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    religion vs. black folk

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    by , 08-15-2010 at 04:21 AM (82993 Views)

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    what role has religion played in the advancement of our people...??? is christianity any different from islam or judaism...??? is religion even real..?? as it has been taught to us.

    first of all, allow me to state that i am not against anyone's religion personally.

    much of what i have written in this blog is about the history of the relationship between the african and the carcaus asian and it is that relationship which must be grasped in order to in turn grasp the history of religion. failing this, we will forever fall victim to the deception of labels and numbers used by those who would have us 'believe' in a religion which was invented by us to educate a lessor man and is now being used by that lessor man to mis-educate us.

    the history of religion:

    to look at religion from a historical perspective is, i think, the view that best provides a clear picture of why we black folk are floundering in every area of our existence. what follows is my grasp of how we lost our place in this world.

    when the africans ruled, we civilized the entire world- not through religion but an honest and compassionate desire to see (hue)mankind attain spiritual heights beyond the confines of an earthly existence.

    africa (tu mary) being the birthplace of hue man and womb man quite naturally saw the migration and advancement of peopling the earth from that central location. when we first left africa we went into what is now called europe, but more precisely referred to as western asia. down into the nile valley from ethiopia, sudan and kenya and across the mediterranian sea into present day spain, portugal etc... i say 'down' for a couple of reasons: 1) the nile river flows from south to north 2) the original map makers (africans) drew maps showing an up-side-down depiction of the earth... in other words, europe was at their feet... and for good reason- the european sat at the foot of the african and received instruction...

    the last glacial period (20 thousand years ago) trapped in the caves of europe those africans who migrated across the mediterranian sea for a period of some 10 thousand years. at this same time, africans began giving birth to albinos. the albino children were abandoned by their african parents and left to fend for themselves. eventually, they were suckled by wolves (this is the story of tarzan and the apes, with slight variations- as well as remus and romulus). it is the copulation of these two groups which produced the carcase asian (caucasian) of today. this metamorphasized 'man' is the subject of religion. it is this 'mankind' whom the africans sought to civilize and enlighten through the science project called 'christianity'. it is this 'mankind' creature who were the savages and barbarians who were schooled by the 'hue mans'.

    literacy existed only in africa. the oldest recordings of scripted communication are found in the motherland. the sphynx and the temples and tombs of khemet are anywhere from 50 to 150 thousand years old. the coi coi people, pejoratively referred to as pygmies by the europeans trace their history back 450 thousand years and this people were the first engineers- the first bridge builders. the khemetians credit them with the knowledge they acquired and used to build the pyramids (which are not tombs- they are power generators)...

    so, forget this nonsense about the wheel being invented in europe and all this other b.s. civilization and all of it's offspring were hatched in africa, period. music, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, animal husbandry, engineering, astronomy, astrology (not this bastardized stuff but astro logic- or mentalism on the astro plane) writing, social science, acoustical engineering and all other aspects of life as we know it (chemistry= khemet... khem=black mistery=magic... chemistry= black magic)...!!!
    this knowledge was first identified in and with nature by the africans. and it was this knowledge, sorely lacking by the macedonians, who were the first invaders (alexander the greek) in africa. plato, aristotle, socratese, pythagoras etc..., were the students of the africans. all of these so called 'great thinkers' who fomented the 'greek miracle' did nothing more than sit at the feet of the african and receive instruction, period. it is nothing more than 'romantic' for the modern day carcase asian to think himself master of anything...

    they were amazed by what they found among these hue man 'gods'; as different as night and day from their fatherland. the africans had been demanding 'tribute' of the greeks and all other peoples that they had come in contact with in the form of their daughters. this produced the real semites- the arabs; the offspring of african fathers and caucasian mothers.

    these people had been trickling into africa for many thousand years- and the africans were kind to them. indentured servitude, was a period of schooling as opposed to slavery. the 'servant' was being prepared to take a productive and participatory role in the caste system which was africa. learning all that was required to reach levels undreamed of in macedonia- the greek could dream of a life in africa that included status, health and admiration of his people.

