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    Elisa Keisha

    My new job with children!

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    by , 09-30-2008 at 02:19 PM (5765 Views)

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    Greetings fam!

    Im excited because tomorrow i start working in this social center in my neighbourhood.
    With this practise i will finish my studies this school year (yay!)

    The good thing about this social center is that, in spite of the poor installations and funds, it has many projects, most of them in relation to the migrant collective which is already 30% of the neighbourhood's population.
    I will be working in the children space, but if i have time, i can also collaborate with the rest of the projects.
    The "children space" is for children who need school support or just a place to stay and meet other kids. But i been told some of them are those "labeled" as problematic by their teachers.
    The main goal of the project is education into values of friendship and respect (its has a strong [multi]cultural approach) But it all depends on what each volunteer wants to do.
    So i have complete freedom to propose all kind of activities, as many as the moeny allow us, or get more involved in the kids' life, their family, school, etc...

    Im excited to meet the kids! but they wont come until october 15th.

    I will be writting more about this experience and the children!

    Fenix, u know im gonna be knockin at ur door with questions!!!

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    1. Fenix's Avatar
      Haha!!! Yes! Congrats on the new job! And on finishing your studies (I finish in December!!!). The program sounds like sooooooo much fun!

      I will help in anyway possible. Keep us updated!


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    2. DarkManJah's Avatar
      You should be commended for CHOOSING to be the light in the tunnel for children at risk of being marginalized, Elisa!

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