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    the west vs. black folk

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    by , 09-08-2010 at 05:18 PM (1599 Views)

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    the whole of the west is based upon the civilization of the african- in other words, western civilization has, at its' base, the science and culture of africa and her people... 'religion vs. black folk' is but an introduction to the idea that the whole of the west is predicated upon the brilliance and preeminence of the african...

    europe would not exist but for her foundation- africa. all that we know today in modern man's world is taken directly from the motherland. weights and measures, geometry, physics, music, medicine, engineering, social organization and nearly all other disciplines of substance can be traced back beyond greece and rome; which incidentally were 'mediterranean' inspired. the 'modern european' did not even consider greeks and italians 'white' until post wwII because their bloodline is so 'contaminated' with african dna. 'romance' (rome) then is nothing more than the 'sweet nothings' of the european past whose heart aches for a history as long and as rich as ours...

    if one were to look at washington d.c., the seat of the europeans' power, one would find khemet in nearly every corner of the city. the city itself sits between the states of (virgin)ia on one side and (mary)land on the other (virgin mary). many of the state and federal buildings are modeled after and speak of the esoteric principles taught and presented by the african mind to the initiates. the architectural design and topology are wholly african inspired (there is also alot of satanism). the blindfolded woman with the pair of balances in her hand is actually the african woman MA'AT who gives us the 'negative confessions'... e.g., i have not stolen, i have not lied, i have not used false measures, i have not laid with my own kind etc... etc... there are 42 in all. sounds alot like the 'ten commandments' because that is where the ten commandments come from. the twelve jurors which sit in judgement are also taken from MA'AT... there is a park in the shape of an ankh... which means life. the khemetian ankh is the christian cross... which means death. (check out the philosophical principle (LAW) of opposites...) much of what we think we know in 'the west' are in fact oriental (african) philosophical ideas which have been 'flipped' to confuse the uninitiated or the unlearned. the principles applied to serve or confuse come from the african and as such are not too difficult to grasp- as everything the african invented and developed had/has a simple (not to be confused with stupid) and practical application.

    those with whom the european of today associate greatness, find their claim to fame also in the motherland- george washington- a 33rd degree mason (which is nothing more than the khemetian mystery system, bastardized and corrupted), abraham springsteen aka abraham lincoln- ashke'nazi' jew, who sits on the square of MA'AT did not deal at all fairly with us (please do not fall for the 'lincoln freed the slaves' b.s.) benjamin frankin, william penn and on and on- these people were nothing more than imitators of greatness who contributed nothing to the advancement of their own people let alone anyone else's... robber barons who raped, stole, plundered and pillaged... (those who came to the colonies from europe were the 'slop'... emptied from the prisons and mental hospitals)

    all of the symbols that we see everyday in the u.s.a., are taken from africa- the washington monument is in fact found in vatican city as well as london city but in reality is a phallic symbol of khemet- denoting the reserection (erection). the star of david is a right-side-up and up-side-down pyramid... which is the ancient khemetian symbol of the male and female, phallus and womb. the twin towers on many churches are indicative of the male testes, one denotes eagerness and the other strength. the time warner symbol is the 'eye of horus' (heru) where we get the word 'hero'... the symbol for medical perscriptions is also found in the eye of horus- the double helix for dna are the dual snakes as well as the single snake and rod symbol for medicine is a khemetian symbol. the pyramid can be found nearly everywhere also- on the back of the dollar bill... the sunrise found on oil companies is a khemetian symbol as well as the the double x of exxon... because many of us are unaware of these symbols, we pass by them without giving it any thought whatsoever- but if we were to stop and think of where all of these symbols originated and their meaning, we might have a different opinion of ourselves- giving ourselves and not europeans credit for the invention of these symbols and- the meaning behind them...

    the africans took full advantage of nature and used animals extensively to denote the characteristics they thought them to represent- the sphinx is a good example of this: the head of a woman on the body of a lion. there is much going on here- 1) the africans were totemic (they did not 'worship' animals) 2) the lion is found in the constellation of leo, making the sphinx 16,000 yrs. old at least ( each 'age' or 'house' of the zodiac is approximately 2,000 yrs) 3) the reverence for women 4) her ability to elevate her mind above her animalistic instinct. so this symbol speaks then, of what the culture thought and how it carried on its' affairs. the pyramid is also a symbol- of power- literally... the pyramid or more precisely, per neter, is a symbol used to denote power. you see, the pyramid is a power generator, used to generate electricity. forget the history channel b.s. about it being a tomb-

    the khemetians followed the same practices that all other africans follow and divided the living from the deceased... the north, east, south, west orientation served this purpose- (incidentally, the african people were 'southern oriented' prior to the 12th century a.c.e.) people 'lived' on one side of the nile and the ancestors were buried on the other. it is the combination of life and death that produces life after death that concerned our ancestors- opposites, polarity and duality... all of the aforementioned is but a tiny bit of the contribution africa has 'given' to the european- or did the european 'take' these 'gifts' and claim them as their own...??? i know that they did; and in the process, left us naked and bare without a history. but simply because we are told we do not have a history does not make it so. simply because we are told that we have not contributed to the advancement of humanity does not make it so. the very use of language itself was first conceived and practiced by africans imitating the sounds of nature- the wind and animals and birds etc...

    because the european finds it impossible to acknowledge our role in the development of civilization and their savagery while we were developing it, it is fair to say, i think, that the european is in denial; a state of intellectual and spiritual degeneration which prohibits them from embracing the documented, historical truth. not my truth but the truth which he himself, in brief moments of clarity confesses.

    more to come-

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