    when i previously listed some of the disciplines taught, i purposely left religion off of the list- because there was none. africans were not religious people. they were spiritual people. their spiritual life was all encompassing. they recognized the creator in all of his/her manifestations. the feminine principle was equally important in life as in death. womb man (woman) was the head of the household- this ensured her place in african society. if a man did not have a house, he could not marry because he could not give his wife a house. the woman had the power. her force was recognized as the passive of the passive/active model. no decisions were made without her input because she did most of the strategical plotting and planning. she raised the children- the most valuable asset of the family/village/tribe/nation/people/earth. what was good for the woman was good for all. religion did not come into it, period. there was no word for religion just as there was no word for jail or old folks home because these things did not exist in african society. religion only came into being some 2000 years ago- think about that... the rise of religion coincides with the rise of carcasia (sic); and hue man is 20 million years old- as opposed to 'man kind' who is 20 thousand years old.

    when the greeks invaded and the glory of africa began to fade, the contrast between the two groups was enormously profound. in order for the africans to maintain some semblance of themselves, certain concessions were made. two groups within the african community disagreed on how this might be achieved and out of this argument, christianity was born. i know we have been taught that judaism was around since about 1500 b.c.e., but history does not bare this out... this is a lie put out by the owners of the media and educational system in america (another blog- another time). research indicates that christianity came first then islam and finally judaism...

    the malchite coptic egyptians were the 'uncle toms' of the day. they were the inventors of christianity. it was they who sold out to the greeks and let them in on some of their secrets- initiating them into their secret societies and deifying them and teaching them in their mystery schools. in all fairness to the malchites, they did this under threat of death- but that does not make it right... (just as we brothas are living on our knees today). so the invention of christianity was in fact, an attempt to teach science to the uninitiated (the greeks were as children), uncircumcised (they were unclean) and hostile to womb man (they were homosexual). the vast majority of africans were not in favor of this but the africans in the cities, the malchites, chose to save their own skin and cow-tow. this happened around 332 b.c.e., in what was then called constantinople, northeast africa-today called istanbul, turkey.

    the myths that people use to tell stories and impart wisdom do not have to be true in order to make the point- we refer to this as comedy or mockery today. but 100 thousand years ago, this african wisdom was called philosophy and today it is called sophia by the greeks. the story of assur, asset and heru is the myth of the first trinity. this forms the basis of christianity. the cardinals and deacons denote direction, coordination; latitude and longitude. it was the spaniards who first employed this information under pope innocent 8th, to commission christibol cologn (christopher columbus) to set sail for india, get lost, and 'discover' america.

    religion stems from the practice of racism and sexism. it is the bastardization of science that drags us into the hooping and hollering of religion. when we were teaching the greeks (macedonians) and later the romans (etruschans) we were teaching them science and math. we were not instructing them on jesus, joseph and mary. jesus is, first of all, an amalgamation of assur and asset (osiris and apis) to create osirapis. this was later shortened to serapis. this comes as a result of ptolemy 1 lagi called soter (saviour). it is this greek general who follows alexander that demands to be worshiped by the africans in khemet. it is his bust (image) that portrays the 'christ' in drawings and pictures. the early drawings show a cup on top of his head- this denotes "thou annointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over". (it was oil that was coveted... christ, cristos, crisco... crisco oil- it also has sexual connotations as the greeks and romans were pagan).

    the idea that christianity did not emerge overnight must be embraced- a period of some 800 years, from the time of alexander the greek to the first european institution of learning in 537 a.c.e.; the hagia sophia (there is that word again- sophia) was built by justinian 1 and wife isadora. during these 800 years, a series of councils or conferences took place all over north africa. (the meetings occurred in africa because that is where the wisdom was). the council of ephesus, council of nicea, council of constantine- these meetings determined the direction and mission of christianity... (read the 'nicean creed' to get an idea of this). it is during these meetings that the african and the carcase asian met to determine the role each would play. not surprisingly, the african was on top, because we held the knowledge. the first 3 popes of the catholic (christian) church were african and africans continued to play an advisory role well into the 5th century a.c.e. from the earliest beginnings of 'religion' africans were prominent and at the very core of power because the caucasian was unable and incapable of fashioning what was later to be used to subdue the entire world.

