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    oil vs. black folk

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    by , 08-07-2010 at 07:49 AM (1917 Views)

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    the dollar is the reserve currency of the world; this will change in the not-too-distant future. when it does, america will experience the shift from the opulent, living beyond her means lifestyle that she now enjoys to a 3rd world nation... the dollar is married to oil- meaning that it (oil) can only be purchased in dollars... this marriage was arranged in the early 1970's. it coincided with the divorce of the dollar from gold during the nixon administration. so, what america is about to experience, she is not ready for.

    a little background:

    nigeria has light sweet crude- this grade or quality is so good that it needs nearly no refinement... you can almost take it from the ground and put it straight into your car- it is that pure. light sweet crude is the bench-mark for all other oil throughout the world. a group of people went to nigeria and approached the government and persuaded them to raise the price of their oil by 100%... this persuasion included an incentive payment (a bribe) of some $50,000,000.00 this was an exorbitant amount at that time (1970's). so- this was the first piece of the puzzle. now! they approach the saudis' and tell them that they can now raise the price of their oil (saudi oil is abundant- but very low quality) the only condition is that they must place the principal payments they receive from the sale of their oil into banks in america. they agree to this stipulation... this is the 2nd piece of the puzzle. next, the interest payed to the saudis' was used to buy things such as stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, farmland, roads and bridges (yes- the brooklyn bridge is for sale) etc..., tangible goods in the u.s.,. in other words, the vast majority of the money received from the sale of saudi oil, except what was used to build the infrastructure of saudi arabia and the kings palaces and harems, was spent or invested in the united states- puzzle piece #3. #4 is this: the money invested by the saudis', the principal, is held in a 'holding company' owned by one of the premiere investment banks in the u.s. these funds are loaned out to other nations or 3rd world countries throughout central and south america, africa and asia... it is important to keep in mind that most of the 70's experienced the revolution and emancipation of these nations from colonialism to "independence" (these nations are not now, nor were they then independent but in a state of psuedo slavery or neo-colonialism). these 3rd world countries had no track record of governance (including the saudis')and were hardly in the position to play ball with international bankers who were well adept at swindling nations for hundreds of years... so, here we are: the price of oil is firmly in the hands of the bankers, 3rd world countries are in debt to these same bankers and encouraged to squander the money loaned to their nation and if they do not, they are removed from office in a coup-d'e tat (overthrown), assassinated (murdered), or their country is plunged into war... (because sadam hussein was so cunning, they were unable to kill him- that is why the u.s. went to war in iraq. it is always cheaper to bribe (corrupt) a government official, if that doesn't work they next try to kill him or her and finally, war is the last resort. these are the three methods used by the internationalists to defeat heads of state around the world. sadam hussein, having dealt with the u.s. since the 1970's when he was brought to power by the c.i.a. was well aware of their capabilities to corrupt, kill and wage war- he made use of 'doubles' to avoid being assassinated for years).


    the stage is set for two brothers from texas to try and 'work their own show'...

    texas had and still has alot of oil... don't let anyone tell you different. it is not being pumped because the 'hunt brothers' were trying to corner the silver market and use silver as backing to try and secede texas from the union. all of the oil in texas is owned by the hunt brothers, but because the international bankers are so much more powerful, they have successfully bankrupt the hunt brothers who were worth 16 billion dollars when they launched this scheme. if anyone disagrees with this, just check out dallas/ft. worth where the hunts' are based... it is like a ghost town where it had once been 'all that'... they got caught doing their thing because they had one guy doing the buying and selling of silver on 'the market'- this alerted the bankers to something underfoot and the bankers were able to shut down the hunt brothers operation. they (the hunt brothers) almost pulled it off. this is a testament to the international bankers power and ruthlessness to get what they want and squash anyone in their way. ( i almost forgot to mention that texas is in the union by treaty which has to be renewed each year- it would have been quite an easy matter to block its' renewal- still is for that matter).

    ok- getting back to the arabs-

    when the money that was loaned to the 3rd world nations by the holding company gets wasted and the 3rd world countries are unable to repay the loans, the bankers go back to the arabs and say, "sorry, we lost your money". this causes a couple of events to occur. one, the bank is not held liable but the holding company is (a holding company is a subsidiary of the bank). two, the arabs go broke. they in turn begin selling off their assets in the u.s. and the bankers buy all their stuff for pennies on the dollar. so, all the roads and bridges, gold, stock, fram land, real estate in downtown manhattan and everything else the arabs 'owned' in this country gets handed over to the bankers. the bankers then turn their attention to the 3rd world countries who defaulted on the loans- they are given an option to 'get out of jail free'. if they will turn over the resources of their nation, perpetually, their loans will be forgiven... this is an interesting offer. in other words, if the 3rd world nation (black folks and other people of colour) will turn over the natural resource of the land, e.g., the amazon rain forest of brazil, the debt owed to the bankers will be wiped out. (ferdinan marcos of the phillipeans was offered this same deal and he refused- he told the bankers to get out of the country in 24 hours- a special election was held and marcos was deposed... this tells us something about elections- special or otherwise).

    so, where are we now...???

    some nations are fighting back- hugo chaves of venezuela... ackmandinijad of iran, of course the castros of cuba and the brotha in peru who's name escapes me at the moment. sadam hussein of iraq was assassinated because he was one of the first to try and sell his oil in 'euros' instead of dollars. which brings me back to where i began...

    when the dollar ceases to be the reserve currency of the world, america is in for a very big shock. i recently viewed a program called "after oil" on one of the pbs channels. they made it sound as if the world would stop using oil and the changes that would follow would be catastrophic for americans. the one important factor that they neglected to include in their equation was 'dollars' and how 'after oil' would impact those of us who use and depend on them.

    this is what i think will happen: wide spread hunger. there will be plenty of food but no money to buy it with. the price of gold is being artificially inflated to lure us into selling it for dollars that will be worthless. keep the gold- it will be more valuable than gold- no pun intended! get some seeds... learn how to plant and grow your own food- start stocking essentials like, flour, rice, dry goods etc... brothas, we need weapons to protect and defend our women and children from any and all who would harm them. we also need as much gear as we can get our hands on. whites have known something is going to go down for years and they have been preparing for it- we, as always, are late to the party. when this thing goes down and america blows up, the ones left standing will be those who can do for themselves...

    i forgot to mention the 'shah of iran'. remember him...??? he was deposed during the carter administration. he was down with the hunt brothers also. it was 'the shah' who brought 'opec' (organization of petroleum exporting countries) into existence at the behest of the international bankers- he then turned on the bankers and was overthrown and murdered for his troubles... he was in perfect health when he left iran and was held in a military hospital in the u.s. when he left the militatry hospital, he was past the point of no return but did give a couple of interviews to let folks know what went down...

    peace be unto you

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    1. manifestdestiny's Avatar
      Nice piece, very informative. I read a book called World Slums that opt a similar prediction. I suggest the same course of action, learn all survival skills (farming, purifying water, combat skills etc.). and prepare for the down fall.

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