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    Elisa Keisha

    Working with children Part 2

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    by , 10-31-2008 at 09:22 AM (2560 Views)

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    Greetings camaradas!
    Im sooooooooo thankful that destiny has put me here.
    I think these kids are helping me more than im helping them! Either way its being a fantastic experience.
    We have two groups, one from 8 to 10 years old, other from 10 to 12.
    In the younger group all but two are Moroccan, but the older group is more "multinational".

    Im deeply in love with this little kid that still doesnt speak spanish and its so shy and quiet! but when he smiles, aaah!!!!
    And also with these two little devils, one from Morocco and the other from Ivory Coast, they CANT stay quiet but its so hard for me to put on a serious teacher face instead of just laughing.
    And Im ALSO in love with this other young man. He always has something positive to say about anything, and when there's a negative moment, he always stays calm and solve it. He's like the rational voice of the group, I would have squized him when we were discussing bullying and he came up with some "he might laugh in the outside when he's insulted but in the inside his heart is crying" aaaaaw!!

    It has also surprised me how it doesnt matter how many times you "reprimand" them or punish them, they never regard you as the "bad one" the way students do towards their teachers in school nowadays.
    And you can see how all of them only strive to do better, although some dont want to admit it.

    During the activities, i sometimes find myself so immersed in it i forget im an educator and not a kid, lol!!

    Im only sad at the idea that i finish my practises in january, and the center is so poor in economical resources (specially in these crisis times) they cant hire anymore people.
    I wish i could maintain close contact with at least a couple of kids, since i live in the same area. Do some kind of tutoring thing... i dont know.

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    1. Fenix's Avatar
      It is good that you are enjoying it! Thanks for the update. I so enjoy working with kids and I'm really sad that I have to leave my babies in December. It is going to be such a sad day so I feel your pain.

      Kids are more insightful than adults ever give them credit for. There is something to be said of people who have clear views of the world. Which is why when one of my girls brings up a problem or issue, I take it seriously.

      Rest assured Sis, they are getting tons out of your presence. It probably means a lot to them, as much as it means to you.

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    2. DarkManJah's Avatar
      Seems to me you created a nourishing, family-like environment! And yes, that is the kind of atmosphere one laments having to leave... The tutoring in the neighborhood thing is a good idea, though. At least you will be able to continue cultivating their minds and Spirits, while the same time helping them avoid being further marginalized. i say go with it. You and the one's you'll tutor have all to gain and nothing to lose...

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