    from the 'dark ages' of europe (i should point out that 'europe' only came into existence very recently- in the last 4-500 years... prior to that, there were only a collection of 'city states') to present day, a series of wars plagued the inhabitants. fomented essentially by the warring tribes from khazaria, one tribe sought to conquer another, using war chiefly as a means to accomplish this. hardly a week passed without bloodshed, murder, rape etc... this period is from roughly 700 a.c.e. the moors of n.e. africa are making their presence felt in what they called al-andalus or spain. they (the moors) usher in a period of learning unknown previously in the whole of western asia. their presence introduces for the first time, running water, paved/lighted roads, post office, book trade etc... the first university in western asia was in italy under the moors (universtiy of bologna) this is the first university outside of africa. as i mentioned previously, literacy was known only in africa- the vast majority of people living outside of africa were in fact, illiterate. the pope and the bishops and deacons could read but the 'average joe' could not. it is here where the africans excelled. books were a major part of commercial activity among the africans... and everything at this time is hand written- no printing press until the 16th century. it is at this time that 'religion' begins to take off-

    the letter 'J' or 'j' does not appear in the latin alphabet prior to the 17th century a.c.e.,... as was mentioned somewhere prior, "we speak english but we write latin" because the english have no alphabet. so, there could not have been a jesus, joseph, jacob, john, jew, jerusalem etc... prior to the year 1631 a.c.e.

    with the invention of the printing press, the 'age of enlightenment' among the people of western asia begins. schools are setup all across europe beginning in wutenberg, germany (prussia). this is accomplished because the jews are teaching the peasants of europe to 'love thine enemy'. the printing press offers an ideal way of spreading propaganda among the 'goiyum' (people of low stature- cattle). the catholic church, competing with the jews, setup catholic schools to spread their own variety of propaganda. the chief instrument of propaganda was 'the bible'...

    the old testament of the bible is taken from a book called, 'the coming fourth by day and night'... it is a plagiarized copy of this work done by africans; a portion of the wisdom they acquired over a period of many thousands of years. credited to some dude named 'moses maimone' or maimonides... he is recognized by the jews as the author of the pentateuch or the 'first five books of moses' or the 'torah'; written in 1180 a.c.e. the new testament was written by an ex roman catholic priest, one 'desiderius erasmus'... he is the author of mathew, mark, luke, 1 & 2 peter, 1 & 2 corinthians, galatians and epistles to the romans... the jews were spreading their propaganda and the catholics theirs' until 'jacob van livesfelt' combined the two books in 1527 a.c.e. and called it the holy bible. (i should mention that the jews do not consider the bible as their holy book- they consider the zohar, kaballa, and talmud as their holy books). martin luther, father of the protestant movement, placed both old and new testament under the same cover in 1535 also. it is martin luther who was in the employ of the jews that wrote the famous '95 thesis' and hanged it on the door of the catholic church on wutenberg... this event marks the beginning of the protestants or protest movement which was the precursor to the founding of the u.s.a.-

    there was a long standing argument between the catholics and the jews- if one steps back and views the bible objectively, this fact becomes indisputable... the jews, having the money to lend, do so, and set about bankrupting nearly all who 'do business' with them. the purpose for the old testament then, is to counteract the hate for the jews who were being thrown out of nearly every country that they occupied. on the other hand, the new testament (catholics) were preaching against 'usury' which was the interest paid on a loan- this speaks directly to the jews... teaching the people not to do business with the 'money lenders' the catholics were busy robbing the people of their land and murdering all of the women- this phenomenon was called 'the inquisition'. i mentioned previously that the caucasian was homosexual... this is well documented by they themselves... and i conclude that it was the driving force behind 'burning witches at the stake'...; the inquisition lasting some 600 years from the 1100's thru the 1700's a.c.e.

    so here we have the catholics and the jews competing for top position of who will be the ruler of the common man in europe. it is the jews who win.

