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    Elisa Keisha

    Crisis!! lol

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    by , 06-12-2008 at 05:18 PM (1647 Views)

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    My goodness!! i was trying to take this easy, with philosophy and humor, cause i laugh at people going crazy buying and further increasing the problem! I mean, how do expect the supermarket to have things if everybody buys food for one year!
    The problem is this. Truck-drivers in Spain (and i think in other places) are on strike because of the oil growing price. So they are collapsing the roads and food and other products cant make it to the stores. So this goes to the news and these folks that been hearing about world crisis, hunger and all that, get paranoid and collapse and empty the supermarkets and grocery stores.

    anywas, as i said, i was relaxed cause i like to be and because i dont think im goin to go hundry ever as long as i have potatoes and rice.
    but i went to the grocery store today and saw it with my own eyes. i could only find, and aford, mushrooms, brocoli and cucumber, and i had to surrender and buy some onions that costed twice the price than usual, cause, i love onions.

    So, i wish i know how to grow something in my tiny balcony, maybe onions?, but i barely can put a chair on it right now, so im not sure if such a mini garden could work.
    At least i know my father has some small piece of land with wonderfull things growing there in the country, so im not worried at all!

    but all this is an interesting situation i thought was worth of a blog!

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    1. Fenix's Avatar
      Interesting indeed! I saw a news report that said that food prices are projected to rise 25% by the end of the year. I think that's an underestimate.

      Thanks for sharing!

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