; overwhelming them to suffer defeat by any means necessary.

    after reading things such as "the communist rules of revolution" and "the protocols of the learned elders of zion" and "the balfour declaration" among others, the picture that came into clear focus was disturbing, shocking, startling and almost unbelievable...

    what i could not get my head around was the degree of detail to which the 'enemy' had applied to our defeat... no stone was left unturned. they have thought the war through to the very end. aids is just one of the strategies and methodologies used to hurry us along to that end.

    it literally shook me up to discover how diabolical and cold these people are- i was always taught to love my neighbor and help out the less fortunate and so on and so on... but my enemies are taught the exact opposite and this attitude is what is revealed in the foregoing mentioned documents and others.

    the aids epidemic began in the late 19th century as a part of the 'eugenics' movement. eugenics morphed into planned parenthood. aids is a department in planned parenthood. get the picture...??? aids is the systematic genetic annihilation of black folk, period. it was created in fort dietrich, maryland in the early 1950's (a u.s. army laboratory), shipped off to the congo (belgium congo) in africa where it was grown, tested and dispensed to over 1 million unwitting congolese people under the direction of a team of researchers headed up by dr. hillary coprofsky (incorrect spelling). i am not making this up... this is documented, historical fact.

    the "strecker memorandum" breaks down aids from a scientific and biological perspective and pinpoints the truth that aids is a synthetically derived biochemical compound that is not found in nature per se, but is "cousined" with biological compounds found in chimpanzees... which is why all drawings of the aids virus 'hiv' are not pictures or photographs but 'drawings'...

    another striking contrast associated with aids is the fact that it is a homosexual disease in america and a heterosexual disease in africa... this is not science- this is bullsh-t... anyone who takes 5 minutes to think about this fact must concede to him or herself that this bit of data must be considered as 'reasonable doubt'.

    it has become clear to me that the interest is in destroying us as a people and making a ton of money off of us in the process- our enemies will give us aids medication before they give us a job, food, clothing, shelter, transportation or any of the other necessities of life... this is the strongest indication that aids medication will kill you- that is why it is given away in africa and sold in america.

    if we step back and look down on the issue from 50,000 ft, ask yourself this question- what agreement/treaty have we ever made with our enemies have they ever honored/kept...???? can you name one...??? i can not. nor can the native americans or the natives of austrailia or the south american natives or any people of colour anywhere on the planet... but more than that- the agreements that they make amoung themselves are what manifest in our daily lives-

    aids, massive unemployment, widespread hunger, homosexuality, criminal unjust system, drugs, illiteracy- just to name a few of the issues we face- are all part of a campaign designed from the onset to defeat and destroy us as a people... we must begin to see the big picture and not view every issue individually- we are under attack!

    peace be unto you

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