    muhammadanism (islam) was originally a part of christianity- if one travels to north africa (middle east) they will find churches, older than mosques, nearly side by side. the two groups of africans i previously mentioned were the former 'spiritual' africans of khemet who dwelt in the cities. the principle argument between the now so-called christians and muhammadanians was the 'nature' of their deity assar (osiris) which is later to be called 'osirapais' or 'sirapis' by the greeks. the 'christians' postulated the dual nature and the muhammadanians postulated the singular nature of sirapis. they argued over this question for approximately 921 years before the two groups split around 1240 a.c.e. prior to the invasion of the greeks, there was no argument, period. they all practiced a spiritual existence which can only be described as 'stellar'. the word 'islam' can only be traced back as far as the 13th century a.c.e. at the end of the 19th century, the quran is adopted, which is the first five books of moses, psalms and mathew, mark, luke and john taken from the king james version (james stewart- a pedophile) of 'the holy bible'. this is documented, historical truth which i am recounting- not my opinion.

    grenada, the last moorish stronghold in al-andalus falls in 1492... the floodgates are opened and all hell brakes loose. the trans-atlantic slave trade is gearing up and it is little wonder that it is the 'spanish' and 'portuguese' who instigate it. a papal bul (official catholic church document) called the 'hacienda' divides the 'new world' between these two rivals. the jews invent the hamitic myth which dehumanizes africans to supply bodies for the slave trade and they then jump in with both feet... it is the jews who stand firmly at the center of this trade. it is the jews who capitalize on this trade by forming the first multi-national corporation (the dutch west indies trading company) to exploit the newly found taste for sugar- and the african slave labor to plant, harvest and refine it. at this same time (16th & 17th centuries) the world will experience for the first time in human history a phenomenon called 'free trade'.

    rum was distilled in newport, rhode island and shipped to the west coast of africa where it was used to induce the village heads to sell their pow's then their wives and children once they had become alcoholic. the human cargo was then shipped back to the 'new world' where the african slave labor was exploited at the point of a blade to produce tobacco, indigo, rice, sugar and cotton primarily... the raw cotton was shipped to england where it was turned into textiles by the peasants for pennies- the textiles were shipped to india where it was traded for opium. the indian farmers were under the domination of the 'british' at this time and forced to grow the poppy and cultivate it for the british government. the finished product, opium, was shipped to china where it was sold to the chinese who were hooked on it at a profit of (my guess is) 10,000%. (read up on the 'opium wars').... this is the process referred to as free trade-

    it is necessary to point out at this point that all of the revolutions as well as crusades and jihads have been postulated, financed and supplied (armed) by jews. it is they who, behind the scenes, stir up strife between groups where there is none. after several years of looking closely into their activities, i can conclude that absent their interference in the affairs of people/nations the world would be a far less violent place.

    it would appear that i am out of space-

    peace be upon you

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    1. Nanya Asumu El's Avatar
      Peace bro. Religion is a systemized organization of beliefs essentially revolving around the rituals used to show our reverence to the Most High. Nowadays most people shun religion because of all the confusion about what religion really is. Moors always practiced some form of religion, even prior to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. We always had religon, in Ancient Tamare, Kush, Sumer, Babylon, there was always a religion being practiced by us, and the one in most recent history has been Islam which many reject because of this notion that we need to get away from religion. This is not spookism. This is fact. For example, many of my Nuwaubian brothers will say that they are non religious, and that its all about sound right reasoning, no religion. But if you've ever been to Wahanee (Before the devils tore it down) you could witness the ancient tamarean religions being practiced through ritual by Dr. York and the Nuwaubians. Making maguraj around the black mir, so... I would love to build bro, and this is not a debate. I just feel that many of us need to really get the overstanding of what religion is, and why it was and still is necessary for our people in this day and time. And I am not referring to the Europeans religion! Peace

