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    credit cards vs. black folk

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    by , 09-30-2010 at 01:46 PM (8691 Views)

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    ever given any thought to credit cards...??? what they are and how they function...???

    i should state this: if you don't buy into the idea that we have been who dooed, hood winked and bamboozled you won't buy anything else. nothing that follows will make sense. but if you are suspecting that something is going on that we have not been told about- something just beyond our reach, then this just might interest you.

    a credit card is a 'revolving account'. in everyday common language a revolving account is a line of credit that accrues interest if not paid in full at end of month. this is true but not the complete story- like everything else our enemies do, 'the real' is not revealed but must be sought after and discovered.

    a credit card is a 'renewable contract'; a series of continuing contract offers of unsecured credit; it works like a revolving door... it lets you out and back in every month. you can opt out at anytime... you do not have to renew your contract. in other words, the balance does not have to be paid...

    no, you say- yes, i say...

    in the world of commerce in which we live, little is known about its' true functionality. we take for granted what we are told without ever digging for the truth- and why should we...??? why should we think that there is more to it than what we have been told...??? the 'white man' would not lie to us, would he...??? especially about something as common as credit. suddenly, it occurs to me why we perceive them as being 'not so easy to get'. because when you are shut out of something, you want it that much more. so we work our backside's off, just to get a piece of plastic.

    first of all, it is important to know where they come from- 'who owns them'... credit cards are issued by 'lending institutions'; banks, credit unions etc... and who owns those...??? the same people who built their fortunes by buying and selling our fore-parents. the same people who import heroin, cocaine and crystal meth and then lock you up for touching it- the same people who invented the modern day banking system based on fiat currency- the same people who control the courts- the agricultural giant monsanto, which puts steroids, aspartame and hgh in the food-the sugar giant domino- the electronics giant ibm- the financial giant wells fargo- i could go on but the point is made.


    grasp who the players are- these are the people who have direct contact with you. take the 'united states postal service' for example- no one would ever think that these people are part of the conspiracy to defraud you of your property but they are... when they bring you certified mail and ask you to sign, you have just made yourself responsible for whatever that letter contains- and when it comes to credit cards, it can't be anything except bad news... note also, the difference between the usps and the 'post office'. the post office is where you can go to conduct your affairs. i will not get into all of the ins and outs of that right now- it is beyond the scope of this blog. the usps is where all the b.s. goes on- it is wholly owned and operated by our enemies and it is used as one of the arms of the octopus. it is referred to as 'the state' in criminal trials... your mailbox outside of your home and your doorbell or knocker on your door have a very specific meaning and signal to your enemies that they have the right to enter... i am not making this up. this is not my opinion (see the BUCK ACT). now the irony is: both the post office and the usps are under the same roof and run by the same people.

    then there are the debt collectors- those people who call you constantly- worrying you half to death. you do not have to deal with them unless you choose to- remember, the system is based on consent. if they can intimidate you into compliance they will- that is their point of attack. they count on you feeling helpless and thinking that you just want to get them off of your back. so just send in a check or money order and they will go away. if you do business with them at all it should be in writing- always make certain that they back up their words with documentation... few if any ever will. why...??? because the whole system is based on and built on fraud. if an agency buys your account from a bank or credit union that is their business, not yours... in other words, your revolving account is not transferable- meaning, that you do not have to pay a 3rd party to a contract that was never valid in the first place. why...??? because the original contract was a unilateral contract which makes it invalid. well what is a unilateral contract...??? it is a contract that only has one signature... a valid contract has two signatures by two parties who have both provided 'consideration'. what is consideration, you ask...??? consideration is what one party puts on the table and the second party agrees to buy or pay for in some way. there are other things to consider in this scenario but this is the 'long story made short' version.

    you can send the debt collector a 'cease communication' letter and this will stop the phone calls 99% of the time... if you include all pertinent information; i don't advocate this but it is effective. my approach is to deal directly with the lending institution which issued the card or deal with the attorney who just purchased the account. in any case, the card will be terminated and your credit rating will suffer- but you can remedy that also.

