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    wall st. vs black folk

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    by , 08-02-2010 at 09:02 AM (1085 Views)

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    when we 'invest' in 401k's, ira's, stocks, bonds and other 'negotiable instruments', are we fully aware of what we are doing...??? do we know where the money goes...??? do we know how the money is being used and for what purpose...???

    i am not a religious man but like most of us i was raised in 'the church' and have a passing acquaintance with the bible and it's verses. i am reminded of one which says, "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".

    'commercial paper' is the tool of our oppressors and i have read that if you use it you are expected to be an expert at it. when i say commercial paper, i am speaking of all i mentioned in the first paragraph but not limited to that, and also, federal reserve notes or dollar bills.

    there is much i do not know about wall street and its' practices but i will share the small amount that i do and how we as a people are adversely impacted by them.

    first of all, the prison industrial complex is funded, built and sustained by wall street investments- so, when we buy stock or open an individual retirement account or engage in 'commerce' we are in fact, participating in the construction of prisons which we as african american men will 'volunteer' to go live in. (i will explain)

    no, you say- yes, i say

    from the time of our first moments of life we are given a number called a birth certificate- to make a long story short, the mother is tricked into playing the roll of an 'informant'. when the birth certificate is signed by mother or father the infant is assigned a number and that number is assigned a monetary value, generally 2 million dollars. (the death certificate is worth 10 million- which is why the cops shoot to kill- we are worth more dead than alive) this 'common stock' certificate is then sold and resold and sold again numerous times; (the names of banks are found on the back of the older ones. (this tells who "owns the paper" on our lives)) all of this began in 1921 under the guise of the maternity act). 'preferred stock' certificates are worth more and generally denote the 'elite' just as the house of lords and the house of commons makes similar distinctions in the british system. the birth certificate number is called a 'cusip' number and can be tracked using the websites of any trading company e.g., fidelity. all numbers assigned to us have a monetary value- social security numbers correlate to the number found on the back of the social security card and that number can be found on the dollar bill itself... that is what is meant when you hear politicians say, "the full faith and credit of the american people"... in other words, the economy of this nation is married (tied) to the people- each man and woman is calculated to be worth so much over their lifetime based upon the who, what, where, when and how of their birth, life and death. i am not making this up... this is how it works.

    i mentioned all numbers have a monetary value- well, not exactly but the numbers we use, such as a zip code, puts us in the federal jurisdiction (see the buck act) where a monetary value can be assigned and used- we are then held liable for the debts of the nation. also, using abbreviations for states such as NY instead of new york, will put you inside their jurisdiction as well.

    it is worth mentioning at this point that the entire commercial system is based upon the UCC or the uniform commercial code. it is the ucc where everything is spelled out in dollars and cents. all countries that have a central bank use the ucc as the foundation for all of their commercial enterprises- their entire economic life...

    i promised to explain the statement "...we are in fact, participating in the construction of prisons which we as african american men will 'volunteer' to go live in".
    when you are in the 'allocution' (do you have anything to say for yourself...???) phase of a trial, you are essentially being asked to accept or reject the courts judgement, decision and debt- but because we don't know this and those who do know are not telling, we think that the courts' decision is firm and final and there isn't a damn thing that we can do about it. wrong!!! the entire legal system (statutory law) is based upon "CONSENT". without your consent, the courts are very limited in what they can do to/with you. so when the judge says, "i sentence you to 5 years in the state penitentiary and $10,000 fine. do you understand...???" all you have to say is, "NO".
    try telling the judge no when they fine you for something silly and see what kind of reaction you get... you will be amazed at how easily you can defeat them. the prisons would be half empty if we brothas knew the law-

    if we say "yes, i understand" we are essentially saying, i submit to your will, master. i acquiesce, i humble myself before you, i kiss your ring and anything else you place before me. i will do as you say... think about it!!! as a child, when your father or mother asked you in a threatening tone, "do you understand me" you were doing the same thing then.

    so at that point, we are turned over to a warehouse, where everything is run by numbers- i am reminded of another bible verse in revelation ...the number of his name... it is not that deep to any one who knows how to interpret this stuff- all that is being said in those verses is, the beast is the bearer of numbers... numbers for everything. and if you look back to the 'cusip' number i mentioned previously, you can track these numbers on wall street and see that our very lives (or the paper on our lives) are being traded by dow jones and his hoe's...

    so, do some research. i left out quite a bit in the above parargraphs.

    it is my hope that each and every one of us africans living in america will be able to free ourselves from the grip of these tyrants and live our lives in peace. but in order to do this we will have to study ourselves into the scholars and sages we once were, way back in our history when we ruled the entire earth.

    peace be unto you

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    1. Nfant_De_Mileu's Avatar
      Thanks for the enlightenment! There is a lot of truth in what you have written. The Prison Industrial Complex is something I am familiar with. A lot of this started around the Regan administration when he privatized prisons. Even though crime was down overall there was an explosion of arrest, mainly our people. Just in the city I live in one jail was given $38 million dollars this year to expand, a new multi-million dollar court house was built in the city I live in and one in the bordering state! Although, teachers are given pay cuts and furlough days.

      I recently saw a movie called American Violet. It's a true story about how in one city of Texas, blacks were being singled-out, falsely arrested, and scared into taking plea deals. As a result, the town received federal money corresponding to the arrests. In addition, the mayor was in on it.

      There is a lot of crookedness going on with Wall-Street, but many of US do not know the game so we are left behind. Hopefully, your insight will make people stop and think.

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    2. edwins's Avatar
      true that- Nfant De Mileu...

      and you know that prisons are called 'credit institutions' by those who know and play the game- this is code language to keep us off track and in the dark. 'cause when a brotha goes to prison, his most valuable asset is being exploited by the very same people (nazis') who tricked us into thinking we did not have a choice in going there in the first place. this thing gets so deep it makes my head hurt...

      i am hoping that others on this site will become aware and research this and other issues that contribute to our perpetual defeat in this country. otherwise, our children will not have a life => the one that i have; and mine ain't all that...

      peace be upon you

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