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    2. edwins's Avatar

      i appreciate your feedback-

      my central point is that we were spiritual as opposed to religious and that religion was in fact invented by us to teach the caucasian something about science and culture- it is the 'beliefs' of which you write that inspired me to blog on this subject... belief means to belie, distort, misrepresent, etc... it is, i think, our misuse of the language or more to the point, our ignorance of the language that gets us into trouble. in a few other blogs i have written, i point out that our idea of what something means and what the real meaning is, are two very different things. we assume we know the meaning of a word and everything that follows that assumption is taken for granted. well, what if our assumption is incorrect...??? please forgive me if i sound critical of your feedback- it is not my intention... i would only like for us to become aware of the reality in which we live as opposed to our 'belief'.

      i only recently heard of dr. york... i was impressed with some of the knowledge with which he was instructing his audience. i heard that he was imprisoned for something. i know that when one of the stature of dr. york is attacked it is generally because we are doing a good work.

      please keep an eye out for the completion of the blog 'religion vs. black folk'. you may find that we are not as far away on this point as you might think.

      peace be upon you

      p.s. i am totally unfamiliar with some of the terms you used in your comments, e.g., wahanee, maguraj, mir. please define.

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    3. Thoth's Avatar
      It's not fair to discuss "religion" as if it is all one thing. I'm not disagreeing [IMG][/IMG]with you, and actually I mostly agree with what you say in that context. But there are some posers in all religions, everywhere from the individual to the group level. As cheesy as it sounds, it is up to the person, that is, YOU, as to how much value it has to YOU. As soon as you hear the magic phrase "you should" then be on your guard: someone wants to make your decisions for you and that is a dangerous thing.[IMG][/IMG]

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    4. edwins's Avatar
      greetings, Thoth-

      i would not attempt to make this 20,000 character dissertation apply to any'one'. it is more an overview of the events that have occurred in the history of our people. i have to admit that i have omitted quite a bit, yet, included enough to spark, i hope, an in depth discussion on the topic. this blog seeks to inform. to fill in some of the blanks which we often take for granted. when we were running things, religion had no place in our lives. used as a means of separation, religion can only divide and conquer- it will never be the means by which we unite under one banner. that is the design of it- that is why there are so many 'denominations'... if we are to ever figure out an answer to the problems that plague us we must at some point 'study' the questions/problems and fashion a 'whole brain' response. short of that, i will continue to call myself baptist and the next man methodist, and the next protestant, etc..., etc... not ever knowing where this stuff came from, why, who, when and how... i am reminded of a bible verse- "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman, that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth".

      peace be unto you

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      Updated 09-21-2010 at 05:20 AM by edwins
    5. Sistahs_Keeper's Avatar
      I'm still readin this blog, but I wanted to ask you about Afrikan's starting christianity? I'm looking that up now.

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    6. edwins's Avatar

      it is true that the africans of north africa, what is called in today's terms, "the middle east" began what i refer to as a 'science project' to teach the invaders something about the culture of the african... the africans were literate, where the invaders were not; they had at least 3 alphabets. the jews claim what they pass off as 'old hebrew'... but was actually one of the 3 khemetic alphabets. the greeks make a simialr claim. the third alphabet of the khemetians was the pictorial symbols or hieroglyphs. today, we speak 'english' sounds and write those sounds in 'latin' letters... you see, the english have no alphabet. well, the same then is true of the greeks and the so-called jews. the greeks speak their own tounge but transcribe those sounds into a script first developed by the ancient egyptians or khemetians. the jews speak 'yiddish' and transcribe those sounds into a script... my point here is that these were 'warring' tribes. it takes many, many thousands of years of peace to invent and develop the arts and sciences- christianity then is one of those sciences developed by a people who experienced just such a period... we can call it by any name we choose. if you look at christianity as a whole, objectively, it is not too difficult to decipher.

      the 'pope' represents the sun (son), the cardinals represent the cardinal points and colors of the spectrum- north, east, south and west... the deacons are those intermediary points between the cardinals; northeast, southwest etc... all of this corresponds to the zodiac or zudiacus 'the first woman'... the latitudinal and longitudinal lines correspond to the cardinals, denoting direction and coordiantion... all of the maritime vessels employ this science to 'navigate' from point a to point b...