    now, how exactly do you defend yourself against 3rd parties...??? envision for a moment, the idea that you don't owe them anything... feels good, don't it...??? MMMmmm!!!! i could really get to like this....

    debt is big business. when you default on a credit card, it is bundled with other accounts just like it and sold for pennies on the dollar at the chicago mercantile exchange... it is rebundled and resold numerous more times until the owners of the 'negotiable instruments' have received what they feel it is worth... in other words, a bundle of paper (negotiable instruments) with a face value of $100 million may be sold for $10,000... but the owner of the paper thinks it is worth more so it is split into halves or quarters and resold until each half is worth $15,000 or each quarter is worth $20,000... all of this is done by the bidding process, just like when we were on the auction block. only now it is the paper which corresponds to a number which corresponds to us. this paper is ultimately sold to the asians- the chinese and japanese in the form of bonds- this makes the asians the 'holders in due course'. this is why you can beat the debt collectors... because they do not have in their possession the original documentation. this applies to mortgages and property taxes also but that too, is another blog.

    all you have to do to back up a 3rd party debt collector is know what questions to ask them... it is as simple as that- do you have a contract...??? do you have an invoice...??? etc.. etc... these questions only need to contain your name and address, the account number of the account they are trying to collect on, the certified mail number and the questions of a legal and legitimate nature. i will provide a letter to serve as an example that can be used at the end of this dissertation... simply fill in the blanks with your information, have it notarized and send it certified mail to whomever sends you a 'written' notice of default.

    as i have stated previously, when we study these issues that directly impact us as a people we can counteract those issues and the perpetrators of the fraud. but to remain in darkness, i think, is the greatest crime.

    getting back to the 'owners of the debt'.

    when an attorney or some other 3rd party 'buys' your delinquent account, they are functioning as a 'party to a debt'; a 3rd party. you have not entered into any agreement with these people- you do not know them from a hole in the ground- the only reason why you should give them your money is if you don't know any better; if they have convinced you that you owe a debt and they are the legitimate owner of that debt. (a full knowledge of the 'uniform commercial code' will help to explain some of what i am referring to here- should you have the time and inclination, i would suggest reading it- at least parts of it...) the 3rd party does not know you and cannot force or coerce you into paying them- if you know the system of commerce and how it functions.

    so, let's recap...

    1) a credit card is a revolving account; a renewable contract that can be abandoned at any time.

    2) the contract itself is invalid because it does not contain two signatures.

    3) the united states postal service is in on the fraud.

    4) credit cards are issued by 'lending institutions' who are kissing cousin to 'credit institutions'... this is where you go when the judge asks you, "do you understand"... lending institutions are owned and operated by your friendly, neighborhood wall street executives.

    5) 3rd parties are not the legitimate owners of the account and as such, have no lawful means of forcing you to pay.

    6) default judgments have to be validated also... what this means is: if you neglect to defend yourself when you are 23 years old and now you are 30- it isn't too late.

    7) judges also, are in on the fraud- they sometimes receive a cut from the attorney who purchased your account. the attorney will skillfully steer a case in front of a judge who is in cahoots with him/her. this is why it sometimes takes forever for a case to come to trial... or why it sometimes comes up so quickly. all of this can be fought with a right knowledge of commerce because remember, it's all about money.

    8) study

    now- without getting too deep, the people who issue the credit cards really don't give you anything. it is your signature that is of value and not the credit card. you see, when you sign you are creating the value of the transaction and your signature allows the 'holder in due course' to access an account referred to as a 'treasury direct account' or 'tda'. all of this corresponds directly to your birth certificate, social security card and driver's license... this is why the police want your driver's license; they need to know which account to charge. this is also why they want your name and birth date. without this information they cannot access the financial system of bid bonds and performance bonds and payment bonds... incidentally, if you get your birth certificate number- or the number on the back of your social security card and go to any financial clearing house website like fidelity for example- you can key in that number and find out how much those papers are trading for on wall street- this is the heart of the financial empire of the u.s.a.; this combined with 'oil vs. black folk' is a look into the not-too-distant-future of things to come.

    more later

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