      i mentioned 'zudiacus'... the africans are still, after many years of interference, a matriarchal society. it was and is the woman who provided the 'passive' stance chosen by the african; used to conduct all affairs. (this could be another blog). essentially, the zodiac is a depiction of the heavens as a feminine entity... and it is this entity that was used to instruct the first 'christians' which the caucasian rejected in favor of a 'dead man'. the whole of khemet sits beneath the constellation 'orion' or 'orien'- this greek word begets the word 'orient' and 'orientation' which speaks of the direction and coordination i mentioned previously. the pyramids, the tombs and temples- all of the important sites including the cities sit directly beneath corresponding stars in the constellation of 'assar' above it (as above, so below). the 'trinity'- assar, asset and heru are the greek words orien, isis and horus. this gets into the 'physics' of life... what the caucasians call, 'the hegelian dialectic' or what we call thesis, antithesis and synthesis- all of this originating with the african pronouncements of mentalism, attraction, opposites, polarity, harmony, vibration etc... the actual, unchanging 'LAWS' of the universe.

      one other thing...

      the bible stories, "cane and abel", "immaculate conception", "the tree of life" etc... can be seen in stone on the walls of the temples and tombs of khemet (ancient video)- it becomes clear then, that the bible itself was lifted from the african record of events- as i mentioned in the body of 'religion vs. black folk', these stories do not have to be true in order to impart wisdom. also, it is undeniable then, that the 'bible' is the original work of the african. the arabs (our so-called moslem brothers) are in the process of chipping these symbols off of the walls and covering the damage with concrete. if they were emotionally invested, would they be doing this...??? if it were their ancestors who created these momuments, could they so easily destroy them...???

      peace be unto you

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    7. yah'nineh's Avatar

      I agree with brother edwins in emphasising the fact that, with Afrikans it has always been on a more spiritual level and a way of life. By way of life I mean that science, technology, art (of all kinds), medicine, nature, community etc. all went hand in hand. Everything was sacred, we did not take from nature unless we first asked it, even a potter wouldn't start making a pot without first singing to the earth, the farmer also didn't just farm, he spoke to the earth first, food also not just prepared- soul would be put into it. Technologies in the indigenous world were developed to fulfill basic human needs, such as community, health, harmony and a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

      For people to live this way there had to be a sense of peace, order most importantly and ritual which kept the community together. Elders were involved in guiding the youth, in remembering and reminding the community of their purpose and relationship with nature and the cosmos.
      Why does the modern life lead people into going to shrinks, feelings of loneliness and depression? I personally feel that somewhere somehow we lost the plot or we just plain forgot. Also being part of a community where it gives to the individual and the individual gives back plays a big part because in this the individual feels the sense of belonging and builds their esteem.

      Give thanks

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    8. edwins's Avatar

      you go girl...!!!

      what she wrote is what i tried unsuccessfully to convey... a sistah can say it like a brova never will... until we brovas' put our women back where they belong (on top, out front, first) we will always lag behind the rest of the world. this nonsense about the man being first is a european idea that does not fit the african experience, period. a woman can make a man but a man can never make a woman... the breasts on a man...??? now that is 'image and likeness'... we need to stop ingesting all of this european propaganda and start using our own minds.

      the 'bible' is clearly written by european 'men' who have a very complex problem with women- 'desiderius erasmus' (the author of the new testament books noted above) was an ex-roman catholic priest who was also homosexual. the entire concept postulated by the bible in both old and new testaments omits women from the glory of creation and the honor, love and respect due them. it is time we brovas' begin to grasp the notion that we are not what we have been told and our women are not to be treated the way in which we presently treat them- until we work this out, we will continue to 'catch hell'.

      a question for all the 'religious' black folk out there...

      if i dragged you from your home and put a chain around your leg and put you in a field and forced you to work for me for a period of 'one' year- during that year i went back to your house and raped your wife whenever i wanted to and your children also... and then maybe i dragged them out into the field as well- at the end of that year i gave you nothing for your labor or the dehumanization of yourself and your family- but, i gave you a book and told you that the book was for your soul's salvation-

      why would you believe me or anything in that book...????

      just a question-

      peace be unto you

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